How To Use and Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil, a cosmetic product, makes your beard softer, shinier and smoother. It works to improve the appearance of your beard, giving you a well-groomed look. But that’s not all!

Beard oil is known to moisturize not just your beard, but also your skin. It behaves like sebum, an atural oil that is good for the skin. This sebum, produced by your sebaceous glands, is an oily, wax-like substance that moisturizes and protects your skin.

Beard oil is a combination of various ingredients that work together to provide deep hydration.

Just like a dry scalp can itch heavily and be extremely uncomfortable, the same is the case with the skin under a beard. Hence, beard oils are not just trendy for men’s improved appearance, but also the elevated comfort that they bring.

But before diving in to the how, let us have a look at why you should use beard oil and its various benefits.


Why Use Beard Oil?

Why Use Beard Oil

Beard oil gives an excellent appearance to your beard. The beard looks more organized, well-groomed, healthy, rich and lush. It also helps in styling and shaping the beard which otherwise gets difficult.

It is best in conditioning your beard. It adequately hydrates your beard andthe skin underneath.The various essential oils used in beard oil work well to nourish your skin and beard.

Beard oil also effectively reduces beard dandruff or skin flakes caused by excessive skin dryness. As these can cause great itchiness and keep you feeling edgy, using a beard might be a good solution.

Beard oils give a very pleasant smell to your beard. The smell is usually a balance between too strong and too weak. A soft, gentle scentis one of the best benefits of beard oil as the beard, just like the hair on your head, can begin to stink if you aren’t careful.


Choosing the best beard oil

Consider the following when looking for a good beard oil:

Your priorities:

Knowing why you are looking for a beard oil is the first step to picking one. Dryness, itchiness, beard styling and smell can be a few examples.

  • Beard length:Evidently, longer beards need more beard oil than shorter ones. You will need to accordingly decide the size of the bottle you get.
  • Hair type:The texture and thickness of your hair determines the type of beard oil you should use. Thick hair needs stronger blends to ease absorption.
  • Scented or Unscented:You will have a choice between scented or unscented beard oil, mild or strong scent and essential oil or synthetic fragrance. You will also need to consider any allergies that you have to fragrances used in any product.
  • Ingredients used:Look for natural ingredients as these are safer than chemicals. They also provide better nourishment and are healthier for your facial skin and hair.



Beard oils can include a vast range of ingredients that work for different needs and skin types.

Jojoba oil is useful in promoting hair growth. Whether it’s dry beard or a dry skin underneath, jojoba oil moisturizes both, thus reducing breakage and protecting your beard length. It also clears out excess sebum produced from the skin that blocks hair follicles and restricts hair growth.

Argan oil not only moisturizes and softens your beard but also helps fight skin scales or beard dandruff. It also helps in setting your beard well.

Grapeseed oil also provides moisture and cleanses the skin of the excess natural oil it produces. It stimulates blood circulation which supports hair growth.

Avocado oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids that promote beard growth and lower hair breakage. It adds a healthy and dense look to your beard.

Almond oil aid hair growth by making the beard strong and thick due to the Omega 3 fatty acids it contains.It adds a luster to your beard and moistens the skin. It also acts like a natural gel which helps in styling and setting your beard.

Eucalyptus oil makes your beard strong and shiny, and also gives it a pleasant smell. It helps soften the beard and give a think look. It is also known to reduce inflammation.

Tea tree essential oil prevents natural oil build-up and fights acne, dandruff and hair loss. It stimulates blood circulation and unclogs pores.

Other Ingredients used in beard oils may include coconut oil, apricot oil and hemp seed oil. Essential oils like Texas Cedarwood essential oil and orange essential oils are also effective.


How to Use Beard Oil?

When can you start?

You can start using Beard oil as soon as you decide that you want to grow a beard. Beard oil isn’t just good for your hair, but also the skin underneath it. It does a great job in preparing your skin for a beard and majorly reduces the itchiness that comes with it.


When is too late?

