How to Wash Carpet in a Washing Machine

What is the best way to wash carpets, so elegant and cozy? Here are the rules of washing carpets in the washing machine

Carpets are the most spectacular item of home interior. They create an atmosphere of comfort in the room, and mats used in some rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, perform a useful function and protect the floors from unnecessary moisture. But how to wash carpets in the washing machine, so as not to spoil them? Is it possible? Of course, perhaps, and here are some useful tips.


How to wash a rug in a washing machine: secrets not to hurt the thing

How to wash a rug in a washing machine

Given the location of its placement, the carpet is one of the interior items most prone to pollution. Between the fibers of the carpet can not only get microparticles and hair but also start dust mites. Therefore, the main condition for creating a comfortable atmosphere in the house and avoiding the accumulation of dirt is frequent care of carpets. Before you start washing, you should avoid the most common mistakes and read the recommendations on the carpet label, which you are going to wash in the washing machine.

However, you will get the desired result even in the absence of a label if you follow simple rules. Follow these simple recommendations, considering the material of the carpet.

In the case of carpets made from synthetic or not particularly delicate materials such as polyester microfibre, chenille, cotton, and hydrophilic cotton mail:

  • Set the washing temperature, which in any case should not exceed 30 degrees – a maximum of 40 degrees.
  • In order not to damage the carpet, choose a delicate squeeze program or completely abandon it.
  • Immediately hang the carpet for drying in the sun or a dry room.
  • You can use detergent and air conditioning to clean more efficiently.

For washing less delicate carpets, such as mats, which are usually used near the shower cubicle in the bathroom, you can set the washing temperature to 60degrees. The “Igiene Plus 59” program on the Rapid washing machine in just 59 minutes will provide deep cleaning and protection of washed things from allergens, microorganisms, and bacteria.

Wool carpets can also be washed in the washing machine; however, it should be considered that they are more delicate than the previous ones. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a mode of delicate washing (or “hand washing”) and be sure to turn off the press. It is recommended to use non-aggressive detergent or neutral soap.

In heavily contaminated carpets or carpets with very dark stains, it is advisable to set a cycle of soaking, having previously treated the stain with special means.


How often should carpets be washed?

To avoid a build-up of dust and dirt, it is advisable to wash carpets (primarily, quickly staining bath mats and kitchens) at least once a week. If you walk on carpets in street shoes, they can be washed every 3 or 4 days.

In addition, for hygiene, never wash other things together with carpets and thoroughly disinfect the washing machine after washing them. To destroy the remaining microorganisms and bacteria in the machine, you can set an idle wash cycle with a disinfectant.

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