How to Use Hair Straightening Cream?

Hair straightening is always in fashion. And it is no rocket science to use a hair straightening cream by yourself to embrace this ever classy and elegant hairstyle.

Some people try permanent hair straightening, but that requires extra care, and indeed some of us don’t have that much patience. A useful hair straightening cream is for all those of you.

Hair straightening cream can give you smooth and beautiful hair straightening temporarily. Using the cream is super easy, but you should know the correct procedure for using it. This article will offer step-by-step detail to help you use hair straightening cream without any hassles.

Are you worried about choosing a suitable hair straightening cream? Don’t worry; we have helped you with some essential points to consider before making the final decision. You can also read through some valuable tips and suggestions for healthy hair towards the end of the article.

To narrow down your confusion, we also did our research to bring you some worthy advantages of using a hair straightening cream along with answering some of the frequently asked questions.


Using The Hair Straightening Cream:

Follow these simple steps to efficiently use the hair straightening cream for getting the best results:

Wash, clean, and dry your hair:

Wash, clean, and dry your hair

Before using the straightening cream, your hair should be properly clean. Remove all the excess water from the hair by scrunching them in a dry clean towel. Also, brush your damp hair slightly to remove your hair knots and tangles.


Section your hair:

Section your hair

To get desired hair straightening results, one of the crucial steps is sectioning your hair accordingly. Most women ignore this step and randomly grab bunches of their hair, resulting in disappointment.

Separate your hair very carefully, starting with portioning them using your neck’s nape. Proceed further with horizontally dividing them into upper and lower layers. You can again divide these upper and lower layers into 4 new sections for ease.

Use hair pins or clutches for maintaining the hair sectioning and for handling each hair strand efficiently.


Applying the cream:

Applying the cream

Take a small amount of the cream initially. Always remember to begin with small portions of cream and then spread out the product if necessary.

Spread the cream evenly on your palms and begin its application moving from the roots to the hair tips. Use your fingers to evenly spread the cream throughout your hair. You can also use products, like a brush or comb, to get a more even application of the product on your hair.

A piece of advice – be careful not to apply the hair straightening cream on your scalp as it can cause irritation.


Let the cream sit:

Once you have applied the cream all over your hair, then follows its processing. You should allow the cream to sit for about 25-30 minutes on your hair. You can vary the time depending upon your hair conditions.

  • If you have normal, sensitive, or color-treated hair, allow the cream for 20-minutes.
  • If you have thick and curly hair, let the cream process longer for 30-minutes.


Wash your hair again:

Wash your hair again

After letting the cream process on your hair for the desired time, wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Be very sure that all the applied cream is removed from the hair. You can wash your hair for a good 5-7 minutes.

Use a clean, dry towel to remove the excess water after washing is done.


Blow-dry your hair:

Blow-dry your hair

You are just one step away from getting perfectly straighten hair. Simply blow dry your hair to get the final result. You can also use flat straightening iron if you want more salon-like straight hair.

So, these are the simple steps that you can follow and amaze everyone with perfectly straight hair.


Some tips and suggestions to keep in mind:

It is very easy to straighten your hair using the hair straightening cream, but you should always be careful while using it. You would undoubtedly want perfectly straighten hair which is healthy too, isn’t it?

Here are some tips and suggestions to keep your hair healthy while experimenting with various styles using these creams and techniques:

  • Thoroughly wash and clean your hair regularly to avoid a dirty and itchy scalp. With this, you can also reduce the chances of many hair problems like hair fall, itchiness, hair breakage, etc.
  • Use mild products – shampoo and conditioners to keep your hair stronger
  • Also, avoid using heat products regularly as it can have damaging effects on the hair
  • Trim the split-ends regularly
  • Keep your hair and scalp hydrated by eating and drinking healthy
  • Avoid brushing or combing on wet hair as it increases the chances of hair fall
  • While detangling your hair, use a wide-tooth comb
  • Finally, before trying any new product or hair styling technique, make sure to know and understand your hair type to minimize the damages.


How to choose the correct hair straightening cream?

If you are not using the right hair straightening cream, you are just further damaging your hair. Amongst the wide range of options, here are a few tips to choose a suitable hair straightening cream:

  1. Before finalizing a cream, make sure it provides enough heat protection to prevent causing any kind of hair damages.
  2. Look for the extra benefits that your chosen hair straightening cream offers.
  3. Check if it provides long-lasting results.
  4. Consider your hair type before picking up your hair straightening cream
  5. Make sure to choose your hair straightening cream from a well-known and popular brand to get the best results
  6. Last but not least, compare the price of the products before making a final call. A highly-priced product does not always mean excellent quality. You can find some great quality hair straightening creams even at an affordable price; you just need to compare appropriately.


Advantages of hair straightening cream:

If you are thinking such hair straightening cream just simply straighten your hair, let us talk about the advantages you can get from them:

Extra protection for your hair:

Your hair is constantly exposed for damages from dirt and pollution and thus needs extra care. Moreover, the regular use of heat-operated hair styling products like dryers, straightening/curling irons, etc., can increase the damage.

The hair straightening cream can protect your hair from dullness, dryness, and damages. It is, therefore, essential to get some extra protection to reduce the risks of such damages. The use of a suitably chosen hair straightening cream can do this for you.


Maintain hair straightening results for maximum time:

A quality hair straightening cream can work in favor of preserving your hair straightening for the maximum time. It seals the straightening result on the hair during the processing duration and, as a result, prevents messing with your straight hair.

Just imagine repeating the entire hair straightening process every second day. Wouldn’t that be tiring? Use a good-quality hair straightening cream and rock your straight hair for days.


Saves your energy and time:

As mentioned, hair straightening cream can maintain straight hair for days without re-doing the entire process again; it saves a lot of time and effort for the users. Moreover, it also saves time by delivering quick straightening results.


Makes your hair healthy, shiny, and smooth:

The use of hair straightening cream reduces the need to use heat-based hair styling products regularly. This, in return, helps in improving the quality and health of your hair. Also, with the right hair straightening cream, you can make your hair shiny and smooth.


Professional looking hair at convenience:

Lastly, one of the best benefits of using a hair straightening cream is to get professionally straight hair at the convenience of your home. Moreover, you don’t have to spend on regular parlour visits.



Is hair straightening creams harmful?

Although there are no significant side effects of using these hair straightening creams, their excessive use can cause itchiness and hair dryness. Also, if the cream is not chosen carefully, it can cause hair fall and other damage.

It can also be said that hair straightening creams are not as damaging as the permanent straightening methods.


For how long the results of hair straightening cream last?

Majorly, the results of hair straightening creams depend upon their brand and the user’s hair growth. However, in general, the results from a branded hair straightening cream can last up to 4-5months on normal hair.


What is the cost of hair straightening cream?

Again, the cost of such creams depends on their brand and the offered benefits. The starting price of the cream is INR 200 and can go up to INR 1,000 or more.



A hair straightening cream is a complete and affordable solution to straighten your hair for the maximum time possible. Once you have straightened your hair with the rightly chosen cream, your hair becomes more manageable, silky, and smooth.

We hope this article has answered most of your doubts about using a hair straightening cream. Please do share your feedback and thoughts in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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