How to Remove The Cat And Dog Hair

How much love there is in a house where there is a cat or a dog! But also how much hair scattered everywhere: on the sofa, on the carpets, on the bed, on the floor… Fortunately, there are effective methods of removing dog and cat hair from every surface (easily and effortlessly). Let’s discover them together!


Cat and dog hair loss

Cat and dog hair loss

First of all, it is good to point out that the loss of hair in the dog and cat is an absolutely natural factor and is due to the change of season: the dog or cat always loses its hair, but at certain times of the year this loss becomes much more accentuated. The dog and cat may appear “peeled off”, especially in some areas of their body.

The hair change in these animals occurs more evident during spring/summer, and it is good to help our dog and our cat to eliminate excess hair because not only will it spread around the house, but licking our puppy could ingest the famous “hairballs” that over time can also lead to serious intestinal problems.


Cat and dog brush

A very effective system to avoid finding the house and the tissues invading with dog or cat hair is to help them by brushing them daily with suitable and effective tools.

One of the best, which will also be appreciated by dogs and cats most reluctant to the rite of “brushing”, is the brush glove for dogs and cats.

It is a glove covered with a silicone sheath that traps excess hair without bothering our animal, which, on the contrary, will feel caressed and will be brushed with great pleasure.

In summary, you can brush your pet cat or dog simply by stroking it! In this way, you will have largely removed the cause of the hair problem attached to each fabric: it is essential, however, to devote yourself at least every 2 days to the care of your pet’s hair by brushing it with this method for a few minutes (also on the head and neck).


Cat carder: does it work?

Another useful tool to avoid hair loss of the dog or cat is to use the carder: it is a particular type of brush that can remove even the finest hairs reducing the risks of allergies and hair stains on the tissues.

This model is the best-selling and has over 382 positive reviews

The carder for dog or cat is used as a normal brush: the difference is that it also manages to remove the undercoat, which is the one that causes allergies in the most sensitive subjects.


Remove hair from carpets and fabrics.

Finally, I want to talk to you about one last secret that will literally change your life, at least the domestic one!

Silicone products are a REAL BOMB AGAINST the removal of animal hair. This particular compound manages to remove any residue of hair effortlessly, trapping it at the first pass.

Here is a list of products that you should definitely have to remove the dog or cat hair from the house:

  • Silicone broom: try it on the carpets, and you will fall in love with it on the first shot! Removes hair more effectively than a vacuum cleaner and effortlessly. The result is immediately visible and guaranteed. You can buy it here and read the reviews.
  • Rubber gloves: do you know the gloves you use for washing dishes? Here, they are perfect for removing hair from the sofa! Wear them and pass your hand energetically on the sofa cushions. Did you see what the result was?
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