How to Measure Air Humidity at Home?

Air Humidity is the amount of water vapour present in the atmosphere and the relative humidity of the air is a percentage of this amount of steam, but how is it measured at home? If you don’t have the necessary devices, there are two very simple ways we’ll teach you how to follow. But first, let’s understand why it’s important to measure this relative humidity?


What is the Role of Air Humidity?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal level of relative air humidity for the human body ranges from 40% to 70%, and when below the minimum and above the maximum can be harmful, i.e. when the air is very dry, we feel the throat dry, uncomfortable breathing, discomfort and headaches. On the other hand, excess moisture helps to accelerate the proliferation of microorganisms, which cause allergies and also breathing problems.

Therefore, in order not to harm the health of those exposed in the environment, many people want to know:


How to measure indoor air humidity?

measure indoor air humidity

There is more than one way to measure air humidity. One of them, the most correct, is to use a digital hygrometer or a theomachy hygrometer, specific devices for this purpose. However, who has one of these at home, right? Without any of them, it is best to try other alternatives, and here we will explain two other ways to measure moisture:


Use two thermometers to replace the wet and dry bulb thermometer

  • The first step is to measure the temperature with the thermometer that will remain with the dry bulb.
  • Then wrap the bulb of the second thermometer in a damp cloth or cotton and ty a rope well;
  • Rotate the thermometer with the wet bulb around the rope so that moisture evaporates, this will simulate the cooling effect of the body;
  • View the temperature on the wet-bulb thermometer and lower the temperature of the dry bulb thermometer. The result of the subtraction will be the relative humidity of the air.


Measuring relative humidity at the dew point

This requires a thermometer, a can with water and ice cubes. This results in the closest result to the result of a hygrometer, used by meteorologists.

  • Fill a bright surface can with water;
  • Add the ice cubes. Do this slowly and removing the water with the thermometer, to keep the surface of the can at the same temperature as the water;
  • Continue stirring until condensation forms. When forming, look at the temperature of the thermometer. It’s the relative humidity of the air.

When you discover the relative humidity of the air in the environment, if it is not healthy, choose the ideal equipment. When the air is wetter or drier than ideal, it is important to have equipment that improves this climate, be it a humidifier, a dehumidifier or an air conditioner, which can help in both ways. Pay attention to the humidity of the air, is to pay attention to your health. Are there any questions? Leave it here in the comments.

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