How to Use an Epilator

Your skin will remain super-smooth for weeks with just the click of a button. Whether you’ve been doing hair removal for years and want to learn about the latest expert techniques or you’re new to hair removal and looking for simple ways to make you a professional, the art of hair removal has changed. Purchase a hair removal kit for noticeably smoother, smoother skin, all in a comfortable bathroom setting. Check out our guide to hair removal with an epilator.


3 stages for stunningly smooth skin


Before the hair removals, any beauty guru knows, if you want to look like you’re not working

hard to look great, you need a little planning. Do the hair removal the night before you’re going to go out in a dress or go on a date so that everyone can see your smooth legs. This will give 24 hours for any irritation on the legs to disappear.

The evening is the best time for hair removal. You are more relaxed, and any small damage will disappear in the morning, and you will wake up with the most stunning and smooth skin!


2. Peeling. 

Take a hot shower, relax and peel your skin to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Use an exfoliating scrub or wipe the skin with a dry towel. Or use the Braun Silk-9 SkinSpa epilator with an aviator brush for peeling, which ensures peeling is 4 times better than manual cleansing.


During hair removal

1. Stay calm.

There are many not-so-pleasant things that we do in the name of beauty, such as plucking hairs, but when it comes to hair removal, Silk-Epil helps to minimize pain with cooling gloves and massage rollers for extragenital hair removal.


2. Have you ever had an epilation in the water?

Braun Silk-April 9 Wet and Dry epilators allow you to carry out hair removal in the shower or bathroom. Water minimizes pain, releasing the body’s natural painkiller – endorphins.


3. Keep confident.

Keep it at a 90-degree angle to your feet. You can also pull the skin over with your other hand to make it easier for the device to slide on it. Do not push too hard. Just easily touch the skin epilator.


4. Slow hair removal.

If hair removal is too fast, the hairs may break, leading to the appearance of ingrown hair.


5. Choose a direction.

This allows you to lift shorter hairs so that the skin is even smoother.


6. Dry or wet hair removal?

In case of wet hair removal, use a little shower gel.


After hair removal

1. Treat yourself. 

The golden rule is to moisturize the skin AFTER the hair removal, not before it. For the best result, apply body lotion and get ready to wake up the next morning with soft and smooth skin.


2. Repeat the procedure.

If you are a beginner, do hair removal once a week, and you will notice how the discomfort decreases and the pleasure of the procedure grows.

If you are a professional, you can reduce the frequency of procedures and carry out hair removal every three weeks.

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