How to Use a Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Being a washing machine today, thanks to modern appliances that allow electronic control of times, temperatures, and quantities of water, is certainly easier. However, it may happen that (especially inexperienced homemakers) they set programs that are not suitable for the type of fabric, perhaps because they have not checked the label on the garments well. Let’s see then how to make the washing machine without making mistakes.

Before seeing all the steps to ensure a perfect laundry, with soft and fragrant towels, non-felted wool clothing, and beautiful colored garments always as new, we want to emphasize the importance of always keeping the washing machine efficient. You want to know how to do it? Here you will find some valuable tips for cleaning the washing machine.


Clothes label: an icon that reveals the right temperature

When preparing laundry to wash in the washing machine, the first thing to do is definitely to check the labels on the garments. This will allow you to understand if a dress or a pair of pants can be washed in the washing machine or need to be treated by hand, set the correct washing temperature, and know if they can or cannot be centrifuged. In other words, it will allow you to guarantee you clean clothing, towels, and sheets and always at their maximum splendor.

On the label, you will also find indications related to drying so that you can know if a dress should be dried stretched vertically or on top of a top, whether it needs to be placed to dry in a shaded place or if it can also be inserted into the dryer.

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Divide the garments to be washed

Divide the garments to be washed

A good habit of washing the garments quickly could be to divide them according to the different characteristics without having to review each garment at the last moment. In specialized stores and the best online stores, you can find special baskets of clothes that will allow you to divide the garments and better organize the washing machine by controlling the amount of white, colored, or dark clothes to wash.


Pre-treat difficult stains

Before putting in the washing machine, the garments make sure that there are no difficult to remove or dry. Even the best detergents or additives may have difficulty removing them, and you’d find yourself with washed tablecloths that feature unsightly halos. To pre-treat garments with grease stains, wine, coffee without using chemical additives, you can use Marseille soap.

If this does not prove sufficient evidence with an ecological spray degreaser, free of toxic substances and solvents, that could prove too aggressive for the tissues and certainly harmful to the environment.


How to prepare the washing machine for washing

An excellent system guarantees maximum energy and water savings for washing the garments only when the washing machine is fully loaded. However, dirty garments should not be left waiting for more than a week, especially in periods of increased humidity, to prevent bad smells in the room and prevent stains from drying out too much.

If this time is not enough to have enough dirty clothes for a full load, you can use the half-load programs or the echo programs, which have very short cycles.

Before inserting the garments in the washing machine, make sure you have taken everything out of your pockets, closed zippers, flip sweatshirts, and sweaters, and spread the sleeves of the shirts well. For particularly delicate garments, you can use special mesh bags for laundry.


Optimal quality and quantity detergent for perfect laundry

Good detergent is definitely an important ingredient to ensure excellent results. Choosing an organic and polluting-free product will allow you to have perfect laundry and help protect the environment.

It also avoids overdoses to help protect the planet: excessive amounts of detergent are not used to guarantee better results. On the contrary, it requires more water for rinsing and can leave residues on the animals.

Always prefer an eco-friendly liquid laundry detergent and give softness to your garments using white vinegar or citric acid: your blouses will be fresh and fragrant, and the environment will thank you!

When the washing machine has finished its washing cycle, remove the clothes immediately and spread them out as soon as possible outdoors. Remember that if left in the basket for a long time, they can cause bad odors, and if lying inside instead, they can cause moisture problems.

Following these few simple rules to manage laundry quickly and easily, you can finally guarantee yourself clothing, tablecloths, sheets, and towels always beautiful, clean, and fragrant (and be able to do it really well)!

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