Good news! It’s never too late to make healthy choices for yourself. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve had a beard without using beard oil. The best thing about beard oil is that there is no wrong stage to begin using one.


When should you apply it?

It is best to apply beard oil on a clean face and beard; after washing your face or taking a shower. Your beard needs to be a little damp for beard oil to work efficiently. Avoid applying beard oil on dry beard. This not only affects the amount of absorption but also increases the time taken to fully take it in.

Using hot water for washing your face before using it adds asan advantage. The heat opens your pores, making your skin and beard more receiving and absorbent of the beard oil you will put on.

You can also apply and leave the beard oil overnight.


How much should you use?

The amount of beard oil you will use depends entirely on the length of your beard. A beard oil container usually will have the quantity mentioned somewhere, but it is wiser to start with lesser drops than the directions suggest.

If you have just started growing your beard for around two weeks, 2 drops should suffice. If it has been two months, around 5 drops should work. A medium beard normally needs 6-7 drops of beard oil. It is best to consider the length of your beard and adjust the quantity accordingly.

If your skin type is oily, you should cut down on the amount of beard oil you use.

Using too much beard oil can be harmful. It can lead to skin irritation, acne and infected hair follicles. Your beard will feel excessively wet and greasy and will lose the defined appearance it is supposed to give after using beard oil.


How long should you leave it in?

If you’re wondering if you have to wash your face after using beard oil, then the answer is no. You can apply beard oil and leave it for the entire day. Some men with long beards, or those living in drier climates,might apply it twice a day or more. Make sure that the beard oil you use contains all-natural and good ingredients. Chemicals can greatly damage your skin if used for a prolonged period and shouldn’t be on for more than 3 hours.


How to apply beard oil?

Beard Oil

  1. Wash your face and beard. You can use soap and shampoo with cold or hot water according to your preference. This cleans the face and beard, preparing them for receiving the beard oil. Hot water opens up the pores making absorption easy.
  2. Towel dry your beard. Leave the beard damp and do not dry it entirely. Soak up all the excess water as beard oil won’t work in very wet beard. Also tap-dry close to your skin so the beard oil doesn’t drip down with the water.
  3. Use the right amount of beard oil.Put three-five drops, on average, on your palms. Do not use too much beard oil. Consider the length of your beard and the oiliness of your skin before deciding the quantity.
  4. Apply the beard oil.Rub the oil on your skin. Do not directly apply on the beard because the skin absorbs more moisture. This also prevents the beard from looking too oily.
  5. Massage Giving your bearded skin a good massage is vital. Massaging properly spreads the beard oil over your skin,improves blood circulation and eases absorption. Continue this for around 5 minutes.
  6. Apply remaining oil to your beard. After you have sufficiently massaged your skin, apply the oil on your palms to your beard. Do not put too much oil on your beard as this would give a greasy look.
  7. Comb well. Comb your beard with a wide-toothed comb followed by a find toothed comb to settle the beard oil and style your beard properly and complete the look.


A few common myths

Is beard oil unsafe for you?

If a beard oil only includes natural ingredients, it safe for everyone to use.Applying it multiple times a day is also safe.

Does beard oil make a beard grow?

A common misconception about beard oil is that it makes a beard grow. This is not entirely false, but also not a complete truth. Beard oils work to moisturize, nourish and soften your hair, and give you a healthy and hydrated under-skin. So, if it is dry, unhealthy skin that’s causing your poor beard growth, beard oils can aid you immensely. But they cannot help if you lack hair follicles from which hair grow out.


Does it cause acne or pimples?

Another myth about beard oil is that it causes an acne outbreak. This too is not the whole truth. Not all beard oils cause acne or pimples. Hence, it is important you choose a good quality beard oil. While picking one out, make sure that it does not contain any comedogenic oils as these are known for clogging pores which leads to pimples and acne.


Am I allergic to beard oil?

Even if you find that you are allergic to some ingredient used by a brand, you can always switch to another. Or better yet, you can make your own beard oil using the ingredients that suit you best.

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