How to Stop Your Washing Machine from Vibrating

Find out today how to reduce the noise of your washer or dryer and don’t let anything ruin the tranquility of your home.

Did it happen to you that you turn on the washer or dryer, and the noise is unbearable for you and the neighbors? This time we’ll give you some tips, so you know how to reduce the noise of your washer or dryer.

When we buy an appliance, we do so thinking about meeting our needs at home. However, they may begin to fail, thus disturbing our tranquility.

In the specific case of the washing machine, the most recurrent problem is an annoying noise that increases as the washing cycle progresses or, more commonly, when the spinning process begins.

Our tips to reduce or eliminate noise in your washing machine are aimed at how it works well. Still, we also provide practical solutions that you can find in the current market, such as bases for washing machines or products that prevent it from vibrating when it is on.


Why do washing machines make noise?

washing machines

The noise produced by washing machines during their normal washing process or in the middle of spinning is due to different factors; for example, a washing machine that loses water produces a characteristic sound.

Washers and dryers produce a noise during spinning that can be considered normal; the problem begins when that noise becomes annoying.

The current technology allows you to choose a silent washing machine. You can buy a silent model (-50dB), and you’ll pay just a little more for a washing machine that won’t be bothersome while doing your job.

Now, if your budget doesn’t go to the most modern or the one you have already started to sound very bad, then listen to our advice.

Siemens iQ500 (49dB) 8kg 1200RPM A+++ One of the quietest washing machines on the market.


Can an uneven washing machine make annoying noises?

Definitely yes. An uneven washing machine may have excessive vibrations that produce noise because it rubs the ground and also hits it uncontrolled.

In that case, the first thing you need to do is make sure the legs are in place. If you find out they’re not properly placed, try leveling them to touch the ground.

If your washing machine is fully level with the floor, it will not vibrate excessively and therefore will not produce annoying noises.

Another solution to level the washing machine and prevent it from vibrate is the rubber pads you can find on the market.

These accessories that are placed on the legs of the washing machine usually come available for all models and basically cause an anti-vibration effect.


Loose parts in the washing machine also produce noise

Make sure your washing machine doesn’t have loose parts that hit inside during the washing cycle. You can make sure you get this by moving the washing machine slightly when it’s disconnected.

If you feel that something sounds like moving it, you should immediately put it in the hands of a maintenance technician who takes care of fixing the problem.


Noises in the washing machine from water pressure

A problem with the water inlet valve or water pressure can cause noise and buzz in your washing machine.

The washing machines have this special piece that allows you to regulate the water inlet; it is. You can adjust it in the pass-through key so that the water flows as your washing machine needs.

If it is too much pressure and the valve cannot regulate it, then those annoying noises occur when you start filling the drum of your washing machine.


Why do noises occur in the washing machine during spinning?

Why do noises occur in the washing machine during spinning

The spinning process is also a moment that can be annoying from the noises that sometimes occur.

This process occurs at high speeds, always depending on the number of revolutions you indicate in the program (1000, 1200, 1400…).

If you are programming the spinning cycle poorly, indicating more revolutions than the washing machine needs, there will likely be annoying noises during the process.

You should also be aware of any rubbing noise during spinning, and it can be some metal object that sneaked between your clothes.

Noises during this specific process are also due to wear on the bearing system due to the use of the retainer.

The retainer is a rubber that protects the bearings; when that ring-shaped rubber wears out, the bearings are damaged, and there is a rather annoying noise.

In this case, you should seek the help of a maintenance technician who will surely recommend changing the bearing system.

If a bad position causes noise in the washing machine, try placing it on a stabilizing base.

These are very easy to find currently on the market, are usually built of stainless steel and support load up to 300 kilograms, and their size fits your washing machine.

With this base, you solve the noise problem caused by the lack of stability in the washing machine during the washing process.

Whatever the reason for the noise in your washing machine, it is advisable to fix it quickly because otherwise, it can suffer irreparable damage.

In conclusion, avoid having an extra headache, quickly solve that annoying noise that your washing machine has in the middle of the washing process, either by vibration, by bad position, or by a mechanical problem.

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