How to Protect The Kettle From Scum?

If you have hard water from the tap at home, there will always be sati over the kettle. And it doesn’t matter what it is: electric, enameled, or stainless. After all, depositing salts on walls and bottom is an inevitable process.

Is there a way to prevent Scum from forming? Of course. And now, it is not about removing Scum with citric acid or other folk remedies. It’s about prevention, about snot in the kettle not appearing at all.

How can this be achieved? Just buy a water filter. After all, if this device removes the salts of rigidity – they will not be deposited on the walls and bottom of the kettle. Accordingly, there will be no Scum. You need to choose a special filter because not every model can cope with such a task.


Which filter to choose to protect the kettle from Scum?

The modern water treatment market offers a variety of solutions to protect machinery from Scum. Each of them has its own features and a certain cost. Below, we will look at the most popular options and what to choose – decide for yourself.

Reverse osmosis filter

The reverse osmosis filter is a universal solution. Equipped with a reverse-osmotic membrane, which removes absolutely all impurities in the water. And, of course, salt stiffness. It cleans the water, then softens it, and perhaps even improves the taste properties of treated water (if equipped with a coal postfilter).

This makes the reverse osmosis filter considered a complex solution. It can be placed anywhere: in an apartment, a private house, an office. And the water purified by him is suitable for any purpose:

  • quenching of thirst (and it won’t even have to boil);
  • Cooking delicious dishes;
  • making tea or coffee.

Of course, you won’t remember the Scum in the kettle anymore. After the filter is cleaned, the level of water stiffness is normalized.

Interesting fact: in addition to various contaminants, reverse osmosis filters can remove pathogenic bacteria and viruses. So the water they cleaned can be given to drink even to young children without worrying that they will get sick.


Flow filter

A flowing filter is a cheaper option than a reverse-osmotic model. Water purification is carried out not in 5-6 but 3-4 stages. The quality of filtration will be a little worse, but it copes with its task in general.

Most importantly, one of the cartridges is used to remove the stiffness salts. That is, to soften the water. Some models have two cartridges for this purpose:

  • The first is delaying the salt stiffness;
  • second – removes the remainder of the stiff salts and simultaneously cleans from chlorine or other harmful particles.

If you use this water, there will be no more Scum in the kettle. Just like in other household appliances: iron, steamer, air moisturizer, etc.

In fact, a flowing filter is also a comprehensive water treatment solution. It only costs an order of magnitude cheaper, which makes it an affordable option for domestic use.


Filter jug

The cheapest solution to protect the kettle from Scum is the filter jug. Externally, it even looks a little like a filter, as it comes in a compact case of transparent plastic. Constructively divided into 2 containers: the original liquid is poured into the upper one, and the purified one accumulates in the bottom. And filtration is extremely fast: in just 5 minutes, you already get a liter of purified water.

Unlike previous analogs, the filter jug has its advantages:

  1. It doesn’t have to be installed under the sink, as it usually does. Just put it on the table, countertop, or anywhere else.
  2. If necessary, it can be hidden in the fridge door.
  3. The same compactness and lightweight allow you to take the filter jug with you to work, the cottage, etc.

In short, it is a kind of water container. Wherever you are: pour the right amount of liquid into the upper compartment – and after 5 minutes, get absolutely clean water. Naturally, it is not only cleared of various contaminants but also softens. So, such water can be safely poured into the kettle for making tea or coffee. And there will be no Scum on the bottom or walls.

Curious fact: the filter jug costs about 3-4 times cheaper than the flowing model and 8-10 times cheaper than the reverse-simulate model. However, you will have to sacrifice the efficiency of filtration and performance, as the water is cleaned in a small volume.


Which brand is better to buy?

Drinking water filters are produced in huge quantities. On the one hand, this is a plus, as it gives you complete freedom of choice and allows you to buy suitable characteristics and price options. And on the other, minus, because of such diversity, many are lost and do not know what to choose.

And if the kind of filter can still somehow determine, starting from the existing budget, then everything is much more complicated with the manufacturer. Indeed, there are so many brands on the market – and everyone is the “number one in the world” as usual written on all sorts of sites.

In fact, there is only one leader in each country. And if we take Ukraine, here the most popular are Ecosoft filters. However, this company is a leader not only in the Ukrainian market. Its products are also in demand in the United States and Europe. Of course, it is not a leader in the world market, but it is definitely included in the list of the best filter manufacturers. And there are several reasons for that.

First, Ecosoft is the only company in Ukraine with a full production cycle. What does that mean? The fact that it produces all its products and carefully monitors this process at all its stages. That is, it controls the quality of filters and is responsible for its head. And it sets the prices for its products, which for the most part is aimed at Ukrainian buyers. That’s why its filters are so attractive in quality and cost.

Secondly, Ecosoft is the only company in Ukraine that has successfully passed certification. All of its products have certificates of quality from the United States as well as the EU. The manufacturer has received worldwide recognition, which no other Ukrainian competitor firm has been able to achieve.

Third, Ecosoft is a pioneer in the world of filters. It uses the best filtering materials and develops unique water purification technologies. so:

  • Reverse osmosis filters are equipped with the American dow Filmtec membrane™, which removes up to 99.8% of impurities in water, including bacteria and viruses (there is simply no better method of filtration!);
  • edging filters clean the water using Ecomix technology, a unique development of the manufacturer;
  • jug filters also use Ecomix technology (despite being much cheaper than previous solutions).

Simply put, Ecosoft brand models do not have equal efficiency.

At the same time, the Ukrainian manufacturer pays special attention to the issue of quality. All its filters:

  • Created on modern Austrian equipment;
  • Manufactured from primary food materials (polypropylene);
  • absolutely safe for health.

For this reason, Ecosoft products have been able to pass certification successfully. And for the same reason, it is in such great demand among consumers. Why be surprised when such a small price is offered such high-quality and effective filters, which are not inferior to analogs from the world’s leading brands?


The boil in the kettle is no longer a problem!

Want to get rid of the Scum in the kettle? Then buy a water purification filter. It doesn’t matter what: reverse-osmotic, flowing, or jug type. The main thing is that it supports the function of softening water and effectively removes the salt stiffness.

Yes, all kinds of filters are complex solutions. In addition to softening the water, they also clean it from all sorts of contaminants. But this is only a plus because you thus get uninterrupted access to clean water. That, given its quality in many apartments and houses, will be quite useful.

And most importantly – you once and for all get rid of Scum in a kettle or other household appliances. And you no longer have to constantly remove it with citric acid, soda, or other ineffective means.

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