How to Remove Whiteheads From Nose

Most of the fair sex very meticulously assess the condition of their skin face. In their opinion, it should be immaculate and smooth. In reality, however, many women are constantly experiencing various defects. They include the so-called white dots. Usually, if they talk about such pathology, they mean melasma. Besides, white dots are also often referred to as closed comedones. It is essential not to confuse these two types of rashes because the methods of struggle in each case are very different from each other.


White dots on the face: how to get rid of?

All about millions and methods of combating them

All about millions and methods of combating them

Miliumami dermatologists call dense formations under the skin of white color. They are quite solid, usually small in size and round shape. Milums are often popularly referred to as white eels or snouts. They are usually located near the eyes, on the temples, around the nose and lips.

Since the miluums are quite convex, they are almost impossible to disguise. Neither powder nor tonal cream is suitable for this purpose. That is why many girls try to get rid of them on their own. However, the problem is that removing milium is not that easy. Inside such a bump is not sebum, and keratin, or dead cells, so squeeze it will not work. Some people use a sharp needle for this, but such an experiment can end sadly at home. Trying to remove the milum yourself is the risk that you will bring the infection and worsen your skin condition. If you have many millions and want to clean your face from them, you need to contact the cosmetic office. Using sterile tools and antiseptics, the specialist will quickly and without consequences will open the skin and remove the bump. In addition to the mechanical method in the fight against milium, electrocoagulation and laser coagulation are also used.

The cause of the millions is not completely clear. Some doctors believe that their appearance is led by hormonal imbalance, poor heredity, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Besides, some factors significantly increase the chance of millions appearing on the skin. It comes from substandard cosmetics and care products, poor ecology, too frequent exposure to the open sun. Separately, it is worth highlighting the so-called pseudo-milium of Balzer, which appears on scar tissue.


How to cleanse the skin of closed comedones?

White dots are often referred to as closed comedones. Unlike black dots, they are under the skin, but it is a blockage of the sial gland in both cases. If we compare closed comedones with millions, the difference lies primarily in their location. If the second can most often be seen on thin skin in the eye area, the first is localized in places with many sebaceous glands: on the cheeks, chin, forehead. In many people, closed comedones are combined with fatty skin type, acne, and black dots.

Like other types of rashes, closed comedones look extremely unattractive. Besides, over time, each such white dot can become inflamed and turn into a large pimple. For this reason, beauticians and dermatologists advise removing them. As with millions, it is better not to do it yourself at home. The best option is a mechanical cleaning by a specialist. Besides, the right skincare and the use of special treatments are of great importance.

People with a penchant for someone are advised to give up too fatty and heavy creams, as well as oils that can clog pores. The same goes for decorative cosmetics. Only special gels or forms should be used for washing, as soap enhances the process of hyperkeratosis, which is a factor in the appearance of acne and comedones. Smoking cessation and proper nutrition play a role in normalizing the skin condition.

In the arsenal of care products, people prone to forming closed comedones must necessarily be acids: ANA, BHA, etc. They contribute to exfoliation of the top layer of the skin and deep purification of pores. You can use tonics, lotions, or creams containing a small percentage of these substances for home care. But peels with a high acid content are better to do in the cabin. The ideal time for this procedure is late autumn and winter. The fact that acids increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun’s rays increases the risk of pigment spots. For the same reason, those who use acid remedies should definitely use sunscreen.

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