How to Grow a Beard Faster : Tricks And Useful Tips

“Men don’t cry; they water their beards,” this hysteric statement, flying through the internet, can convey that men are obsessed with their beards. The length of beards determines the level of masculinity among males.That is the reason why many of them seek for effective courses to grow their beards faster. This article will help you list down the most successful techniques and tips for faster beard growth. Let us check them out.


Tips That Can Help You Grow Your Beard Faster

Tips That Can Help You Grow Your Beard Faster

Every man on earth wants a thick and robust beard, and for that, they try out many tricks for faster growth of beard. Therefore, we have listed some essential tips that can surely result in more rapid facial hair growth.

Healthy Diet:

Healthy Diet


A healthy or balanced diet contains all the required carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, for your body to function smoothly. Similarly, your beard requires all these nutrients as well. Healthy food triggers the beard’s growth and nourishes it. So, let us look at some of the essential foods that specifically contribute to healthy hair growth.




‘Popeye’ (cartoon character) told us that spinach is a superfood. But how does it help in hair growth? Spinach contains calcium and iron. Calcium ensures stronger and healthier hair for an extended period.Iron produces haemoglobin in blood. The more the haemoglobin content in blood, the faster the hair grows.




Eggs are an essential part of your kitchen as well as your foods. They are highly recommended in almost all kinds of diet. It is because they are a source of biotin. This biotin belongs to a family of Vitamin B called Vitamin B-Complex, which is crucial for hair growth. Therefore, eggs must be included in your diet at least 5-6 times a week.


Sweet Potato:

Sweet Potatos


Sweet potatoes must be on your list of favorites. They are famous for their unique taste and are considered as a very healthy food. They contain a high volume of Beta-Carotene, which when consumed, gets converted into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a vital for the body and hair because it stimulates cell growth from the lining of the organs to the tips of your beard.


Beard Care Routine:

Beard Care Routine

You take care of your hair (on top of your head) through regular cleaning and conditioning. Your facial hair needs cleaning and maintenance as well. It can be achieved by planning a beard care routine.

Exfoliate and clean your face regularly. It helps you get rid of dirt and oil from your face and keeps it thoroughly cleaned.

Moisturize your skin. After cleaning your face, the moisturizers help shut the open pores on your skin and nourish it.

Trim or shave depending on the rate of growth of your beard. If the rate of hair growth is slower, then you must not trim or shave regularly. Instead, let your beard grow to the full (after about 5 to 6 weeks or more) and then shape or cut it.

Try beard care products. The market offers several beard care products that can help reduce the itchiness and scratchiness of your beard. Some other products claim faster beard growth. But purchase only after detailed research. It is never late to start your beard care routine. So, plan your beard care routine now!


Extra One Hour Sleep:

Extra One Hour Sleep

You might not know this, but the rate of facial hair growth is directly affected by the amount of testosterone produced. The body produces the maximum amount of testosterone while you are sleeping. Therefore, an extra hour of sleep can increase testosterone production, which will result in faster hair growth. A proper sleep/rest can lower your stress level, and your damaged skin cells can repair themselves, during that period. It would be best if you remembered that too much sleep can nullify all the efforts of your body. So, it would help if you had a strict sleep schedule for better beard growth.


No Frequent Touching:

No Frequent Touching

Do you have the bad habit of constantly touching or scratching your beard? If yes, then you must stop that immediately. When you rub your beard, unknowingly, you are damaging your hair follicles. Follicles are the tiny sacks or glands your hairs are rooted to. These short and weak follicles require proper care and nutrients. Once damaged, the follicles are incapable of holding strands firmly. On top of that, the oils and bacteria on your hands get transferred to your skin due to frequent touching. It can damage the beard and reduce the rate of its growth. Therefore, leave your hair follicles and your beard alone!


Vitamins And Supplements:

Vitamins And Supplements

If you are too busy to plan a proper diet, then there are other ways to gain the required nutrients. There are different kinds of vitamin tablets and other supplements available in the market that claims effective action on your beard growth. Vitamins like B, B1, B6, and B12 ensure better facial hair. Iron tablets are also helpful in maintaining the proper amount of iron in your body. These tablets or supplements must be taken under the doctor’s prescription only.



How to grow a beard with natural remedies?

You need first to shave it all off. Then, as mentioned above, exfoliate and clean your face regularly. You must have patience while growing a beard. Don’t be hasty. You can use beard oil if you want to, otherwise your healthy diet is enough to nourish your beard. Try to brush and comb your beard to increase the blood circulation at the hair follicles. Then, please wait for your beard to grow so that you can shape it.


What is some good advice about beard care?

Having a good beard care routine can help in faster beard growth. First, you have to choose a beard wash that suits your skin and start washing your beard regularly. Secondly, you need to buy beard oil that reduces itchiness and moisturizes your beard. If you want, you can buy beard wax for styling your beard.Try to brush and comb your beard to increase the blood circulation at the hair follicles. Workouts and exercises can help increase the testosterone production, which in turn will help in faster hair growth. Trimming and shaving, according to the rate of change of your beard, play a vital role in your beard care routine.


By what age are most men able to grow full beards?

It comes down to genetics, fortunately, or unfortunately. But if we consider a general case, men start developing facial hair in the later stages of adolescence which happens between 14-16 years of age, and have fully grown beards when they touch 18-20 years of age.



What make-up is to women is what beard is to men. Like women, men spend hours growing and grooming their beards. But sometimes, their beard could not get all that it requires. Therefore, they seek what is best for their beard. After this succinct description of growing a beard faster, you can indeed plan on following these tips to have a more substantial beard grown within a few weeks only. So, don’t wait up and start your journey towards getting a fantastic beard.

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Dr. Med. Raoul Hasert is a specialist in dermatology and venereology. He is a senior physician in Praxisklinik Dr. Hasert.

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