How To Use Automatic Washing Machine? (Step By Step Guide)

Are you confused about how to use your newly brought washing machine? Don’t worry; it is pretty natural to feel confused, especially with so many washing machines available in the market. The two types are – semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines, and both of them function differently.

Today, we will give you step-by-step guidelines on how to use a fully automatic washing machine. Read on to find the correct way to wash like a pro.


A Brief Idea About A Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Before we understand how an automatic washing machine works, we first need to know more about this type of washing machine. A fully automatic washing machine does not involve any human effort, i.e., it is fully automated. It comes either as front-load or top-load models.

Unlike a semi-automatic washing machine, this one has just one tub for washing, rinsing, and drying. It has more washing cycles and programs like – quick wash, spin dry, delay wash, fuzzy logic or auto-select, pre-soak, bubble wash, steam wash, and child lockMost brands even offer specialized programs for delicate clothes materials.

A fully-automatic washing machine requires minimal space, but it is more effective as it uses superior technology and has specialized features and programs. Even though the initial cost of a fully automatic washing machine is high, the running price is lower.

Pros – 

  • The complete process is automatic, i.e., no physical labor is required.
  • It consumes less time and decreases the effort you need to put.
  • Since it runs on higher technology, the performance of a fully automatic washing machine is better.
  • A fully automatic washing machine functions on higher technology hence is more efficient.
  • Unlike the semi-automatic washing machine, it is not bulky. So, it needs less storage space.
  • This washing machine provides numerous wash programs that you can select from.


Cons – 

  • Unlike a semi-automatic washing machine, a fully automatic machine requires a continuous water supply.
  • The water consumption is high. Hence, the water wastage level is also high.
  • The power consumption is also high.
  • It is more expensive when compared to a semi-automatic washing machine.


Front Load And Top Load Washing Machine

As mentioned before, a fully automatic washing machine is available as both front load and top load washing machines.

What Is A Top Loading Washing Machine?

Top Loading Washing Machine

We load the clothes into the machine from the top, i.e., the drum sits vertically. Both the semi-automatic or fully automatic washing machines can come in top-load models. So, it is ideal for the elderly and ones who have intense backaches.

A top load washing machine is more affordable than a front load washing machine. Since it does not have a lot of features, using a top load washing machine is easy and not confusing. Companies like LG, Samsung, Bosch, Whirlpool, and IFB manufacture the best top load washing machine in India.


What Is A Front Load Washing Machine?

Front Load Washing Machine

The front-load washing machine has a horizontal tub that rotates faster than a top load washing machine. You need to load the clothes through the front side of the machine. Compared to a top load washing machine, a front load washing machine has more wash cycles like start/stop timer, hot/cold water supply, advanced child lock, etc.

Other perks of a front-load washing machine include less energy and water consumption. I suggest not buying a front-load washing machine if you have frequent back pain since you must bend down for loading and unloading.


Steps To Use An Automatic Washing Machine

Step 1– Add The Detergent Powder Or Liquid

Add The Detergent Powder Or Liquid

The first step is to add the detergent into the drum or the detergent dispenser compartment if your machine has one. Remember not to overuse the detergent; measure correctly depending on the load of clothes.

I would suggest using liquid detergents as they easily dissolve in water. It is better than powder detergent because it dissolves in hot and cold water and leaves no residue.


Step 2– Add The Clothes

Adding Clothes To Washing Machine

Toss your dirty clothes into the washing machine. Remember to empty the pockets and separate the light and dark-colored garments. While loading the washing machine, ensure that the clothes are not stuffed, i.e., provide enough space for proper movement. To check this, put your hand inside the drum. If it fits smoothly, then you are good to go. If not, remove a few clothes!


Step 3– Select The Correct Wash Cycle And Temperature

Wash Cycle

Wash cycle means the different type of programs in the washing machine that works on different washing and spinning speed. Some of them include normal cycle, delicate cycle, special cycle, etc.

Make sure you select the wash cycle and the ideal temperature for your cloth fabric (read the instructions on your garment). Delicate clothes need a slower cycle, while durable clothes like cotton can run on the faster cycle programs.


Step 4– Shut The Door And Press The Start/Pause Button

Washing Machine Start Button

In the case of a top load washing machine, you just have to close the lid. However, for a front load washing machine, you have to press the door shut, or it can cause a mess. But with the new models, you need not stress a lot since they don’t start working unless the lid is shut correctly. After you close the door, press start.


Step 5– The Unloading Process

Unloading Washing Machine

Never let the clothes sit in the washing machine for more than two hours. It is best if you unload the clothes immediately after the wash cycle. This ensures that the clothes are fresh and do not grow mold and mildew. If you do not unload your clothes within one or two hours, it starts to smell different. In case this happens, then you can ‘quick wash’ it.


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Your Takeaway

If you buy a washing machine, you should know how to use it correctly to not damage your clothes. Things like the quantity of detergent used, the wash program, temperature, and so on should be carefully checked and followed. You will start washing like a pro once you follow these steps correctly.

I hope you found this article helpful. Please do leave a comment down below to let us know your thoughts and quires.

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