How to Use a Mixer Grinder More Efficiently

Are you wondering what the best way to use your mixer grinder is? Are you unsure why your grinder’s blades have lost their sharpness? Are you a proud owner of the best mixer grinder, but you don’t have time to read the manual? We hear you!

This multifunctional gadget is the leading celebrity in any kitchen! It can mix and blend everything from spices, purees, smoothies and juices! With the advent of these grinding machines, cooking has become less time-consuming and effortless.

This article will discuss the best method to use mixer grinders effectively and safely! Additionally, we will also answer some commonly asked questions!


How to Use Mixer Grinder More Efficiently

How to use mixer grinder

If you have invested in a mixer grinder, you should understand how to use it correctly and safely. A mixer is probably one of the most heavily used appliances in the kitchen, and since we cannot imagine life without it, it is only fitting to understand how to use it effectively.

Let us explore it in a step by step guide!


Step 1: Assemble your Ingredients

The first step is to gather all of the ingredients you want to grind into one place. It will save you time because you won’t have to reopen the jar to add elements you missed.

Mixers can grind and combine just about anything, but certain products should be avoided since they may damage the blades or the jar. Listed below are three ingredients that should not be added to your mixer.

Food Ingredient Reason
Frozen Fruits Frozen fruits are brittle and hard, which can damage the blades.
Hot Puree When the fluid is hot, it can damage the rubber gasket and plastic cap in blenders. It, in turn, can cause leaks and malfunctions.
Whole Nuts or Dried Fruits We recommend soaking them in water for 15-20 minutes before processing them. These components are complex, and they can bend and dull the blades.


Step 2: Select your jar!

Mixer grinders are typically equipped with various jar sizes and impellers to cater to our daily kitchen requirements.

If you wish to grind something into a fine paste, you should use a jar with small blades, whereas if you want to make a smooth and chunky smoothie, you should use a pot with thick blades.


Step 3: Clean the Jar Before Use

Sounds basic, right? However, we often tend to neglect this one. Before using it, make sure that the jar is clean and wiped such that there is no moisture or leftover residue present in it.


Step 4: Seal the jar.

Ensure the jar’s lid is tight and secure before beginning the mixing process. If the cover is not airtight, it can lead to mishaps. A spillage caused by these accidents can damage both the mixer and you.


Step 5: Fix the jar on the machine.

Place the jar on the machine unit and twist it to ensure it is securely fastened. Starting the device without a perfect fit can cause severe damage to the appliance’s motor.


Step 6: Set the Speed

I know we are always short on time, but if you want to increase the longevity of your grinder, slow and steady is the way! Start from low speed and then gradually turn the knob up to increase the speed.


Step 7: Avoid Overheating

Take breaks when grinding the ingredients to avoid overheating the engine. Make sure the machine is not functioning for more than 40 seconds at a time.

During these breaks, you can add water if needed or scrape the contents from the sides of the pot to facilitate an even mixing.


Step 8: Unplug it

Once you are satisfied with the consistency of the mix, unplug the appliance to prevent any unwanted accidents and damage.


Step 9: Clean it

Don’t put this off till later! Pour the mixture into a bowl, then clean the jar with warm water and a microfiber cloth.


Step 10: Store

It is vital to store it properly because our kitchen cannot work without it. A mixer grinder requires a dedicated, dry, and dust-free space in the kitchen.


Let’s Get Some Clarity!

In this section, we will answer some frequently asked questions.

FAQ 1: How should you deep clean the mixer grinder to get rid of nasty odours?

Answer: If your mixer is stained or foul odour, add a tablespoon of white vinegar and corn starch solution and keep it for 30 minutes. If you don’t have any of the above items, you can use liquid soaps!


FAQ 2: Can overloading the jar reduce the efficiency of the mixer?

Answer: It is strongly recommended never to fill the jar to its total capacity. Overfilling it will result in extra pressure that can harm the blades and the appliance.


FAQ 3: Can we sharpen the impellers and blades at home?

Answer: The best way to sharpen your knife blades is to use a knife grinder. By simply rubbing the blunt edges of the blades against that coarse end of the sharpening tool, you will give them a razor-sharp edge!

Grinding the blades with aluminium foil is another method that can add sharpness. Cut thin lengths of aluminium foil and wrap them around the blade. Attached the blades to the jar and turn on the mixer. The friction with the foil will sharpen the blade.


FAQ 4: What are dry grinding blades?

Answer: Generally, these blades are blunt, thick, and made from stainless steel. They cannot be used for mincing, but they can effectively grind condiments like cloves, turmeric, chillies, pulses, etc. These blunt blades are often found in small jars to enable uniform mixing.


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If you carefully follow the steps in the guide, you will find that your mixer runs smoothly and without any complications. To ensure the mixer motor is safe, avoid overheating and overloading the jar. Keeping the mixer away from wet and hot surfaces is also crucial to prevent complications.

Don’t forget to disconnect the gadget when it is not in use. Cleaning and sharpening the blades will prolong the life span of the equipment.

Let us know in the comments below if you found this article helpful.

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