How to Use Trimmer | 7 Tips

Without the right tool, you can’t achieve a perfect result – even when styling hair at home. Choosing the perfect hair cutter and applying it correctly always guarantee you the style you want, but with minimal stress and maximum fun.


7  Steps: How to Use Trimmer 

Step 1: Choose the right hair cutter and the right top size

Choose the right hair cutter and the right top size

When choosing the perfect hair cutter, you should think about your current and future style. To cut and style the most different hair lengths, most products are available with a choice of combs, protective attachments and other attachments, some of which can also adjust the angle of the blade. This is useful if you want to cut a uniform length all over the head. Here is an overview of the haircutter attachments: Grade 7 or 8 is for a length of 25 mm; under grade 4 we are already going into risky terrain: make sure that your hair cutter is equipped with the protective attachment that suits your style. Braun offers a wide range of haircutters to help you find the perfect tool for your job.


Step 2: Dry before the first attempt

Dry before the first attempt

Drip-wet hair can almost impossible be cut with a hair cutter, so don’t even try it. Towel-dry hair prevents rusting of the blades and makes the desired style easier.


Step 3: The first cut

The first cut

Before cutting, attach the correct protection attachment for the desired length. To avoid embarrassing slips, it makes sense to start with the longest attachment for the entire head. Then gradually switch to a shorter attachment. Hold the haircutter down with the blades, while the tip of the protective attachment slightly touches the scalp. For the elegant cut, guide the hair cutter in the opposite direction. The protective attachment should absorb as many hairs as possible with each movement.


Step 4: Keeping up to level

Keeping up to level

Even if you take your time, cutting hair takes only a few minutes. If you make mistakes out of hustle and bustle, you may have to live with it for months. An even speed prevents hair tugs or damage to the scalp and results in a smooth, comfortable haircut. Edit the head in small parts so that you can capture and cut all the hair without irritation of the scalp.


Step 5: Contouring the neck

Contouring the neck

For a clean line in the neck, remove the attachment and turn the haircutter over. Carefully trim a line in the neck and around the ears. Make sure you move the haircutter away from the hairline. You wouldn’t mow the lawn in the dark either. So ask someone for help if you can’t see what you’re trimming.


Step 6: Trimming the chops

Trimming the chops

For razor-sharp chops, you should draw a line along the bottom edge. Use a mirror so that the chops are the same length. If you have a beard below the chops, don’t forget to use an attachment to ensure an even transition from the chops to the beard.


Step 7: Handle the haircutter with care

Handle the haircutter with care

Clean your haircutter after each application: first brush out the hair, then disinfect with alcohol and finally apply a thin film with a drop of the supplied oil. That’s just a few seconds of work for many years of smooth operation.

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