How To Increase Hair Density In These Simple Ways

Women, blondes, brunettes, redheads – women so many, but each has a common denominator of dream – healthy, shiny, smooth, elastic, and most importantly, thick hair. Modern media offer different ways to achieve a chic hair result, from home care to professional cosmetics from the world’s experts. Hair is a decoration of any woman, and whether you knew that blondes have the most hair on the head, but they are thinner than brunettes, Asians have tight hair and have a slightly different structure than the European race. That’s why the hair is so different and has always been a subject for discussion.

What is the hair, and what is it made of?

Human hair has always remained a mystery to study, as it consists of a root deeply hidden in the dermis and hypoderm (parts of the scalp) and from the rod – the visible part of the hair. Hair has no muscles, no pain when haircut, but it can change color over the course of life and evolve.

To be proud of your curls is not enough one length of hair. Your hair must be thick and thick. This can be caused genetically, physiologically by race, and achieved artificially by using professional cosmetics for the hair.

The root of the hair consists of a bulb, a follicle, from which 2-3 hair can grow at a time; 1 such follicle is programmed genetically for 25-27 hairs during life. Therefore, for the thickness of the hair, it is necessary to use technological cosmetics for the scalp, designed to maintain the tone of the root. The more active components enrich the root of the scalp, the better it reproduces the new hair; it will grow strong, thick, and dense.


Hair thickness products

Hair thickness products

1.Means against falling out.

Hair undergoes a cycle of development in three phases – anagen, catagen, and telogen – a phase of active hair growth – which lasts 3-5 years depending on the care of the scalp and hair, the way of eating, and maintaining an active lifestyle without stress and stress. During this period, our hair is in the most active growth – it gets through the blood vessels all the micro and macronutrients for its growth. The hair has a thick root diameter, surrounded by a 7-11 cuticular layer and strong elastic length. Catagen – the phase of rest – is the period when your follicle falls into “sleep” – nothing happens to the hair – it does not fall out, however, and does not grow.

And usually, there is a phase of telogen – a phase of hair loss – when the hair follicle loses tone and easily falls out; this process lasts 60 – 90 days. Such hair is no longer so thin.

However, do not forget that this is a natural hair process. What happens to hair when a person suffers stress, lack of sleep, inactive lifestyle – the very active growth phase is already so active, your hair loses density and shine.

The modern professional sphere of the beauty hair care industry offers a wide range of choices against hair loss and hair growth stimulation and increasing its density. Such products can be divided into organic, which use organic natural components and tools, which are stimulants of growth and increase density, as they have in their composition prototypes of components that have in humans in the body.

Natural ingredients in the form of rosemary, sage, tea tree, olive oil penetrate through the epidermal layer into the root of the hair and enrich the omega-3, omega-6, calcium, magnesium, and other micronutrients of the hair follicle. This contributes to increased hair density and active growth. To such organic brands are put – Fanola, Sinergy, OWAY. The policy of these brands uses 100% natural components and essential oils to stimulate hair growth and increase the density of each new hair.

Another well-known brand, Loreal, has chosen a different way to combat thinned hair and alopecia (fallout) – their main weapon component is aminexil stemoxin – which acts as a prototype natural component that stimulates the hair growth phase. Ampoules against the fallout with aminexil are active on the scalp and roots.

Hair products against loss in vials or sprays do not need to wash and should use the full course 30-40 days 3 per week. After such a cycle, the condition of the hair will improve markedly, and it will become thick and elastic.

Such remedies already support the hair in the root zone.


2.Means to soothe the scalp.

Now let’s talk about the scalp – for strong and thick hair is important not only means that it would maintain the correct tone of the root and impact the microflora of the scalp (skin). It is important to maintain the correct microflora of the scalp. There are several types of scalp – dry, normal, fat, and oily.

Certain features characterize each type and understandably also affect the condition of the hair and its density. Only normal skin does not cause questions; we are interested in dry, oily.

