How to store carrots at home

Garden beauty carrot is a natural source of youth and longevity. A valuable vegetable contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are most necessary for the body. In addition, the fruit is famous along with potatoes. It is added to soups, side dishes, salads and sauces. Choosing it from the garden or buying it on a vegetable counter, you should take care of how to store carrots correctly. After all, the provided conditions for preservation will depend on the quality properties of the vegetable.


How to properly save carrots in a private house and apartment

All the valuable qualities of the root crop can be preserved even when stored in an apartment. The most important thing for this is to create an optimal environment when saving it, which consists in:

  • The required temperature regime. The temperature support in the bins should be close to the value from 0 to +3 degrees. If this regime is not observed, carrots will either freeze or begin to germinate. They are storing a vegetable at a temperature closest to zero slows down all metabolic processes in it, which guarantees long-term preservation with the preservation of all the properties of the root crop.
  • Humidity. The content of water vapour in the bins should be at the level of 65% -80%. To prevent fumes from vegetables and maintain the necessary moisture parameter, they are layered with moisture-absorbing materials.
  • Air circulation. Systematic ventilation of bins is necessary to avoid rotting. Also, this procedure is needed to reduce the temperature in the storage.


In the cellar

For those who live in their home, storing carrots at home is greatly simplified. Especially if the owners have a barn or basement, having competently organized all the conditions for saving the vegetable, you can feast on juicy and delicious carrots until the beginning of next summer. For the safety of carrots to be realized “perfectly” in the cellar of a private house, it is necessary to carry out the following activities:

  1. Before starting the bookmark, you need to ventilate the cellars or subfloor carefully on warm autumn days.
  2. The basement must be disinfected by whitewashing the walls and ceiling with a solution of lime with copper sulphate.
  3. Before you save carrots for the winter in the cellar, you need to ensure that the necessary temperature and humidity parameters are maintained during its upcoming savings. And the storage itself was equipped with ventilation compartments.
  4. To lay root crops in the cellar, you will need boxes, bags with polyethene liners or other improvised volumetric containers.
  5. It is also necessary to stock up on material for pouring settled vegetables: wood chips, pine needles, sand, fastened lime.


On the balcony

In the absence of a basement, it is necessary to decide where to store carrots in the apartment? The best way to save it is to equip a mini-storage on the loggia or glazed balcony. However, at the air temperature on the street, falling below minus 8 degrees, in the vegetable stores equipped on the terrace, it is necessary to think about adding insulation.

Ways to store carrot fruits on the balcony:

  • In containers with moistened sand;
  • In containers with peat;
  • In volumetric containers with wood chips or pine needles;
  • In special thermal storage containers.

To control the temperature regime when storing vegetables, it is necessary to purchase one or two thermometers.


Freezing in the freezer

It happens that carrots from your garden or bought at the market; there is nowhere to store them. In this case, the usual freezer comes to the rescue. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy a special freezer for this purpose. Modern refrigeration units are equipped with a freezer, where you can safely save vegetables for a long time—observing the necessary rules when freezing the fruit at home. As a result, you can get a product with all the preserved qualities and properties.

  1. In no case is it recommended to freeze carrots that have any defects.
  2. Before laying in the freezer, vegetables must be washed well, cutting off the tips.
  3. After washing, it is necessary to subject the root crops to short-term treatment with boiling water, followed by immersion in water with ice.
  4. Next, spread the carrot to dry on a clean cloth.
  5. After drying, cut the vegetables in any way, spread out on a wide plate or board and send to the freezer for 30-40 minutes.
  6. After the first freezing stage, the product is scattered in vacuum bags with special clamps and returned to the freezer for long-term storage.


Can I store it in the apartment in the refrigerator?

When there is a question of how to store carrots in the apartment properly, the first answer to the mind comes “Refrigerator!” After all, it is in it that every homemaker will be able to save root vegetables for a long time without losing their properties. For carrots to retain all their consumer qualities, you should:

  • Clean the root vegetables, but in any case, do not wash;
  • Fold into polyethene bags and place in the lowest compartment of the refrigerator.

Storage of vegetables in the refrigeration unit without losing their consumer qualities is possible for up to 3-4 months. At the same time, you should know that it is not recommended to put carrots in open packages or without them on the refrigerator’s shelves. After all, remaining honest, it can quickly wither and deteriorate.


In packages at home

In the absence of the possibility of preserving carrots in the cellar or refrigerator, you can try to save them in plastic bags. With this method, it is necessary to ensure that the vegetables are cool and dry when laid in polyethene. If the fruits are without any defects, then lie in a bag in a dark, cool place for about a month. Using this method, you need to systematically check the vegetables for the formation of rot and reject them in time.

How to prepare carrots for storage

Before you save carrots at home, they must be adequately prepared for bookmarking. To do this, you should:

  • Carefully inspect each fruit for defects, rejecting any with the slightest damage;
  • Vegetables must be dried outside, preventing direct sunlight from falling on them;
  • Before the direct bookmark, it is desirable to cool the root crops to a temperature as close as possible to zero degrees.


How long can carrots be stored?

Quality crop saving largely depends on the temperature and humidity of the air since carrots can be preserved until spring only by strictly adhering to their necessary parameters. Subject to all the rules, usually the vegetable is preserved:

  • In cellars and cellars with an optimal environment for saving – 6-8 months;
  • On the glazed balcony – 3-5 months;
  • In unique balcony thermal cellars – 5-7 months;
  • In the freezer compartment – 12-15 months;
  • In the refrigerator – 2-3 months;
  • In packages in a cool dark place – 1 month.

With prolonged storage in unacceptable conditions, the root crop withers. How to refresh carrots and give them their original appearance? To do this, immerse the vegetable in containers with ice water for several hours. After such an action, the carrot will be saturated with liquid, and its former original appearance will be restored.


The best varieties for storage

It is necessary to think about the upcoming harvest saving in the process of selecting seeds. Among their vast assortment, there are varieties most suitable for storage. This is:

  • Queen of Autumn;
  • Moscow winter;
  • Vita Longa;
  • Samson;
  • Shane;
  • Caramel;

You can pick up and buy your favourite variety or hybrid in the markets or online stores selling seeds in Moscow.

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