How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

To restore order in the kitchen in the cabinets is a significant investment of time and effort. Well-equipped kitchen shelves and cabinets will help save time for cleaning. And also will not force the hostess to linger in search of the right products and household items.


What does the order depend on?

Cleanliness in the kitchen most of all depends on how correct and attractive:

  • Arranged accessories, dishes. After all, it is much easier to maintain order when each vessel has its place for storage;
  • A combination of drawers and cabinets is organized. Deep, sliding along with the door protrusions or open shelving can accommodate those objects that do not fit into the cabinets and create a mess;
  • Kitchen cabinets are equipped, which can be transformed with rotary grids and carousels. Such elements will provide easy access to the contents; the hostess will quickly find what she wants. And height adjustment will allow you to adjust the rotary baskets for any needs.


Cleaning rules

Kitchen Cabinet cleaning

Before you organize the order in the kitchen, you should get rid of unnecessary things in everyday life, following the basic rules:

  • free from all items countertops and window sills;
  • empty lockers, pedestals and racks;
  • sort items by the functions of their use;
  • utensils obtained as a result of sorting, place in the areas of application;
  • put dirty dishes and some accessories in the dishwasher, snacks and towels – in the washing room;
  • throw away damaged household items and supplements;
  • set in the pantry or closet items that are not used in everyday life;
  • wipe the released shelves and racks with the addition of permitted detergents.


Set up a primary storage location in your work area

Due to the design features of the furnishings, a lot of space is formed in the working area. It can be equipped with the help of special devices-organizers and achieve complete order in the kitchen cabinets:

  • multi-tier bar plastic organizers, where you can lay out all sorts of small items;
  • wall shelves on vacuum mount, which can be fixed with vacuum discs on the inner surface of the furnishing;
  • metal racks or hooks for cups, which will help not only to equip the working area of the lockers and successfully attach mugs but also to save the available space;
  • Plastic organizer for pots and pans, which is easily transformed into the desired size. Due to its compactness, the device will easily fit even in the minor kitchen.


Sort and store items by category

After the arrangement of the working area, sorted items by functions of destination to spread out on their workplaces:

  1. Storage area. A place where cutlery and small household accessories, electric mini-appliances will be stored.
  2. Washing area. The area where the dishwasher is located. And also: buckets, basins, cleaning and detergents, garbage bags, brushes.
  3. Cutting area. There is a critical work area in the kitchen where the essential kitchen utensils should be located. It can be planks, vinegar, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, spices. And also: plates, mugs, electric kettle, food processor and microwave.


Store items in trays and containers

To restore order in the closet in the kitchen will help the usual plastic trays and containers. Such elements are not only universal but also perfectly complement the interior of any kitchen. Very convenient to use:

  • plastic baskets for storing small things;
  • separators for storage of cutlery.


Store things mainly not in stacks but rows

Not every cabinet in the kitchen is located at the eye level of the hostess. Sometimes, to get the right thing, you have to use a stool or other device. Things should be placed not in stacks but in rows toThings should be placed not in stacks but rows to create convenience and reduce searching for the necessary item. For bottles, jars and tubes, a good option would be to purchase a multi-tier organizer. The device will help to arrange all the objects in a row or a staggered order so that they will always be in sight.


Use custom storage spaces.

In a small kitchen, innovative devices will help rationally use the available space. You can store kitchen utensils in a non-standard place. Such designs will become real assistants since it will be much easier to maintain order in the kitchen.

  1. Perforated metal or wooden pegboard board fixed on the cabinet cabinets outer or inner surface will help place many household items such as pans, knives, forks, and spoons.
  2. A slate board attached to the inside of the locker door will help the young hostess, who does not yet know how to determine the measurements of products by eye. You can attach spoons of different sizes to measure outcomes on the device and on the board itself to write essential recipes.


Use not round jars and trays but square or rectangular.

Do not purchase round vessels. Choosing to store bulk products of the same size and style of containers can save a lot of space and create a sense of natural order. After all, rectangular or square containers for cereals and other products are more economical, as they become more compact and neater with each other than round ones.

toLarge and high containers should be located at the back wall of the locker, then medium and small from the very edge. Containers with loose cereals or flour should be marked on the bottom in order to know which products to use initially. So the best for the hostess will open a review, and no cereal will be forgotten. In addition, using square or rectangular containers with bright multi-coloured lids, the vessels will successfully decorate the interior, becoming a successful design solution for the hostess.


Cleanliness Helpers

Maintain cleanliness and order will help “small” assistants that can be placed on the inner or outer surfaces of the lockers:

  • Plastic hanger-holder for waffle towels, which ergonomically and stylishly will look in any kitchen. The accessory needs to be hung on the handle of the door;
  • Clamp for a washcloth, washing dishes. A magnetic holder attaches the mechanism to the surface of the sink, and the sponge is always at hand, without interfering with washing dishes;
  • plastic stand-container for storage of washcloth and detergent;
  • holder for bags with spices, which is great for organized storage of packs of herbs of any size;
  • silicone pocket for brush and washcloth, which is attached to the crane and does not interfere with its work;
  • hanging shelves that will help to restore order and fill the space in the closet;
  • holders-clips for towels and napkins, thanks to which you can place items on the locker without drilling holes;
  • Wall dispenser of liquid soap, thanks to which the walls and surfaces of lockers will not be slammed when washing hands.

Conduct an audit in the cabinets and on the kitchen shelves should be at least once every month and a half. And ideas of order in the kitchen with video can be found on the pages of many sites.

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