What is a dry scalp, and what does it have to do with the thickness of the hair. Such skin is also problematic because the hydro balance of dry skin is disturbed. If you look under the trichoscopy, this skin will look like microfractures. The hair is dull without shine and dry along the length. Visually the hair will be volume, but the density of it will want better. Each root has one sweat gland and sebaceous gland, enzymes of which serve as a kind of lubricant, and in this case, it is absent, and hair and skin are devoid of elasticity.

The same problem is the greasy head – because in this case, there are many more secrets of sebum than necessary. This causes the pores of the scalp to clog, and the skin stops breathing. Therefore, it is necessary to control the secretion of sebaceous glands.

Redness, rashes, and other unpleasant sensations in the skin similarly deprive the tone of the root. Therefore, for effective hair growth and density, you need to take care of the scalp and use products that directly affect the root of the hair.

Among such hair products can be used from Sinergy, Fanola, Loreal, Matrix to soothe the scalp, shampoo against the oily scalp, vials for dry skin.


3) Means to seal the hair and give volume.

In the modern beauty industry, professional hair cosmetics offer many options for hair sealing and increasing density. You can even meet a series in the lineup to increase the thickness of the hair.

Of course, it is only a cosmetic hair product that works until the first wash. However, such professional products are professional. There are lines for volume and lines for density, and there is a certain difference between them.

For volume … This series is in every brand line. Each range includes shampoo, conditioner mask, spray, or other tertiary products.

Shampoos are the most popular means for cleaning the scalp, as their active agents aim to split the skin fat of the scalp. Therefore, it is essential to remember that shampoos are designed to clean the scalp, and we select them under the skin type. Volume shampoos are a special category of shampoos designed to cleanse the scalp and dry the scalp from excess secretion of sebaceous glands. They contain salicylic acid or sulfur components, regulating the secretion of the sebaceous glands, thus giving the root volume of hair. Usually, such a shampoo does not hold the volume of hair all day long, so the sebaceous glands work for a whole day.

Air conditioners and volume masks contain more moisturizing and regenerative components. Air conditioners and masks we will apply for hair length. Visually, the hair looks crumbly and shaped.

Tertiary products in the form of spray creams for volume are the finishing procedure for hair that does not require washing. The root volume spray has minimal styling well fixes the shape you want, and is held throughout the day.


How to restore hair thickness

How to restore hair thickness

The next category we have is increasing the thickness of hair thanks to patented technologies that create a visual 3D effect. L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Thicker Hair Serum. The developers of the brand introduced a new technology, Intra-Cylane, that penetrates the hair, that is, cortex, and increases its elasticity, expanding the diameter of the hair itself.

Serum from the world-famous brand has a cumulative effect, and through the course of 4 months of hair, use is noticeably thicker.

Another popular brand is Matrix which has developed a series for density based on the Google omega molecule, which has a similar effect on the cortex hair.

To have healthy, thick, and radiant hair – you need to approach it comprehensively – use anti-loss products that are designed to strengthen the hair follicles and strengthen it, use the right products such as shampoos and conditioners, masks, and very correctly pick up for your skin type, because the wrong choice will lead to certain consequences that can worsen the condition of the hair. Take care of your skin and hair – if you decide to use dyes or lightening agents to change color – your hair has experienced stress, so “feed” it with nourishing ingredients – lipids, olive oil, vitamin complex. After lightening the hair – be sure to use masks – they can be applied even on the scalp to soothe the skin from the aggressive effects of powders for lighting. Such procedures with masks can be carried out a week after the lightening of the hair until the epidermal layer is restored.

Applying different kinds of means to increase thickness – hair will become more noticeable compacted, the best, radiant, strong, and healthy. And of course, you need to take care of your hair and internally – taking vitamins, lead an active lifestyle, avoid stress and stress because everything that happens inside the body is reflected on the skin and hair.

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