How to Wash Curtains in the Washing Machine

May is usually the ideal month to complete spring cleaning when the last works are done, such as washing home curtains.

In this simple guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade your home curtains with our useful tips for washing curtains in your washing machine.


Washing curtains in the washing machine: tips and little tricks

Before you put the curtains in the washing machine, you should find out what material they are made of. In fact, not all fabrics are suitable for machine washing.

The curtains, commonly used at home, can be made of linen, silk, cotton, or synthetic fabrics.

Knowing the material from which the curtains are made allows us to judge whether they can be washed or not in the washing machine and determine whether washing is possible in the machine and what temperature it is necessary to wash.

Before you continue, let’s give you one last piece of advice: remove all the curtain hooks, so they don’t come off and harm the washing machine while washing.


Washing curtains in the washing machine: temperature and centrifuge

As soon as the preliminary operations are completed, fill the drum, trying not to overload it so as not to crumple the curtains too much. If the curtain fabric is colored, use napkins to protect the laundry from staining.

If the washing machine has a special program for curtains, set it up, following the instructions on the label and the manual; if it is not, for the curtains of cotton, set the program “Delicate wash” at 30 degrees at a speed of 600 revolutions. At the end of washing as best as possible, straighten the curtains to avoid washing, and try to smooth them immediately – it is better to be a little wet.

White curtains can be washed at 40 degrees, while transparent synthetic curtains are erased at 30 degrees; flax and silk curtains deserve special attention because they are more delicate materials that need to be treated specially.


How to wash linen curtains in the washing machine: a complete guide

How to wash linen curtains in the washing machine

There are several varieties of flax: lint flax, crumpled flax, a mixture of wool, and flax and linen. Let’s see how to properly set up the machine to wash each type of linen fabric:

The curtains of lint: how they are erased

These are curtains made of light linen fabric with a wider duck. For washing such curtains, we recommend setting two rinses without pressing in the centrifuge before washing.

Set a delicate wash program at 30 degrees at a speed of 400 revolutions. At the end of the wash, straighten the curtains, if possible, hanging them. When the curtains are still a little wet, do their ironing, trying to stick to the iron’s horizontal direction, heated to the average temperature.


Mint flax curtains: how to wash them

With curtains made of this type of linen, do the same as with curtains of lint, but at a speed of 800 revolutions. Such curtains can be hung again on the windows when they are still wet, as they do not need to be ironed.


Wool and flax curtains: how they are erased

This is a very delicate kind of flax, so it is advisable to use a program for delicate washing with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees and a speed of no more than 400 rpm.


Linen curtains: how they are erased

This is the strongest kind of linen fabric. Such curtains can be washed and at 40 degrees, but necessarily in the program of delicate washing. To keep the curtains from crumbling too much, give up the wring and add a little starch to facilitate the ironing, which should be performed with still wet curtains and iron, heated to medium or high temperature, always keeping the horizontal direction of iron movement.


How to wash silk curtains in a washing machine: useful tips

Silk is one of the most delicate types of fabrics available on the market today. Before you put in the washing machine curtains made of this material, make sure that they can be washed in water, because usually for such things dry cleaning is recommended.

Use the program for delicate washing at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. You also need to take care of washing panel curtains: wash a maximum of two canvases at a time and refuse to press.

After washing, if possible, hang the curtains so that they are completely dissolved. If you also want to iron the curtains, be careful and use an iron with a low temperature and without steam.

The market offers smart and innovative washing machines designed to make your washing easier. In particular, washing machines can be fully connected to the Internet, and with the simply-Fi app, you can use the Memo Smart Wash feature, which allows you to set a reminder of your preferred washing modes. Once you find the right program to wash the curtains, all you have to do is add it to your favorites. The simply-fi app will send you a notification at the right time that it’s time to wash the curtains!

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