How To Use The Kitchen Chimney Properly?

Kitchen chimneys have become an essential part of our kitchens. They have become a helping hand in keeping your kitchen clean and odorless.

As Indian cuisine uses a lot of oil and spices, these often leave behind stains and smells. Having a kitchen chimney is the ideal solution for getting rid of these problems.

It keeps the smoke and oil from cooking out of your house, making your home breathable and cooking more enjoyable. Having a chimney in your kitchen can give you a lot of benefits. But for this getting a suitable chimney for your kitchen is essential.


6 Tips To use Kitchen Chimney Properly

Here are a few tips on how to use your kitchen chimney properly and get its maximum advantage:

Read instruction manual Carefully

Read instruction manual Carefully

The first thing to be kept in mind when installing a kitchen chimney is to read the instruction manual The instructions given in the manual will help you understand the product better.

This will be beneficial for you in the long run when you are using the chimney. Learning about the safety features will benefit you with a safer use of the product. There are many “Do’s and Don’t’s.” that you should know before using them.


Height of your chimney

height of your chimney

Another important thing you should remember is to check the height of your chimney. The ideal height of the kitchen chimney should be a little above your cooktop but not too much. If the chimney is close to the cooktop, its chances of catching fire increase.

It should be placed at a safe height from where you can easily access it without having faced any trouble. The ideal height recommended for a kitchen chimney is from 650-750 mm.


Plastic fins

For safer use of the kitchen chimney, you should permanently remove the plastic fins from the chimney. Removal of these plastic fins is very important as these plastics can easily catch fire.

These plastic fins are kept between the chimney to keep it clean. But before installing the chimney, you should carefully remove these fins from the chimney and its pipes.


Avoid cooking in open flames

Cooking in open flames should be avoided. As much as cooking in open flames is dangerous to you, it can also harm the chimney. So it is recommended to avoid cooking in open flames as it may damage the filters and internal parts of the chimney.


Chimney Setting 

To make better use of your kitchen chimney, having the proper settings is essential. Modern chimneys come with a variety of options and features. It is recommended to get a chimney with various features to get the more effective use of it.

There are a lot of options in a modern chimney to adjust the motor power, the light, the fan speed, and many more, which you should check before purchasing any chimney for your kitchen.


Cleaning chimney 

Another thing that you should remember to get better use out of your kitchen chimney is to clean it properly. Keeping your chimney clean will provide you with a much better experience for a longer duration.

If your kitchen chimney is clean and fresh, it will use less suction power and work more efficiently without too much electricity. It would be best if you got your kitchen chimney serviced every two to three months at least.


How to clean kitchen chimney

How to clean kitchen chimney

There are many ways to clean your kitchen chimney, and some of them are listed below:

You can use a lot of things that you find from your house to clean your kitchen chimney, such as

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Paint thinner
  • Caustic soda
  • Detergent powder

These will help you in keeping your kitchen chimney clean and efficient for use.

Points to remember while cleaning kitchen chimney

  • It would be best to always start with the filters. The filters inside the chimney can be easily unscrewed when cleaning them. You first read through the instructions for how to unscrew them and then again install them properly.
  • Cleaning the chimney pipes is as important as cleaning its filters. It is needed for the smoke that is caused during cooking to exit your kitchen. For cleaning the pipe you would have to remove it carefully and then wash it with any cleaning agent of your choice. But if the tube is too greasy and dirty and it is hard to remove, then replacing ir with a new pipe would be better.


The Bottom Line Is

Even though using a kitchen chimney does require

rocket science and is quite a simple task, still learning about some of its safety features will result in a more flawless and efficient use for years after buying it.

Another factor you should always keep in mind while buying a kitchen chimney is to look after the design, power, working aspect, and size of the chimney to get the right one for you, which will ensure better use.

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