How to Remove Tan From Hands

Oh, you’ve been to the sea? Where is it? – the first thing that colleagues asked the holidaymaker on the first day of going to work.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t! I’m the one who’s tanned in the garden. I walk now like a spotted deer. Here is black, is red, and here yellow – she demonstrated areas of the face and immediately turned to the employees for advice: – Do not know how to bleach?

The tan looks beautiful only if it is uniform, but it also happens with a holiday colleague. In this case, sunbathing did not benefit her.

So, how to quickly remove the tan from the face?


Ways To Remove Tan From Hands

Ways To Remove Tan From Hands

In a cosmetic salon

There is a proven way to whiten the face – to use the services of a beauty salon. However, it should be remembered that the beautician will use chemical procedures, and they can cause harmful side effects.

It is safer to eliminate unwanted tanning with the help of natural products. They both nourish and moisturize the skin, and with pigmentation will cope. We will offer you funds that are always at hand or bought quickly in the store, so you can immediately take the necessary measures.


With the help of sourdough

Here, for example, sourdough! Grease the body and face with a fermented milk product. Leave for 20 minutes – until fully absorbed into the skin. Then rinse with water. The sourdough will whiten, and at the same time, the wrinkles will smooth out.


green parsley

It’s just a magical plant! And the freckles will lighten up and level the tone of the face. She copes well with an unwanted tan. Take a tablespoon of greens, pour a glass of boiling water. It would help if you insisted until completely cooled. Strain. Wipe the skin as often as possible.


Using white clay

Mix a tablespoon of clay with cucumber juice (you can also with lemon juice). The mask should be thick. Apply to the problem areas of the skin for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.


remove the tan with lemon

Lemon, grapefruit is also great to help you fight your tan. Mix citrus juice with sour cream, honey, sourdough. Apply the mixture to the face for 15 minutes. In addition to the bleaching effect, you will use this mask to make the skin soften and become elastic, smooth wrinkles.

Or make it even easier: take a tablespoon of sugar-sand, drop a drop of olive oil, and two or three drops of lemon juice (with dry skin, add more and glycerin). Mix and apply to the face. Warning: don’t touch the area around your eyes! Hold the mask for 20 minutes and wash it off. Do not wipe, but only wet your face with a towel or napkin.


tomatoes, cucumbers

Take a tomato, cucumber, a tablespoon of honey, lemon, a teaspoon of cottage cheese (for dry skin), or sour cream (for oily). Make it so: three on a grater tomato, add sour cream or cottage cheese, squeeze lemon juice (three or four drops), then honey. Stir. Apply to the face, hold for 20 minutes. We’re going to wash it off! Effect on the face!



If suddenly you did not have all the previous products in the house, then potatoes are necessarily somewhere littered. Take it urgently and clean it. Rub on a small grater. Apply the porridge on the face, hold for about 20 minutes, and then wash.

And finally a few tips for those who want to not think later about how to remove the tan:

  1. Know the measure! Limit your sun exposure.
  2. Do not sunbathe from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  3. Apply oily cream to your face and body.
  4. Wear a hat or umbrella.
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