How To Straighten Hair? With & Without Hair Straightener

Do you have curly hair? Do you spend all day hoping to get that beautiful, silky smooth straight hair like the other girls you know? This sleek hairstyle is totally doable if you can put in some effort and have a little bit of patience and time.

You can always use a hair straightener, but it is not good in the long run. However, there are other tricks to temporarily straighten without using hot styling tools. In this article, we will discuss ways to straighten your hair with and without heat.


How To Straighten Your Hair Using A Hair Straightener?

If you have curly hair, you should be careful while using a straightener because your natural hair tends to be dry. This makes it more prone to damage and your hair breaking. However, if you are smart about the process and use the right products, you can reduce this to a great extent.

Given below are the steps to straighten your hair using a straightener in the right way.


Step 1. Wash Your Hair Using A Straightening Shampoo And Conditioner

Straightening Shampoo

Before you start the process, you should make sure your hair is free of any dirt, dead cells, and so on. Start only with clear hair! Washing your hair will also rid it of any product residue.

If you plan to straighten your hair, then use the product specified for it. There are lots of straightening shampoo and conditioners available in the market. Choose one according to your hair type. Using this will help to control the frizziness and will help with the steps to come.


Step 2. Dry Your Locks With A Towel

Dry Your Locks With A Towel

After you bathe, you need to towel dry your hair for the next step. While drying your hair, make sure that you do not rub it vigorously or for too long. This can cause long-term damage to your hair, i.e., the hair might start to fall out and tends to get really frizzy.

Use a soft microfiber hair towel to dry your hair. Start from the roots and gently squeeze out the water till the end. Section your hair, and start blotting it, not rubbing. Repeat the step till you think your hair is dry enough. You can even wrap your hair in the towel for 10-20 minutes but ensure the towel is not wrapped too tight.


Step 3. Use A Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioner

As mentioned before, curly hair is naturally dry and frizzy. So, if you have curly hair, then this step is extremely important for you. But, even if you don’t have naturally curly hair, this step is good for your hair. This is because leave-in conditioners are products that add moisture to your hair.

When you buy a leave-in conditioner, check the ingredients mentioned at the back. Go for conditioners with ingredients that provide moisture like castor oil, coconut oil, honey, apple cider vinegar, and so on.

Start at the end of your hair strands. Massage your way up but do not apply the conditioner to your scalp. Applying it to your roots will make the oilier, so apply it only to the hair strands. This will keep the frizziness under control, and you can work with your hair better.


Step 4. Use A Heat-Protectant Flat Iron Spray

To add extra protection, use a heat-protectant flat iron spray. Apply a liberal coat to your hair to control frizziness and to smoothen your hair. If you have curly hair, don’t skip a heat protectant since your hair is about to get more heat exposure that can cause more dryness.


Step 5. Blow-Dry Your Hair

Blow-Dry Your Hair

I hope you remember that your hair is not fully dry, and you need your hair to be fully dry before using a hair straightener. Ironing wet hair is not effective; moreover, it tends to cause more damage to the strands.

Section your hair and clip it down. Blow-dry the rest of your hair on low or medium heat using a round brush. While blow-drying, point the nozzle downwards.


Step 6. Section Your Hair In Equal Parts

Section Your Hair In Equal Parts

After blow-drying your hair, comb it and clip it in small sections. Pin the top half of your hair so that you can efficiently work on the bottom layers. Always start with the lower part of your hair, then move upwards.


Step 7. Use A Hair Straightener

Hair Straightener

Before starting, make sure the straightener is not too hot; work on low or medium (nothing over 375 degrees F). Grab a section, and comb it with a fine-tooth comb.

Place the straighten just above the comb and smoothly glide it down at an even pace. This ensures that each strand is individually getting straight. Repeat the step till your whole hair is straightened.


Step 8. Use A Hairspray


After all this hard work, you do not want it to waste the minute you step outside. Use a hairspray so that your hair stays in place. To ensure even distribution, hold the spray at least a foot away from your hair. But make sure that you do not spray too much as it might leave it looking stiff.


