How to Get Fair Skin

You can whiten your skin at home with chemicals, and you can use natural ones, which we’ll talk about today.

What exactly can we achieve with the products discussed

below? Bleach freckles and pigment spots, even the complexion, especially after tanning. By the way, in the summer, you need to be careful: staying under the sun, the influence of ultraviolet rays can interfere with the bleaching process and create unnecessary problems for us. Therefore, either we do not get carried away, become white and white, or do not go out in the afternoon.


What happens to the skin during bleaching?

A peeling: the keratinized skin cells exfoliate, and the level of melanin produced is reduced.

The bleaching masks include foods rich in vitamin C, mainly vegetables and

fruits. Among them are cucumbers, lemons, strawberries, raspberries, currants, parsley. Based on existing recipes, masks can come up with their own: who has what at home and the skin that is more like. Masks should be done often but without fanaticism. Bleaching masks should be alternated with nutritious and regenerative. An alternative or addition to masks – lotions, herbal broths for washing. So, look at the list of products and for the cause!


How to Whiten Your Skin at Home



A cucumber mask is the most common “lightener.” Available, cheap, efficient. Rub the cucumber on a grater, add a spoonful of sour cream or nutrient cream to the pulp and apply it to the face. Hold for 15 minutes, wash off with water. If you have oily skin, do not put sour cream in the composition. Cucumbers are considered to be one of the best ingredients for rejuvenating masks.



Another popular product. Parsley greens can be finely chopped into a mask or made of lotion. To do this, pour the parsley boiling water and wipe the face twice a day when the mixture is infused.



Why not? Dandelion leaves make pigment spots and freckles lighter. We make a strong tea out of them and insist on the night. Wipe your face in the same way as a tincture of parsley. Wet cotton swab, rubbing the face, waited until dry, rinsed clean water for experimenters – an ointment of dandelions. To make it, cut fresh leaves and pour castor oil. The mixture will be ready in two weeks: strain and use. 




We are eager to sunbathe, but sometimes it turns out a tan is not what we wanted. Or at the end of the summer, he begins to “sleaze” and the complexion “dirty.” The situation will be corrected by a mixture of oatmeal and tomato juice, ideally, if the juice is freshly squeezed (or the more natural, the better). Mix it with oatmeal and apply mass on the face. As it dries – wash away with warm water. Also, we know that oatmeal cleans pores well, so this mask performs several useful functions at once.



They say that if you sprinkle your hair with lemon juice before going outside, they will lighten up. Such is natural chalking. The skin of lemon whitens no worse. But it may seem a little aggressive, especially if you have dry skin. Therefore, the most successful use of lemon – in combination with honey. Mix lemon juice with honey and apply it to those areas of skin that we want to bleach. Pre-check if you are allergic to the lemon – for this, apply a drop of juice on the hand. You can add powdered milk or egg white to this mask.




Love berries? Wipe your face with strawberry juice in the morning and evening, and your freckles and pigment spots will become lighter. The mask of strawberries, honey, and lemon juice has the same bleaching effect. What’s more, you’ll be able to get rid of irritations and pimples. Strawberries are good for oily skin – it noticeably narrows pores.


Dairy products

Curd, milk, yogurt, and sourdough will help you in whitening your skin. One of the useful masks is a mixture of milk and blue clay. More nutritious is cottage cheese, egg yolk, and honey.



In the context of dairy products, the emphasis is on yogurt. Do you like to drink it? It’s cool! Then your fridge already has the right ingredient for a great lightening mask. Mix two teaspoons of plain yogurt with a spoonful of honey and apply the composition to the skin of the face. When lightening the whole body, increase the dosage from the calculation of 2 parts of yogurt per 1 part of honey. After a quarter of an hour, wash off the mask.

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