How to Get Ready for Your Next Zoom Meeting in Only 5min

You slept through the alarm clock, and in 15 minutes, your Zoom meeting will start. What do we do now? Don’t worry: Here are tips to look fresh and radiant in no time!


Super Fast Makeup Routine

Now that we work from home as much as possible, we can stay in bed a little longer in the morning. Delicious! But even then, you may be asleep. The alarm clock indicates 8:45, and at 9:00 sharp, your colleagues are ready for the first online meeting of the day. So get dressed quickly – only the top is enough because no one sees what you have under the table! You put a brush through your hair and quickly make a tail. That leaves you with five minutes left in front of your face. Highlighter or mascara? Contours or not? Makeup artist Vincent Oquendo (who has model Winnie Harlow and Charlie’s Angels actress Ella Balinska as a client) gives you the easiest tips for a radiant glow. Just in time for your video call!


1. Go for a quick cleaning

“Skincare is essential as a basis for your look, whether you’re going to work or working from home,” says Vincent. And you know: clean skin is the first step in your grooming routine. So you start with a quick cleaning. Pure Micellar Cleansing Water from ICI PARIS XL and Eau Micellaire Douceur from Lancôme are ideal for this: this removes waste that has been released during the night. Result: fresh, resilient skin.


2. Apply a moisturiser

Now that your skin is clean and fresh, Vincent Oquendo recommends applying a moisturizer that hydrates your skin intensively. “You have to preach your skin the way you do with a canvas,” he says. The Hydrating Moisturizer from Clay And Glow is one of our favourites. This cream consists of 97% natural ingredients such as avocado oil and shea butter. And thanks to the light coconut smell, your morning mood is instantly gone!


3. Time for mascara

Then you will sit down at your home office. Curl your eyelashes first, which opens your gaze, making it look like you’ve been out of bed for hours. Then you grab a black mascara, for example, Legit Lashes from Huda Beauty or Eye Opening Mascara by Bobbi Brown. When applying, use your laptop camera or smartphone camera as a mirror. “You immediately see how the light falls in your workplace and how you will look on the screen,” says Vincent. “Black mascara brightens your eyes, and that’s exactly what you need.”


4. Opt for a clear blush

“You know what it is with FaceTimen and Zooming: on such a screen, you quickly look pale,” vincent knows. To prevent that, he recommends choosing a blush that is just a bit spicier in colour, such as Joli Blush ‘Cheeky Pinky’ by Clarins. “You want something on your cheeks that pops. A warm blush on your cheeks brings your entire face to life.” To prevent the colour from getting too intense, you can apply it and blend it with a dry Beautyblender, Vincent tips.


5. Contours with concealer

Vincent Oquendo saves the best tip for the last time. “Use your fingertips to knock a little concealer under your eyes quickly,” he says. “You do the same on the bridge of your nose and in the inner corners of the eye.” Opt for a glowing formula, such as Touche Eclat Highlighter & Concealer by Yves Saint Laurent or Highlighting Concealer from Sensai. If you have 30 seconds left, apply a little concealer just above your jawline: “That gives your jawline a nice definition.” So on: ready just in time!


6. The perfect background

Time to clean up your house? Of course, you didn’t have one this morning. To prevent your colleagues from seeing your dirty dishes from yesterday, you choose one of the nice backgrounds that we have designed for you. This will impress you during all your online meetings!

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