2. How To Straighten Your Hair Without Using Heat? 

Constantly straightening it does not keep your hair healthy even though it looks stunning. Hot styling tools like a blow-dryer, straighteners, and hot curling irons heat your hair, thus stripping it off moisture. Over time, this can lead to hair damage and breakage.

Here are a few simple ways to temporarily straighten your hair without using heat.

Step 1. Comb Your Hair Till It Dries

Comb Your Hair Till It Dries

From a young age, we might be told not to comb wet hair, and there is truth in that. Hair tends to be more delicate when wet, and even a small force can cause breakage. However, if you are careful and can follow these steps correctly, then you need not worry too much.

  • Shampoo and condition your hair.
  • Using a wide-tooth comb, gently start combing your hair from the bottom to the root.
  • Working on small sections is easier and safer.
  • If you find knots, untangle them with your hand; do not use a comb.
  • Comb through all the sections till you have straight and smooth-looking hair.
  • Repeat the step every five minutes till your hair is completely dry.


Step 2. Wrap The Wet Hair Tightly

This is another way to get straight hair overnight, but even this technique is not permanent. Follow the steps given below –

  • Shampoo and condition your hair.
  • Use the method mentioned above to comb your wet hair gently.
  • Divide it into sections to make the process easier.
  • Take a small portion of your hair and bring it over to the opposite side (it should look like a headband).
  • Secure this with bobby pins.
  • Take the hair section on the opposite side and do the same.
  • Alternate the side till all your hair is pinned up.
  • You can tie a silk scrap around if you plan to sleep with your wet hair.


Step 3. Use Large Hair Rollers

Jumbo Hair Rollers

This is almost similar to the previous technique. The only difference is that you use jumbo-sized rollers instead of bobby pins to secure your hair. The steps to use large rollers are given below –

  • Gently comb through your wet hair and divide it into sections.
  • Roll a section of your hair onto the roller and secure the hair with a bobby pin.
  • Roll all the sections in the same manner.
  • Let it dry, or you can ever sleep with it. If you are worried that stands will come loose while tossing and turning in your sleep, then you can tie a scarf around.


Step 4. Cold Air Setting On The Hairdryer

Air-dry your hair about halfway, then switch the hairdryer to the cold air setting and continue the drying process with a comb. Smoothen out your hair with a comb while you cold dry it thoroughly.

Once it is completely dry, you can either use natural products like coconut oil or castor oil to help keep the hair in its position and avoid frizziness. If you think natural products won’t keep your hair in place, then you can use hairspray or a leave-in conditioner.


Step 5. Make A Natural Straightening Mask

Hair Mask

If you want to go all-natural, then you can try natural straightening masks. Listed below are five straightening mask recipes that can be made using kitchen ingredients.

  • Milk and Honey – Mix one teaspoon of honey with milk. Transfer it into a spray bottle and apply it after shampooing. Rinse with cold water after 5 mins.
  • Overripe Banana and honey – Mash two bananas and add two tablespoons of honey. You can also add yogurt and olive oil (optional). Rinse it off after half an hour.
  • Olive oil and eggs – Mix two eggs in olive oil and apply them to your head. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse in cold water.
  • Aloe vera – Blend half a cup of aloe gel with warm olive oil. Massage it onto your head. You can also add a few drops of sandalwood oil and rosemary oil (optional). Wash it off after one or two hours.
  • Coconut milk and lemon juice – Add two tablespoons of lemon juice into one cup of fresh coconut milk. Massage it onto your scalp. You can wash it off after 15-20 minutes.


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Achieving straight hair is not impossible. You just need to put some effort and time into your hair. You can either straighten your hair using a straightener, but this can even damage your hair if done regularly.

I would suggest that you try the natural methods. You won’t get a permanent look, but you are doing your hair a huge favor.

Do you know any other natural ways to achieve straight hair? If so, let us know in the comment section below.

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