How to Store Jewellery

If you want jewellery to please you and preserve its beauty for many years, it is necessary not only to follow the rules of care for them but also to pay due attention to jewellery storage. The correctness of storage of a particular decoration depends primarily on the type of decoration itself, but there are also universal rules:

  • Jewellery and jewellery are kept separate from each other. The storage area should be dark, cool and dry. Remember that metals and stones do not like moisture.
  • Gold jewellery is kept separate from silver. And in general, it is desirable to keep all jewellery separately from each other, as gems can scratch softer gold. It should be remembered that the higher the sample of gold, the softer it is, so it is easier to scratch.
  • It is best to store jewellery in special boxes for storing jewellery. Such caskets are usually divided into many cells covered with a soft cloth. Your jewellery will be comfortable in such a vault.
  • Periodically take care of jewellery, cleaning them with special cleaning products, which can be purchased in the brand stores “Golden Age.”


Storage of gold and platinum

Storage of gold and platinum

Gold and platinum are stored in a dark and dry place in boxes covered with soft material, or in special bags for storing jewellery. You can’t store these precious metals in cardboard boxes. In cardboard composition, there is sulphur, which means that on gold may appear dark spots.


Silver storage

Silver products are stored separately from each other. It is best to store silver, not in wooden caskets, but a simple plastic bag. You can put a tablet of activated charcoal in the bag because silver does not like moisture, and charcoal will absorb it. Also, we should not forget that the place of storage of silver should be dry and dark.


Keeping pearls

Compliance with simple rules will save pearls for several hundred years. This mineral does not like the sun, so jewellery with pearls should be stored in a dark place. Pearls are afraid of chemicals, scratches, heating, high humidity. Clean pearls only with special napkins and cleaning products, as abrasive materials will destroy the pearl layer. Pearls love to be worn. Do not forget about their jewellery, and if you have a pearl necklace, once every couple of years, reduce the pearls so that they will remain much better.


Keeping gems

Nothing will happen to gemstones if you treat them very carefully. Do not forget to remove jewellery with precious stones while working with household chemicals and cleaning substances. To avoid scratches, keep each piece of jewellery separate in boxes or caskets with special compartments. And remember that the gems need to be cleaned two to three times a year with special cleaning products.

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