How to Reduce Lip Size

Aesthetics puts the treatment called keratoplasty at your disposal, so it will help you achieve your dreams in this area.

By nature, lips are a visual point for everyone; it is one of the facial parts where you get more out, and one of the most common weapons of seduction in women is why the woman gets one more point of attraction resort to lipstick.

Although makeup promises good results, sometimes this one is not totally enough to meet what you really expect, the lipstick only manages to cover imperfections and give a volume effect. However, some say that you must undergo keratoplasty to obtain the best aesthetic results (surgical intervention).


5 Step For Reduce Lip Size


Keryloplasty is designed to increase or decrease lip size. With this possibility, you can improve your aesthetic without interfering with the harmony of your face.


Keryloplasty to increase

If your problem is that your lips are thin, this type of surgery gives you the best options. Your doctor will help you choose the best method. Collagen or autologous fat is injected to reach the desired size. Since it is only injected, there will be no scars, but the volume effect will be temporary. To maintain the size, you need to go back to perform some tweaks.


Keryloplasty to reduce the size

There are places where people have a more prominent lip size by genetics, for example, people of colour.

While some are looking for more, some girls prefer less. In terms of your lips’ size, if you count on them to be large and want to improve their volume, there is reduction keratoplasty, which works the tissues. It consists of making a small cut on the lip you want to reduce in size; the wound is made in a specific area that will allow you to hide it.


Something else about keratoplasty

It only takes a maximum of 60 minutes to practice this surgery, with at least 30 minutes.

To reduce discomfort from surgery, local anesthesia is applied. However, some patients prefer to opt for general anesthesia.

A very peculiar feature of this surgery is that it is not a high risk if you go for a doctor specialized in this sector.

As a post-operative, you should follow the care dictated by the specialist (soft diet, facial gymnastics, ice, etc.), since for about 10 days your lips will be inflamed, and you will prevent the usual pain that remains from increasing so that your healing is quick. However, in about a month, you will be safe, and you will appreciate the results.


Respect the harmony of your face

As final advice, do not always forget to go for a professional, expert who endorses you with a good experience, applying the best method and the best size.

A good doctor performs a facial study, and nowadays, some have technology that allows them to see the results without working on the patient, all thanks to 3D simulation.

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Dr. Med. Raoul Hasert is a specialist in dermatology and venereology. He is a senior physician in Praxisklinik Dr. Hasert.

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