How to Replace a Hard Drive in Your Laptop

If you do not know about computers and consider yourself a “kettle” in this case, leave a complex repair to the masters in services. But such elementary actions as changing the hard drive in a laptop can be properly implemented even a person very far from technology. There’s nothing complicated about it. You have to have only a little time, a little ingenuity and a small cross screwdriver.


When Do You Need to Replace or Retrieve Your Hard Drive?

This may make you need a shift or a simple hard drive extraction:buy a hard drive

  1. The previous hard drive is out of order, you need to replace it with a working one;
  2. You’re not happy with the amount of hard drive that’s installed on your laptop. You want to buy a hard drive with a lot of information available;
  3. You want to test your hard drive and you don’t have to carry your entire laptop somewhere;
  4. You want to move the information on your hard drive somewhere, but you can’t take your entire laptop with you;
  5. You want to clean your laptop from dust;
  6. You have spilled any liquid on your laptop and you urgently need to save the information.

Kik sees, there are many different reasons why you will need to remove the hard drive from your laptop and, if necessary, insert another HDD in there.


Take the hard drive out of the laptop

If you don’t know where to start, don’t despair. You don’t have to disassemble your laptop completely and spend too much time. First, find a nice small cross screwdriver. Be sure to turn off and de-release your laptop completely. Take the battery out of it.

Then carefully examine your laptop. Pay the most attention to its lower body. You need to find a small removable panel that hides the hard drive. Found? Unscrew the bolts with a cross screwdriver and remove the panel.

Attention! Sometimes there’s a big panel on a laptop. So the hard drive is under it. Very rarely there are laptops in which the hard drive can be removed only after a complete review of the laptop. In this case, this article is useless.

You see the hard drive in front of you. Now you have to gently pull it out of the connector. Sometimes the disk for a more secure position is placed in a special box and attached to it. To solve this problem, you will also need a cross screwdriver.

Don’t forget to clean the space under the hard drive from the accumulated dust. This will benefit his performance.


Replacing a hard drive

If your goal is to replace the hard, the first thing you need to explore is your old hard drive. First, you need to make sure that you choose a hard drive with the right connector.

There are two types of connector: SATA and IDE. The first type of connector is now the most common. And most likely, your hard drive with just such a connector. The second type of connector is out of date, but some older laptop models still have it. How do you tell the difference between one connector and another? It’s as simple as that. The IDE connector on the hard drive is two rows of small pins. And the SATA connector, in turn, looks like a series of plastic protrusions with contacts.

Now you can easily buy a new hard drive with the characteristics and connector you need.

Attention! Don’t forget that a hard drive for personal computers is different from a laptop size. So be careful in the store and don’t accidentally buy a hard drive for your PC.

Once you’ve decided on a new HDD, you’ll need to insert it into your laptop. To do this, gently insert the hard drive into the same connector from which you previously removed the old hard. Attach HDD if required. Put the panel in place and screw the bolts. Now you can insert the battery and connect your laptop to the network.

Congratulations! You’ve replaced the hard drive on your laptop yourself.

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