How to Get Smell Out of Mattress

Are you a proud owner of the best new mattress? Are you on the lookout for ways to eliminate the smell from your new mattress? Are you interested in finding ways to get rid of the impeccable smell of puke and sweat? Did your cat pee on your bed? Well, accidents happen, which is why we have written this article!

This article will go over a step-by-step procedure for removing various odours from your mattress.

We will also discuss making an all-in-one odour-removing cleaning product containing natural ingredients!


Let’s Get Cleaning

How to get smell out of matress


Throughout our highs and lows, our mattress is our continuous companion. We sleep, sweat, weep, eat, and drink on our mattresses; therefore, it’s inevitable that they will begin to smell. 

But nobody likes to sleep on such a mattress! Let’s take a look at the processes of getting rid of this odour.


Step 1: Let some sunshine in!

Sunlight contains UV rays that are disinfectants and potent germicides! Often, the funky odour we smell is due to mildews and bacteria’s that accumulate over time on our mattresses.  

Moisture is a microbe’s closest buddy, as it facilitates its proliferation and growth! We sweat on our beds on hot summer days, making them humid and moist. As a result, airing them out and exposing the mattress to sun rays can tackle the moisture and the associated odour.


Step 2: Spray with White Vinegar

Although several kinds of vinegar are on the market, white vinegar is the most acceptable cleaning solution. It’s an environmentally friendly deodorizer that can get rid of even the toughest stains and odours. 

White vinegar can remove protein stains and odours caused by urine, blood, vomit, and sweat. The acetic acid in it can hydrolyze the peptide link in proteins, making it easier to remove stains and the odour caused by them.

Additionally, white vinegar is also antibacterial and antifungal; thus, it can also aid in sanitizing the mattress while getting rid of the odour. 

Let’s see how to use it! 

  1. In a spray bottle, combine equal parts of water and white vinegar.
  2. Spray the mattress with it.
  3. If there are any stained patches, use cotton pads to rub this solution on those areas.
  4. Set aside for 30 to 60 minutes.
  5. Because the odour is strong, it’s best to keep the windows and doors open and the fan working. 


Step 3: Let’s Bake It!

A very well-known and commonly used cleaning solution is baking soda! Multiple scientific research has highlighted the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of this powder! There are two ways in which you can use baking soda. Sprinkle it or spray it! 

I recommend the sprinkling method because powders can absorb more moisture. 

  1. Sprinkle baking powder generously on the mat
  2. Using a white towel, spread it evenly on your bed. (Using a coloured towel can stain your mattress) 
  3. Let it stay for at least 24 hours! 


Step 4: Vacuum It

Did you know that we shed up to 40,000 dead cells from our skin every minute of the day? As a result, the mattress will naturally acquire significant debris and dust over time. 

These particles can be removed with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Additionally, it will eliminate all of the baking soda.


Step 5: Deodorize It! 

A lavender-based essential oil can offer your mattress a revitalizing scent. If you are not fond of this smell, use any other essential oil and spritz it on your bed before putting the sheets on!

You will not only sleep on a clean mattress but one that also smells wonderful. 


Step 6: Encase It 

A waterproof mattress cover is a good investment if you want to extend the life of your mattress. It is not only cheap to wash the surface, but it will also protect your mattress from spills and stains! 


How to Get Rid of the Smell Accompanied with A New Mattress?

How to Get Rid of the Smell Accompanied with A New Mattress?

This process is known as off-gassing, and it occurs when a new mattress releases an unpleasant odour. Although there are no known side effects, some people may experience headaches due to the strong scent.

You can use the methods mentioned above; however, activated charcoal can be your quick fix! 

This powder has excellent adsorption abilities to eliminate odours, dampness, and contaminants from anything. Since this is a black coloured powder, it is not recommended to rub it on your mattress.

It can be used by wrapping the granules in a muslin cloth and placing it around the mattress. Keep it for 12 hours, and be prepared to be surprised! 


Recipe for Magic Mix

_ Recipe for Magic Mix

This mixture is an effective and scientifically validated odour elimination liquid! The best part is that you can prepare them with everyday kitchen supplies. 

This magic potion is called Corn Starch Deodorizer! 

Corn Starch is a natural deodorant with moisture-absorbing abilities. What’s more surprising? It can even soak in excess oil!

Additionally, Hydrogen Peroxide is an enzyme that can be very useful in removing stains and odours from mattresses. These enzymes can also eliminate micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi. 

Citric acid can remove even the stubbornest stains, grimes, and limescale.

How to Make it! 

  1. Mix 2 tablespoons cornflour in water.
  2. Stir vigorously to avoid any lumps and globules.
  3. Squeeze in half a lemon.
  4. Add half cup hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Transfer the solution into a spray bottle
  6. Spritz it and leave it for 24 hours! 



The most basic method of removing any smell from the mattress is to keep it out in the sun. Fresh air, along with germicidal UV rays, can work wonders on your bed.

Enzymes like hydrogen peroxide and acids like citric acid and acetic acid can also neutralize odour and remove stains.

Baking soda and corn starch are antibacterial and thus can help in removing moisture and the smell produced because of these tiny organisms. 

To save yourself time and effort, wrap your mattress in a good quality waterproof protector. 

Let us know if you found this article helpful. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below if you have tried the magic solution!

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