How to Set a Table: A Guide to Table Setting

Have you ever wondered what is the main sign of the attention of the hostess of the house to her guests? Of course, this is the correct table setting. Unfortunately, not all housewives know how to do it. Many believe that a beautiful table setting takes a lot of time. However, this view is erroneous. Knowing and observing certain rules, you can create a festive mood for the holidays and on weekdays.

To create an unusual decoration of the table, you can attract household members. Most likely, this activity will appeal to them, and you will save time and effort.

Table setting at home

It is wrong to assume that you can not bother in ordinary life, and all the complexities of decoration are used exclusively for holidays. Psychologists say that the mood and taste perception of food depends on the appearance of the dish and the table as a whole.

Table setting at home differs from the solemn smaller number of devices and details of the decor.

  1. Take note that stand plates should be mandatory. Using them, you will avoid contamination of the tablecloth. Agree that sometimes it is very difficult to remove stains from borscht.
  2. It is not recommended to replace the tablecloth with oilcloth. To make the table look “elegant”, sometimes it is enough to lay a checkered cloth on it. Of course, everything should look harmonious and the tablecloth should be combined with the overall interior of the kitchen.
  3. If your menu contains the first dish, then the presence of deep plates is mandatory. It’s much easier to walk with a pot and pour all the broth than to rush around with plates.
  4. Under the deep dish should be a container for garnish.
  5. In order not to constantly run for forks and spoons, provide them in the right amount in advance.

Why do you need table setting

Everyone will agree that it is much more pleasant to eat at a chicly served table. If everything is properly organized, then the daily meal turns into a holiday.

It is not necessary to cook delicious dishes, you can use ordinary inexpensive products. The very idea of decorating the dining table is important.

Plan serving for certain meals

Introduce new traditions into your family. Due to the lack of time in the modern world, not every family can afford joint dinners. In this case, you can limit yourself to one common meal, which will take place in the evening.

Not only for a festive meal but also a simple dinner, you can originally decorate the serving. Children will gladly help you in this, as a rule, they love to arrange plates and lay out napkins.

At such a table you can communicate with all family members. The atmosphere of comfort has to confidential conversations, everyone can talk about their problems or achievements. After everyone gets used to gathering at home for dinner, you can begin to introduce into family traditions fees on weekends. Such a tradition will bring a piece of joy to everyday life.


9 Rules of table setting

Table Setting

  1. You need to use the same devices.
  2. Each dish should have its serving.
  3. Disposing of objects, it is necessary to consider that it is essential to allocate about 80 cm of space for each person. This condition will allow guests to feel comfortable.
  4. Plates are placed in the middle of the allocated place, at a distance of two cm from the edge.
  5. When planning the serving of several dishes, deep dishes are placed on a flat one.
  6. At a distance of 10 cm to the person’s left are placed plates for sweet or bread.
  7. Spoons, forks and knives are placed with the tip up, on the right – knives, on the left – forks. If dessert is served, then a spoon for soup is placed above the plate.
  8. Glasses and glasses should be placed on the right. If alcohol and water are served simultaneously, then the container that should be combined with the first dish is placed closer.
  9. All dishes should have a clean appearance without stains and stains. Before serving, it must be wiped with a dry towel.


How to choose the right tablecloth

A mandatory attribute is a tablecloth. It can be both for everyday use and for solemn use. What recommendations in the selection of tablecloths are given by specialists?

  • for the banquet used tablecloth of natural fabrics, preferably white;
  • for everyday dinner or lunch, you can use an acrylic attribute; it should fit the shape of the table;
  • It is essential that the tablecloth is suitable length, it should cover the entire surface, and the edges should hang by 20-25 cm.

Prerequisite!!! Any tablecloth should be clean. Therefore, you need to have several options available.


Arrangement of plates

So, the tablecloth is posted. Now you need to arrange the plates. The scheme is straightforward. In the centre should be a decorative plate; it should not be too close to the edge. A snack plate is placed on it. If there are liquid dishes on the menu, a deep container is also placed on a decorative plate. It is important to note that a soup plate is done when serving soup-puree, and when serving the broth, you need to do a cup. A container for bread is placed to the left of the decorative.


Location of devices

A serving provides a particular arrangement of all devices. Everything must comply with the norms of etiquette:

  • devices should be placed on the sides of the plates; in some cases, they are laid on top;
  • to the left of the main dish should fork;
  • knives are placed on the right; their blades should be directed to the plate;
  • on top of the plate should be a spoon for soup;
  • the dessert spoon is placed on the right side; it should enclose several knives.

Importantly!!! The devices that will be used first should be closest to the plate. Machines for the first courses should be the most distant. It should be borne in mind that all devices must be freely available for use.

How to choose glasses

For serving the festive table, it is essential to choose the right glasses. For each drink, there is a specific type of glasses or glasses.

The highest or narrowest wine glasses are for champagne. For red wines, cognac, and brandy, use “pot-bellied” glasses. And for wines from white varieties, use small glasses. For juices and water, drinks are served, which are intended for cocktails.

Using wipes

How to set the table beautifully? One of the most important elements of decoration in the design of any holiday or banquet is napkins. Many techniques have been invented, following which you can create an exquisite and unusual composition from them. Choosing napkins, you need to pay attention to the colour. You can buy napkins of the same colour with festive candles.

Napkins need to be rolled up so that after unfolding, they do not look too crushed. This decoration is placed on a plate for a snack. Using figures from napkins, you can make your table very stylish.


Table setting for dinner

  1. Gala dinner with the family. Beautiful candles and plates are placed on the table, wine and light snacks are stored. Later, you can serve a hot dish, dessert and fruit. Remove the glasses, and put cups and saucers instead.
  2. How to set the table beautifully for a romantic dinner? A small table is set, at which two people sit opposite each other. The presence of candles and flowers is mandatory. A unique flair to the romantic mood will add a tablecloth of a dark tone.
  3. For a themed dinner. You can serve dishes prepared from products that are grown in your country. The table is decorated with compositions of vegetables. All words are simple, made from natural products.
  4. For dinner with a friend. No unnecessary details. Delicate tablecloth, the minimum number of devices, light words. Maybe slices or seafood.
  5. Dinner for friends. Friends come to visit for simple, informal communication. Therefore, forget about solemnity; everything should be simple. But, of course, prepare some delicious dishes.

Table setting for children’s events

Organizing a children’s event is always a particular concern for parents. It is necessary to take care of the deliciousness of the food and the beauty of the serving and the safety of the children.

How to set the table for a children’s holiday?

  1. For children to feel like adults, cover them with a separate table.
  2. It is necessary to withstand the design on one scale. Please pick up any cartoon theme. It must be present in everything.
  3. Disposable tableware is an absolute godsend for parents who need to organize a children’s holiday. Just do not think that we are talking about simple disposable plates. In stores, you can buy wonderful dishes made of durable plastic or special cardboard. Such words are convenient because it does not beat. It is wonderful, so the kids will be delighted with it.
  4. Do not cook a variety of salads and meat dishes. This is a children’s holiday, and children do not like to eat this at a party. Surprise them with beautiful buffet snacks, this is exactly what they will like.

Advantages of proper table setting

If your family gets used to eating in a cozy and beautiful environment, then the food will be a real pleasure. Children will grow up cultured by knowing the place of each item on the table. Evening gatherings at a beautifully covered table will unite your family. And this family tradition will be passed down from generation to generation.

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