How to Use Trimmer

Before the start of the shaving or haircut procedure, the treated areas of the body or face are better washed with warm water with soap or shower gel – this will allow more evenly cut hairs, the blades will not be clogged with body fat.

The main purpose of trimmers is shortening, cutting, but in the set to your model can be razor nozzles.


How to use trimmers for beard, moustache, nose, ears

General rules of use

General rules of use

After unpacking, study the instructions to your trimmer model to know if you need lubricant, whether it is possible to wash underwater, etc.

Before you start:

  1. The head is smeared (if specified in the instructions) and the oil must be put on the knives.
  2. Turn on the trimmer for 20-30 seconds. This will give you the opportunity to make sure that the blades are evenly matched.
  3. After checking, turn off the trimmer and wipe the knives with a dry cloth so that the hairs do not stick to them during the haircut or shaving.

Rules at work:

  • For the first time picking up a trimmer, use the nozzle with maximum length – this will allow you to better understand the principle of work and correct the unfortunate result.
  • The ridges are used to control the length of the haircut – from 0.5 to 20 mm.
  • The nozzles are installed only on the device turned off.
  • When creating the shortest haircut, the nozzles are not used, which allows you to achieve a hair length of 0.2-0.5mm.
  • Regardless of whether you cut or shave, the movement should always be against hair growth.
  • A uniform haircut is obtained if you hold the device close to the surface of the skin and conduct smoothly without sudden movements.

Caring for the trimmer:

  • Regardless of the type of trimmer is forbidden to clean with abrasive and corrosion means – it blunts knives, the body is scratched, the quality of the haircut deteriorates.
  • Included in the trimmer, as a rule, attached special brushes designed to clean the blades.
  • Some models require more careful cleaning and greasing with oil attached to the kit.
  • Store the device in a “native” box along with the nozzles, where each item has a cell. Ear or eyebrow trimmers are stored in cases supplied with the device.
  • Do not store trimmers in the bathroom – the increased humidity of the room will negatively affect the interior elements of the structure.




The device was originally intended only for haircut and trim, then began to produce trimmers for shaving, conventional typewriters – for this purpose is a special nozzle.

  • Start shaving from the bottom up from the tub, and remove the hairs located below the tub with a safety razor.
  • When shaving the neck do not use a slow mode – the more revs (the speed of the knife) the cleaner the shave.
  • The flat part of the nozzle should fit tightly to the skin.
  • If the bristles are long, you need to reduce it as much as possible with a comb and only then use a trimmer for shaving.


Beard and moustache


The most interesting and difficult to use the trimmer for beard, but with adherence to the rules of haircut and a small skill, modelling beard and moustache will be a trouble-free and exciting activity.

Thanks to the features and additional nozzles you can create on the face:

  • Light, daily non-Britishness;
  • three-day bristles;
  • Espanyol or a thick beard.

First of all, the beard is thoroughly washed with shampoo, it is permissible to use conditioning. Completely dried vegetation is combed from top to bottom, smoothing and evenly distributing hairs.

After training, clearly determine the desired length and shape. If you plan to cut a large length, we recommend to remove it with scissors.

Important! Start the haircut always on one side of the face smoothly moving in the other direction – the movement of the haircut goes from ear to ear.


Applying nozzles required:

  • Achieve a flat surface at the desired length.
  • Moving from one ear to another to simulate the outline, taking the landmark sharp part of the beard, located in the centre.
  • Don’t forget about the temples when modelling the sideburns.
  • When creating bends or oblique lines, keep the trimmer at an angle.
  • To work with the moustache, you need to pay attention to the area around the lips and the formation of the upper contour. When working with a moustache trimmer use, as with a conventional machine, a little tighten the skin.
  • The trimmer handles the neck and creates a contour, but only until the tub, the vegetation located below is removed only by a safety razor.

If your model does not have a vacuum hair collection function, protect your clothes from small cut-off hairs with a pelerine or a small towel before you start cutting.


Nose and ears

Nose and ears

The use of a trimmer for the nose and ears requires special care. It works in complex and sensitive areas with thin skin and close placement to the surface of capillaries.

Externally resembles a writing pen, runs from an AA battery, has increased protection of blades. To properly use the trimmer for the nose special instructions do not need – the task is not to shave the hairs “under zero” and shorten them, removing long vegetation. Therefore, do not insert the device deep into the nostrils – a few millimetres is enough, but no more than 6 mm. For the ears are similar rules.

Insert the tip with blades in the nose, turning, slightly move back and forth. In order not to pull your hand and not to propel the device too deeply create a stop with the second hand, limiting the course. In the future, when you get used to the emphasis you do not need.

Before you start work, be sure to clean the sinuses and ear passages. Don’t forget to treat the trimmer with disinfectant. Work only in front of the mirror and use the backlight to see the hairs that need to be removed.

Do not use the device for colds, runny noses and other diseases associated with the nose and ears.




The eyebrow trimmer is visually similar to a wide pen with flat blades, which can shave not only eyebrows but also give contours sideburns, do edging hairstyles and remove hairs on the body. The model for eyebrows is easy to apply, most importantly clear and smooth hand movements.

When you first use it try it on any part of the body, evaluate its work, adjust to the handle and only then start to trim the eyebrows. Keep your finger safety – don’t bring the blades close to your eyes and eyelashes.

To get the perfect eyebrow shape:

  • Carefully comb the eyebrow hairs up towards the forehead.
  • Remove all protruding and long hairs all over the eyebrows with a trimmer with a nozzle.
  • Remove the nozzle and create the desired eyebrow contour by working areas under and above the hairline.

To give a clear shape, you can use a cosmetic pencil and draw lines. This will help to avoid shave off the excess hairs and pick up the shape – the pencil can be washed off and drawn again, and with the trimmer the process is irreversible.


Bikini area

Bikini area

Use a trimmer for the body, especially in the bikini area should be with extreme care because in these places the skin is particularly tender and requires a delicate attitude. Body devices are considered to be female – most are able to work in the mode of “wet shaving”, be combined, but do not belong to universal trimmers with nozzles.

For comfortable use:

  • Apply shaving foam or cream to soften the skin.
  • The device is against the hair growth, and the skin is slightly pulled up with a free hand, which helps to lift the hair.
  • When you use it, set small speeds to determine a comfortable mode.
  • After the procedure is over, treat the skin with soothing and emollient cream or lotion to avoid irritation and itching.

Learning how to use a trimmer, you will save yourself from going to the hairdressers, and will always look well-groomed and neat. The device is gaining popularity and overshadowing the shaving machines, thanks to its capabilities, protection systems and ease of use.

We recommend choosing models with titanium blades, combined power (battery/network), minimum step, a large number of length adjustments. Additional options will be a big plus for nozzles, vacuum-cleaning function and the ability to wash the device underwater.

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