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You’ve probably heard a lot about pads, but it’s one thing to hear and it’s another thing to start using them. We have prepared an article for you on how to use sanitary pads correctly.

  • What are sanitary pads?
  • How to use the pad correctly
  • How often do you need to change the pad?
  • How to get rid of used pads


How to Use Whisper Sanitary Pad

What are sanitary pads?

What are sanitary pads

Hygiene pads are attached to your underpants to soak up your menstrual blood and protect you from leaks. The pads have a sticky back, which allows them to hold firm and not slide.

Hygiene pads come in different sizes and shapes:

  • Thick and long, designed for abundant discharges;
  • Short and thin for moderate discharges;
  • with wings and without.


How to use the pad correctly

How to use the pad correctly

  1. First, be sure to wash your hand! Then cut the packaging and pull out the pad.
  2. Remove the protective paper strip from the back of the pad. Each wing will have its own separate stripes if you use a sanitary pad with wings.
  3. Squeeze the adhesive side to the underpants. Fold the wings, if there are, on the sides of the underpants and pull them to the bottom.
  4. Put on your underwear and make some moves. Check if you’re comfortable.


How often do you need to change the pad?

Check the sanitary pad every 2 to 3 hours. If the pad is full and no longer absorbs menstrual fluid, it’s time to replace it.


How to get rid of used pads

Fold or twist the used pad. Put it in the toilet paper and throw it in the trash. Never throw toilet pads down the toilet!

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