How To Remove Pubic Hair

Waxing or not is a choice of your own. Some do it for hygiene or aesthetic reasons, and others keep it intact for the same reasons. Those who advocate the sniffing of the pubis by hygiene argue that in this way, the area is cleaner, and the washes can be done more effectively.

However, Dr. Vicente Manuel Leis, a dermatologist who is a member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), tells us that the presence of hairs is not linked to cleanliness, but that if intimate hygiene is adequate and daily, it will not matter if there is hair, or not. It also recommends using non-irritating liquid soaps that maintain alkaline pH (between 4 and 6) not to alter the hydrolipid barrier of the delicate skin in the area.

In any case, if you have decided to remove some or all of the hair from your pubis below, we describe the most used hair removal methods, with their pros and cons and the most chosen designs. Hair removal tools and methods are the same in men and women, and among the most conventional are:


Pubic Hair: a Guide to a Healthy and Caring Pubis

a Guide to a Healthy and Caring Pubis


  • In these cases, it is decided only to shorten the length of the hair using scissors or with an electric razor, although never flush with the skin. It is important to designate scissors or razors only for this use and disinfect them before and after use, and for greater safety, they should not be shared with others.
  •  Pros: Keep hair in the intimate area so it’s more protected, and you can do it yourself at home.
  •  Cons: can be visible in the English area with a bikini or underwear.



  • Pubic shaving can be done with single-use blades or replaceable heads or with depilatory creams, which are nothing more than chemicals that disintegrate hair. Both are methods that cut hair flush with the skin. Remember to keep the heads in good condition and rust-free; of course, don’t share them, and be very careful when using them. As for the depilatory creams, do a small test earlier in another area of the body because you can be allergic to some of its components. The intimate part is very delicate.
  •  Pros: you can do it at home; its price is affordable and does not hurt.
  •  Cons: Cuts with the blade can occur, increasing the risk of infections, and creams can cause allergies or irritations. Also, the chances of enchanted hairs (folliculitis) increase, and hair usually grows soon after.


Hot or cold wax

  • This is another of the most traditional methods to remove pubic hair; the hot wax is deposited over the area to be waxed in the direction of the hair, left to cool, and removed by a counter-stop pull. In the cold wax, the band containing it is rubbed to heat it slightly and placed, then pull to leave the area clean.
  •  Pros: hair takes longer to come out, as it is rooted, can be done at home, but always following hygiene guidelines, and has an affordable price.
  •  Cons: it can irritate or burn the area, granites may appear by folliculitis, sometimes requires going to an aesthetic center, and it is painful.


Laser hair removal

  • Laser hair removal is one of the most fashionable methods because light laser emissions result in the hair follicle not producing hair again. There are different types of laser, each with a certain wavelength, and each of them is indicated for different skin colors.
  •  Pros: It is a permanent hair removal method, and fewer and fewer sessions are required for it to disappear.
  •  Cons: this technique is more expensive than all the previous ones; it usually hurts – although machines are increasingly being created that cause less discomfort – and until the treatment takes effect, it must continue to be waxed with conventional means that do not start the hair from the root, such as blades or creams.


Most chosen designs for pubic hair removal

Most chosen designs for pubic hair removal

After analyzing the different ways of waxing pubic hair, we will now focus on the shapes and designs most chosen for the intimate area. Women indeed tend to be the ones that vary the most in this regard, but more and more men decide to innovate and take more care of their genitals. Here are the most in-demand forms of pubic hair removal:

English or bikini

  • It is the most basic hair removal and consists of just removing hair that protrudes from underwear or bikinis.

Brazilian English

  • In this case, the hair is finished in the English area, but also from the top of the mount of Venus, leaving the hair of the area of the major lips and in the central part of the pubis.

French hair removal or runway

  • Only a small strip of hair is left in the center of Mount Venus.

Bermuda Triangle

  • It consists of removing all hair except an inverted triangle-shaped area.


  • This is less common, but it can be fun to surprise your partner. Stars, initials, hearts… imagination has no limits. If you find it difficult, you can buy molds to make them perfect in erotic stores.

Integral or Hollywood

  • It is the complete hair removal of the pubis, including hair found on the major lips.


Other options for decorating pubic hair

Pubic hair dye

  • Just as you can change the hair color, it is also possible to do it in the intimate part. Some dyes respect the delicate area in the market and change its appearance towards colors such as pink, purple, chestnut, or yellow. Remember that these products should be specific, as conventional products may contain chemicals that damage the area.


  • Another option to decorate the pubic area is to choose glass applications placed with a special adhesive on the previously waxed skin, making shapes. This is offered in some beauty salons, although you can also find these products in sex shops and place them yourself (depends on your morning and patience).

According to Sonia García Barbera, sexologist and sex educator, Brazilian and integral hair removal are the most common in women. At the same time, men often shave pubic hair and trim the testicle hair. Still, remember that hair removal is a personal matter and that everyone should do whatever they want with their pubic hair.

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