How to Make Bold in WhatsApp

Every day we write messages on WhatsApp. But did you know that you can text the message in bold, italic and cross out? Photo: Getty Images

Italic, greased or crossed out – with a few characters, the message text can be formatted on WhatsApp. Individual words or entire passages of text can be highlighted, making the text even better. WAITASEC reveals how it works quite simply.

Half novels probably keep typing WhatsApp users into their smartphones. The result: The chat partner can read something out of letters in the flood. Almost everything looks the same – at least if no emoji is used. But you can change that with a few simple steps on the mobile phone keyboard. From the mass of words, certain passages or words can stand out by writing them bold, italic, or crossed out. With these formatting, important information is guaranteed not to be lost. What works on the computer also works with the messaging service.

Since there is no extra button on WhatsApp for the feature, punctuation marks are used for it. Our short guide shows how to format texts on WhatsApp (for iOS and Android) easily. This guarantees that you will impress your chat partners.


WhatsApp Tricks: How to Make Bold in WhatsApp



If you want to bold a word or a story, set an asterisk at the beginning and end. The formatting is not yet visible in your own text box. Only when you send the text will the selected area appear in bold to the chat partner. We find: Really fat!

Embed the text in asterisks and the desired area is greased.




For the italic font, you place an underscore before and after the appropriate passage. The Underscore command italics the text.

Two underscores make the text italic.




Especially if you discover an error while reading a message that has already been sent, it can be easily fixed with the strike function. The word or phrase is written in the middle of tildes (also called approximate characters or squiggles).

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