How to Select Washing Machine Capacity? According to Family Size

How many kilos should I buy my washing machine is usually a widespread doubt when buying this appliance and depends on several factors, mainly the type of garment and frequency of washing, as well as the number of people in the house, which will directly influence the number of laundries we perform.

Nowadays, the average kilo of a more common washing machine is 8 kilos or 9 kilos; it is the most advisable load if we are talking about a family of 3-4 people, which is usually the usual standard. However, there is a clear tendency to increase the kilos of your washing machine load despite being few members in the house; why? Above all, because it is always better to have greater capacity when in doubt, we will explain why later.


Load capacity in a washing machine

Load capacity in a washing machine

We have several options to choose from, ranging from 5kg, the smallest, to 12 kilos, the largest. Every time we see less washing machine of small capacity (5-6kg) since in the end it is pretty short if we want to wash oversized volume garments such as quilts, towels … and it is always better to have greater capacity, even if then we do not use all the load, so we have more possibilities.

Let’s talk about types of washing machines. Top-loading washing machines usually have a lower load capacity. Their ergonomics are narrower and more compact, and the most common is that we see 6 or 7 kilos, and even some of 8 kilos but not more than that.

On the other hand, front-loading washing machines are usually larger, and the most common are already in the 8 kilos and from there on out. They are more comprehensive and have a wider drum, which allows you to take better advantage of them.


How many kilos to choose from according to the number of people?

As we have said before, the number of people in a house will directly influence washes. Therefore, it is an interesting fact to look at. Our recommendation is as follows:

One person or two people

We recommend 5 to 7 kilos, and it is for daily washes of low volume or light to medium loads. So we will not have to put vast loads if there are one or more people and neither will accumulate loads of a lot of laundry of bedding so that we would have enough with a washing machine of a load of 7 kilos.


For 3-4 people

The ideal, in this case, is a washing machine of 8 or 9 kilos of load, which has been the typical standard of washing machine, an 8kg or 9kg. It allows us to have already a medium-large capacity for regular washing of wide loads or heavy loads; however, if we have a lot of clothes to wash often (bedding, towels, uniforms, etc.), perhaps it is advisable to move to the next level, especially being four members, since a washing machine 8 kilos can be somewhat short if we wash enough.


For four or more people

Washing machines from 9kg onwards, in fact, for a family of 4 people as we mentioned before, we will go looser with 9kg. Whatever we want more, it will be based on the type of clothes and the frequency of washing. For large loads or cumbersome garments such as quilts, we should go to a minimum of 10kg, since having more space will never be too much. If there are more members in the house, like six people, we could even go to about 12 kilos.


Is it better to wash with a full load or medium load?

To make washing more effective, it is preferable to wash with a load of clothes in the drum of half or three quarters 3/4. Wash with the washing machine very entire, wash clothes worse, since the water does not flow properly and you can hardly move the garment, so, to remove stains, above all, you do not have to fill the washing machine.

“To make washing more effective, it is preferable to wash with a load of clothes in the drum about half or three quarters 3/4”

In addition, the amount of detergent and softener used on average per wash is more effective if the drum is not complete, so it is distributed correctly and can act better on clothes. That is why we emphasize that a washing machine larger than what we need is better than a smaller one, since this way we can wash with a load of three quarters more easily.


Does the price of a washing machine change depending on capacity?

Obviously, washing machines with a higher capacity of kilos in the drum usually have a higher price. For example, a washing machine of 10kg indeed is above € 400, and if we go to huge capacities such as 12 kilos, we can be talking about € 700 up. It makes sense since the more kilos, the more revolutions per minute you need to move the drum and make more effective washes.

Likewise, the price does not depend solely on the load capacity; what most influences are the technology that is integrated or the differentiating features such as auto dosing, wifi, and NFC, the steam function, the data and viewing of the Display, the number of programs, the technology for washing, etc.

In short, when you buy a washing machine, value very much the washes you do a week, what kind of clothes you usually wash and the number of clothes per wash, which will depend mainly on the number of people in the house. Then, when you analyze that, you will know perfectly how many kilos to buy a washing machine.

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