How to Unlock voltas Ac Remote

You take remote control of your air conditioner to give the device some command and realize that it does not respond. What to do? At first, you might think it’s not working – and if that’s really the problem, but if you take a good look at the remote control screen, you might find a small padlock flashing or fixed at that location.

This means that the control is locked, which makes it impossible for you to turn on, off or run any command on it, preventing you from selecting the desired mode and temperature or any other setting you want to make.


But why is this happening?

Maybe you or someone who used your control gave some unwanted command that ended up causing the crash. There is also the possibility that some error has occurred in control or that – believe me – we have already received reports that the dirt accumulated inside the remote control has blocked its use.


Unlocking Voltas AC Remote

If your voltas ac remote control is locked, then a lock sign appears on your voltas ac remote display. To unlock it there is a simple step, Just Press the temp+ & temp– button simultaneously on same voltas ac remote and hold it for 3 to 5 sec your voltas ac remote will be unlocked.


Unlocking the Other AC Remote control

After reading several air conditioning manuals, we noticed that there are some specific commands on the control buttons that unlock it, and this depends on the model of the device. To stay out of the air, try the following options:

– Temperature buttons: press the two temperature keys ( + and – or s and v) at the same time for about 3 seconds. When the keyboard is unlocked, the lock icon disappears from the screen. If it doesn’t work, add one more button:

– MODE key together: Try pressing the MODE key along with the previous buttons (+ and – or s and v), pressing the three buttons simultaneously. For the vast majority of devices, one of these options works and unlocks the control.

– ON and OFF buttons: If none of these alternatives solves the problem, we still find some models that unlock the control when you press the On and Off buttons at the same time.


My control is still blocked.

Okay, none of the possible solutions above has solved it. Remember that we commented above that the control could be blocked due to dirt accumulated on its inside? At this point, you can put an end to this problem and unlock your control by performing an indoor cleaning.

To do this, simply remove the screws and open the controller, cleaning with a cloth or brushing with alcohol the contacts under each button. After that, replace the batteries and wait for 2 to 3 minutes to try to turn it on and see the control return to normal.

If it doesn’t work, one last option is to try restarting the air conditioner.

You can also call a technical professional to help you or prefer a universal remote control.


Reverse route: Locking the remote control of the air conditioner

Some people are still here looking for how to make the opposite path, that is, with the idea of blocking control itself, often to prevent third parties from changing the control settings. To do this, just follow the same commands as to how to unlock. Since the control will already be released, pressing the buttons that guide the effect will be contrary, blocking the remote control.

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