How to Use Concealer

Concealers are acknowledged as one of the most popular makeup products used by people all around the world. 

It can instantly make your tired-looking face look fresh by hiding dark circles, blemishes, spots and more. 

Even though concealer is highly used among people, still in some cases, people do struggle with knowing what is the proper way to use a concealer. 

If you deal with this problem, as well. Then no issues, In this article, we will mention the proper way to use a concealer. Also, we have mentioned important steps that need to be executed before and after applying a concealer. 


Prepare your skin 

Skin Prep

Before you use a concealer on your skin, it’s important to prep it first in order to remove any oils or dirt sitting on your skin. 

So, start by first cleaning your face with a face wash that is suitable to your skin type. After washing your face, you should go in with an exfoliator

An exfoliator will help remove any dead skin cells present in your skin that might clog your pores and prevent your concealer or other makeup products from gliding smoothly in your skin. So, you shouldn’t skip this step at any cost.




Once you have cleansed your skin properly, you should use a good moisturizer to make sure your skin is well hydrated. Moisturizing can help prevent your skin from excessive dryness. 

This will also allow the compound to seep into your skin correctly and help in stimulating your skin cells. Even if you have oily skin, it’s still crucial to put on moisturizer to protect your skin from any dehydration.


Use a Face Primer 

apply face primer

To ensure your concealer stays all day without smudging, you should use a face primer that will help in providing a grip on not only your concealer but overall makeup.

A primer keeps your makeup in place regardless of the weather around you. Not using a primer can result in your makeup fading away in no time and might also lead to smudging. 


Apply Concealer 

apply concealor

Now let’s come into the makeup part. After applying the primer, you can use your foundation, CC Cream or BB cream

Although you can directly go in with a concealer, most makeup artists suggest using concealer after foundation to prevent your makeup from getting cakey. 

Concealers are used for covering dark circles and spots around your skin, while foundation works as your base. Therefore, it’s always better to apply your base before concealer. 

Also, you need to make sure you are using a concealer that is suitable and correct for your skin tone. Using the wrong concealer shade can make your entire makeup look unpleasant. 

In order to get your perfect skin tone match, test the concealer on your hand and try comparing it with your actual skin tone. There are several types of concealers available in various forms, such as liquid form, moose, stick and many more.


Conceal under your eyes 

under eye concealor

Then take your concealer and make two upside-down triangles under your eyes using your concealer. You should avoid directly swiping your concealer around your eyes, as it can emphasize that area once you have made two upside-down triangles. 

Then go in with your beauty blender and gently dab your concealer. Instead of a blender, you can also use a concealer brush to blend your concealer. 

Just make sure you are dabbing it and not smearing it over your face, as this might drag your concealer and result in you facing creases, and it might also make your makeup look unflattering. 


Conceal your blemishes and dark spots 

If you are facing issues like dark spots and blemishes on your skin, then you should go for a full coverage concealer that won’t smudge or fade away. 

Take your concealer and apply it all over your blemishes and dark spot areas. Then take your blender or brush and gently blend it in dabbing motion. 

Make sure you aren’t using too much pressure as too much force won’t make the concealer spread any faster instead, it might result increases around your face and provide an unpleasant finish. 

You can also use your concealer as your highlight to make certain parts of your face stand out more. For this, you should go in with a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your actual shade. 

Then apply it to the areas you want to highlight such as brow bone, cupid’s bow, cheekbones, bridge of your nose and more. 


Use loose powder 

loose powder

After applying your concealer, take your damp makeup sponge, dip it in loose powder, and use it in areas where you have used concealer. Leave it on for a few seconds, and then remove the excess powder using a brush. 

Using a loose powder after concealer will help prevent your concealer from creasing and set your makeup well. 

You can also go in with a good setting spray after doing your entire makeup to make sure your foundation, concealer, and all stay in place all day. 


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Should I use a concealer that is darker than my foundation? 

No, you shouldn’t choose a concealer darker than your foundation, as it will create discolouration and make you look uneven. Instead, you should go in with a concealer that is lighter in the shade than your foundation to cancel out darkness and spots. 

Can I use concealer on my entire face? 

Concealers are best for key concerns like blemishes, spots, dark circles and more. Meanwhile, it would be best to use a foundation of your shades for the entire face. 



Using a concealer is a great way to erase all your acne marks, spots, hyper-pigmentation and more skin-related issues. But it is important to know the correct way to use a concealer in order to prevent your makeup from looking awful. 

Above, we have mentioned all the steps that need to be followed, along with the proper way to use a concealer that will help you provide the flawless makeup look you desire. 

If you have any queries about concealers, then tell us in the comments.

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