How to Remove Blood Stains on Your Mattress

We spent about six to eight hours a day sleeping. Therefore, the mattress can be one of the elements of the house that gets dirtiest,either by body fluids such as sweat and / or stains of all kinds.

Blood stains on the mattress are one of the most common stains and at the same time more difficult to remove.

Not all stains are removed in the same way and blood stains cost a little more to remove as they contain iron and hemoglobin. The reason for its difficult removal is because those components are oxidized and dried.

There are several natural products and very effective home remedies to clean blood stains. Although the best remedy is in prevention. In Alsobre you can find protective covers for your mattress that will avoid the headaches of how to remove stains on your mattress.

However, if it is already late and you have stained the mattress, we invite you to continue reading to know what the blood is removed from the mattress.

Home Remedies to Remove Stains from the Mattress

Before starting to remove blood stains, you have to remove any element that is on the bed:sheets, pillows, cushions, etc.

It is advisable to pass a damp cloth in cold water to remove any excess liquid that has the stain. Once we have passed the damp cloth, dry the area by rubbing in small touches with a towel,without sliding or sweeping the towel on the stain.

We must repeat the process with the cloth until we can not extract more liquid from the stain. Once this is done, you can start using cleaning products or home remedies to remove the blood stain.

Hydrogen peroxide

One of the most listened to remedies is to use hydrogen peroxide. Pour hydrogen peroxide over the stain and rub with a cloth. You will be able to remove much of the stain. In case it is a large stain and resists, more time and patience will be required.


Another remedy with which many people put their hands to the head is to use an aspirin. Yes, you read that right, an aspirin! To do this, you have to pour an aspirin into a glass of cold water and spread the mixture on the stain to alleviate the stain.

Others choose to spread toothpaste over the blood. Whatever the method, the modus operandi is the same. After putting the mixture on the stain, the next step is to rub to remove it, using a water cloth, a toothbrush or the conventional brush.

Baking soda and white vinegar

Both are two of the best home remedies to remove blood stains. First, the baking soda is applied directly to the blood stain and then the area is sprayed with white vinegar.

Let the solution absorb for about 30 minutes and, after this time, clean it with a cloth or a small vacuum cleaner for upholstery. Then, rub with clean and cold water until all the remains of the solution have been removed.

You have to rinse and repeat the whole process until you remove the stain and also the smell of the vinegar.


Ammonia is a very recurrent solution to clean blood stains on the mattress. However, we must be careful as it can damage wool and silk.

To be able to make use of this home remedy we must mix a tablespoon of ammonia in a cup of cold water.

Immerse a clean towel in the mixture and apply on the stain until it is removed.

To remove any remaining solution, with a wet clean cloth we will begin to rub on the stain of the mattress.

Enzymatic cleaner

This is an option that we must resort to once natural products or home remedies have not served us.

This cleanser is a cleaning solution that will break down the blood stain to molecular levels and remove the color of hemoglobin.

To be able to use this product it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and check that it can be used on upholstery or fabrics.

The cleaner should never be applied directly to the stain. It should be poured into a towel first and give small touches on the stain to remove it little by little.

Soap and water

Sometimes it will not be necessary to resort to methods like the previous one and it may be enough to clean the blood stain with a mixture of soap and water.

To do this, it is recommended that you use a common detergent,such as, for example, the one you use to wash the dishes.

Soak the stained area with a damp cloth in cold water. Then add a little liquid detergent in two cups of cold water and moisten a cloth with the mixture.

Pass the cloth over the stain to apply the soap and water mixture and with the help of a toothbrush or a conventional brush, brush the area gently.

Finally, rinse with a clean cloth and soak in cold, dry water with another dry cloth.


So that your mattresses overcome the passage of time and remain in good condition, it is best to attend to this type of stains as soon as possible and then perform a periodic cleaning to keep them clean and cared for.

You’ve already reached the end of the article! I hope you have become dynamic, but above all practical, and that now you know how to remove blood stains from a mattress.

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