How to Fix a Broken Headphone Jack

Today’s gadgets, designed to play sound files, always have a socket to connect headphones. The plugs used in such sound systems are called TRS or Jack. These are the following types:

  • Micro-jack 2.5 mm
  • Mini-jack 3.5 mm
  • Jack 6.3 mm

The 2.5 mm Micro-Jack connector is used in the smallest devices designed for sound production. These are electronic toys, miniature players and photographic equipment. It has two slats and transmits a beep in monophonic mode.

In modern devices is rarely used. All household appliances and mobile devices are equipped with nests to connect the connector Mini-Jack with a diameter of 3.5 mm. It has three slats – left channel, right channel and ground. The versatile headset of headphones and microphone connects to the devices through an adapter with four contacts. The 6.3 mm jack is used in professional sound equipment.


How to fix a headphone plug

The design of the connector is quite reliable, but some defects can happen. It is often a wire break at the point of entry of the line into the connector body. Some types of connectors have a cylindrical body made on a thread. With such a plug, it is straightforward to fix a malfunction.

You need to trim the wire a little above the cliff, disassemble the headphone plug, use solder to remove the old rations and re-sold the cable on the corral. Three or four conductors are trimmed to their contact areas on the connector.

In the case of a break, repair of the plug from headphones with their own hands is only in the linking connective wire. Fixing the plug from the headphones, if the case is not disassembled, a little more difficult. Connectors of mobile phones and smartphones are pressed into plastic and are not designed for autopsy. However, because of the wire break, there is no point in throwing away a working device and acquiring a new one.

The only way to restore the cable break is a mechanical autopsy of the hull. This operation is easily carried out by an improvised tool. The soft plastic case can be cut with a knife or dismantled with a cutter. Then the same actions are performed, as with the disassembled body.

Since you can’t leave the contacts open, you should wear a shrink tube section before unpacking the wires. Once the work is complete, it needs to be moved to the contacts and warmed up by a heat source. The tube will sit tightly on the rations.


What to do if the headphones broke the plug

What to do if the headphones broke the plug

If you handle the connector carefully, it almost does not break. The headphone plug can break from accidental mechanical impact. In this case, you need to replace the plug on the headphones.

All connectors that go on sale have a disassembled case with a threaded connection, so if there will be some malfunction in the future, eliminating the precipice of changing the plug will be easier. Some home appliances users believe that if large professional emitters are connected to a mobile device, the sound quality will increase.

First of all, you need to make a new headphone plug, as many quality models are equipped with a Jack 6.3 mm pin. The quality of the music file depends on the sound-producing device and then on the emitters of sound.

The electronics of mobile devices do not provide a wide frequency range, and no quality capsules will make the sound better.


How to repair a plug from headphones

You can’t repair the headphone adapter. Its design does not provide for the replacement of any components. Therefore, if the plug is broken, you need to replace the jack on the headphones. At the same time, you need to buy a more reliable product.

Among the models of connectors especially stand out adapters with a metal body and gilded contacts. Such models are mainly produced for professional equipment, but there are also Connectors Mini-jack 3.5 mm. They are disassembled, very reliable, and, thanks to the gold coating, provide the active part and the nest’s perfect contact.

When replacing the entrance, the ear-eared should be chosen by the connectors so that the hull’s rear opening corresponds to the diameter of the connective cable. Some models have a spring on the back of the case.

It prevents critical wire inflections and its breakdown. After the connector is unpacked on the phone or smartphone connector, it is useful to process contacts with any wet-resistant varnish. Regular nail polish is often used. This will help to avoid oxidation and contact disturbance during operation.

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