How to Go Live on Tiktok

TikTok is one of the most popular applications of the moment. The app allows us to view and create videos with different effects, editing options, sounds and more. At TikTok, we can also live, and if you’ve come this far, it’s because you don’t know how it’s broadcast live. I tell you the requirements and how you can make a Live.

The live option in Tik Tok is not available to everyone.



You have to meet a single requirement: to have a minimum of 1,000 followers. There is no specific trick to reach that figure. Still, since it is an application with a lot of interaction, you will always get to that figure with the simple fact of uploading original and fun videos.

UPDATE: Apparently, you don’t need to have 1,000 followers for TikTok to turn you on the live option. A reader comments that the app activated the feature with less than the commented figure. However, with a video that became ‘viral’, with many reproductions. Therefore, it is likely that TikTok will also activate the live ones in the account when some footage of these have a lot of views.

If you meet this requirement, you can make a live video in your TikTok account. Here are the steps you need to take. Enter the app and click on the ‘+’ button in the centre. When you’re in the recording option, tap the right button that says ‘Live’, it’s at the bottom. Then name your live. Use a short title. Don’t include inappropriate or foreclose words, other words because other words won’t let you start Live.

You can also select a filter or add the ‘soften’ effect. When you have already chosen a title, tap on ‘Live Broadcast’ and the stream will begin. All users will be able to join. And if any video appears in ‘For You’, a ‘Live’ icon will appear. Users who live on TikTok will be able to write you messages or send you gifts.

Can you make money by making directs on TikTok?

It is possible to earn some money with Live in TikTok. To do this, you will have to have a relatively large community, as it is necessary to qualify for the ‘Diamond Program’ or ‘Gift Program’. It’s not the app that pays you for your live streams; it’s your followers. Users can buy coins on the social network. The minimum number of coins we can redeem is 65, which equates to 1.09 euros. The maximum is 6607 coins, which is about 110 euros.

They will then exchange these coins for virtual gifts that will be sent during a live stream. If you’re doing the live stream, you’ll get these gifts like diamonds. When you reach 100 diamonds, you can redeem them for dollars and receive the money in your account. The value of dollar diamonds depends on the country. TikTok allows a maximum of $1,000 per week.

If you want to buy coins in TikTok, you have to go to your account, click on the three points that appear in the top area and go to the option that says ‘Balance’. Then tap on ‘Reload’ and choose how many coins you want. Fill in a payment method and confirm the transaction.

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