TikTok Ultimate Guide – How to Get More Views and Likes on TikTok

TikTok, owned by a Chinese company ByteDance, was launched under the name DouYin in China in September 2022 and entered the foreign market as TikTok a year later. Since its launch, TikTok has led to young people’s trend to read and make short videos. Statistics show that there are now 500 billion teenagers obsessed with TikTok videos.

Whether you want to have fun or become famous, TikTok, with its many followers, is an excellent platform for you. And in this article, we’ll show you how to use TikTok, make a video that gets likes, and present tips on TikTok.


How to Use TikTok APP

TikTok is a mobile app that can be used on Android and iOS devices. Put on your headphones and start browsing the videos recommended by TikTok.

To post your video on TikTok or leave your comments on other people’s videos, you need to create a TikTok account. Tap the icon in the bottom left corner to sign up with your Facebook, Instagram or Google account. Don’t forget to change your name and profile.

If you like a video, tap the heart-shaped icon right. You can also enter the comment section by tapping on the conversation bubble to leave comments on the TikTok video you are watching. To share it on social media, tap the “Share” button.

Click the “O” button to follow the creator of the video. To watch his other videos, swipe to the left.


How to Create the Best TikTok videos with music

Step one. Sign in to your account. Tap the “O” icon in the centre of the interface and turn on access to the camera and microphone to take photos and videos.

Step two. Tap “Music” to add a song you want to insert into the video. Click on the “Play” icon, and you can preview the music if you wish. Click the red “Confirm usage and start filming” button to start shooting.

Step 3. Now you have three options: take a picture, press the shot and press it at length. Choose what you need.

Step 4. Add filters and special effects, then record the video.

Step 5. Click “Next” to enter what you want to say about this video. Click “Publish” to post your video. You can sync the TikTok videos you’ve created on Facebook or Twitter if you want.

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Tips for TikTok videos

  • Make lip sync videos. A song can inspire a lot of people to create. If you’re creative, try the lip sync video and let others see your performance.
  • Create a duo. YouTubers always love duo videos. Select a video, tap the “Share” icon and click “Duo.” Now you can create a video the way you want.
  • Make videos about pets. What do most people like? Pets. If you have cute dogs or cats, be sure to capture every adorable moment of them.
  • Imitate other popular videos. There are reasons why some videos are popular. You can choose the same topic or a similar method for performance.


How to Become Popular on TikTok so You get More likes

Here are some tips to become famous on TikTok.

  1. Post videos regularly and be dedicated. You can post videos on TikTok once or twice a week. Make a series if possible.
  2. Contact other influential people.
  3. Share your videos on social media. This helps to improve his reading. Instead, you can mention your profile link or name on TikTok on other social media to get more subscribers.
  4. Be positive. The public does not like harmful content.
  5. Comment on popular videos. By doing this, there may be more comments on your videos.
  6. Respond to each comment. Be exciting and fun while responding.
  7. Follow at least 30 accounts each day and don’t follow them anymore. This is useful for leaving your footprint.
  8. Invite others to shoot a video together. A friend, child or pet can make your TikTok video more fun and fascinating.
  9. Make a live video. This shows that you are interested in your fans. They will appreciate it and become more faithful.


That’s all for how to create a TikTok video and have more “likes.” If you still have questions about TikTok, feel free to leave your comments in the space below. If you liked this article, make your note here!

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