How to Use Body Lotion

Do you forget to apply body lotion to your daily beauty routine? We hope not because the benefits of applying a quality lotion throughout your body are countless. Today we want to tell you when it is most recommended to apply it and how, since choosing your lotions well and having a good body care routine will determine the efficiency of the products. Let’s go!


When to apply body lotion

There are two key moments when your skin best absorbs body lotion, these are: after the shower and at night, before going to sleep.

After the shower, the skin is more sensitive because you have applied soap, and perhaps you have even used a sponge to exfoliate. For your skin to regain its usual hydration after showering and drying well is the ideal time to apply a body lotion or moisturizing emulsion that takes care and stabilizes the natural moisturization of your skin.

On the other hand, some treatments are suitable to apply before going to sleep, such as an anti-cellulite reducing gel, which can act throughout the night. This one is fascinating now that summer is coming and you can show off your legs.


How to apply body lotion

The body lotion is designed to be applied throughout the body except for the face. However, the way of application in each area of the body will make it more or less effective.

Learn how to apply body lotion to different areas of your body.



If you think of applying a cold treatment gel for tired legs, you should apply it upwards. It starts at the ankles and performs circular movements, extending the lotion towards the knees until its complete absorption. In the case of thighs, do the same; in the outer area of the hip, where the famous “cartouches” are, performs energetic circular movements to warm the area, improve circulation and, therefore, the absorption and effectiveness of your lotion.



Applying lotion to the buttocks is essential for a smooth texture and skin that looks healthy. Make circular and upward movements towards the waist so that the body lotion penetrates well. If you’re using any anti-elite or firming treatment, you’ll help your best absorption.



If you want to have a nice abdomen with shiny, smooth skin, don’t forget to apply body lotion to this part of your body.

How to do it? Perform a circular massage with both hands clockwise to activate your circulation, draining and eliminating toxins.



Massage from the sternum to the armpit with both hands to absorb the lotion under the chest. Then also apply body lotion to your chest with circular movements.




To show off a beautiful neckline in summer that looks radiant and hydrated, you’ll need to apply lotion from the center of your breasts to your shoulders upwards. It then performs gentle circular movements without over-moving the chest. This skin is thinner than the rest, and you’ll need to treat it more carefully.



From the shoulders to the elbows and wrists, apply body lotion in circular motions. Focus mostly on the triceps and elbows part, as they are usually areas that tend to dry out too much.


Find your right body lotion

.Nowadays, you can find body lotions in multiple formats so that you choose the one you like the most. If you usually opt for light lotions, opt for one in the form of a gel. Simultaneously, if you need extra hydration and nutrition, there are denser lotions that, although a priori costs to extend them, if the lotion is of quality, the results can be very satisfactory.

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