How to Find The Right Pillow

The head and neck are one of the main points of support of the body in a reclining position and need orthopedic support no less than the lower back, shoulders or pelvic bones. Saving on a pillow, becoming the owner of a quality orthopedic mattress, it’s like buying the cheapest wheel in a set to three original – the result will be the same. It should be noted at once that, as in the case of the mattress, the choice of pillow – a matter strictly individual and ideally suitable for one person product can be uncomfortable for another. The main criteria in this case are:

  • the rigidity of the pillow – should also depend on posture, health status (the presence of cervical diseases), individual preferences;
  • The shape of the pillow – the choice depends on your favourite posture in sleep, the best option – anatomical with under-necks or rectangular;
  • pillow filler – it depends on durability, durability and many additional properties of the product.

In other words, the preferred pose is the key criterion for choosing the right pillow. An additional, but no less important indicator, is the width of the shoulders. In the future, when choosing, it is necessary to start from their own feelings, wishes and financial capabilities. Remember that newborns should sleep without a pillow because they have not yet formed natural physiological curves of the spine!


The right pillow is a sweet and healthy sleep

The right pillow is a sweet and healthy sleep

If you feel comfortable falling asleep, putting your hand under your head or a pillow, then you need a higher pillow and those who toss a lot – on the contrary, lower. Another reason to think about replacing the pillow with a new one – morning pain in the neck department or numbness of the shoulders is directly related to the wrong choice of height and rigidity of the product. It is very harmful to sleep on a pillow, in which the filler has gone into a coma, lost its former homogeneity. These products are not so expensive to try to save, risk their own health and reduce the quality of life.

Depending on your favourite sleep posture, you should prefer the following models of pillows:

  • On the stomach: the softest low pillow will come up;
  • On the back: it is necessary to choose a pillow of medium height and rigidity;
  • On the side: Buy a hard high pillow.

The pillow’s ideal height is half the width of the shoulders or the distance in a straight line from the shoulder to the base of the neck. The tougher the mattress, the greater the pillow’s height, and it is believed that men, all other things being equal, need a higher pillow than women. Sleeping on the side is ideal for a product with different high cushions, while the optimal comfort on the back will provide just the pillow’s classic shape.

The entire range of pillows on the market can be divided into many main groups, and many models can simultaneously enter several of them:

  • Classic – “ordinary” rectangular pillows with filler of fluff, pen, synthetic materials, which do not have any additional useful properties;
  • Orthopedic – provide the anatomically correct position of the cervical spine and ideal disposition of the neck and shoulder girdle;
  • Pillow-roller – hard products with vegetable filler, which have a characteristic shape. It is instrumental to use them for short rest, but sleeping on them all night is not recommended;
  • medicinal – due to a special filler from medicinal herbs help fight diseases of the nervous system, respiratory organs, etc.;
  • chilling – due to the use of a special gel, the surface of such pillows remains cool even on the hottest summer days;


What are orthopedic pillows?

Doctors say with one voice that the pillow is used exclusively to support the head and neck in a reclining position, while the mattress is responsible for the shoulder belt. It is impossible to put a pillow under the shoulder in any case, especially if we are talking about orthopedic models that have a special shape with one or two wickets. These products provide optimal support for the cervical spine in a reclining position, complete relaxation of the neck muscles and natural position of the head, allowing you to fall asleep quickly and wake up fresh and rested every morning.

Orthopedic pillows may seem tougher than traditional models, but sleeping on them is even more comfortable. In addition to effective prevention of osteochondrosis and getting rid of neck pain, they can also solve long-standing problems with breathing in sleep (apnea, snoring) and even with digestive organs (acid reflux). Orthopedic properties are achieved not by themselves, but with special filters, as in the case of springless mattresses. Good old square pillows with cotton wool inside are now forever in the past.


Pillow fillers

The most popular fillers are natural latex, foam, memory form, various plant components, hollofaiber, fluff and feather, sheep or camel wool. Natural materials are traditionally more expensive than synthetics, but at the same time, they have the best consumer properties and are famous for their eco-friendliness. However, many of them are completely unsuitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, periodically require special care and generally do not have durability (as in the case of popular models of the crap husk).

To achieve the necessary level of rigidity or lower the price of pillows are often made multi-layered, for example, with the core of pressed horsehair and layers of natural wool. Combined products using both natural and synthetic fillers are often produced. The main advantages of synthetics are affordable price, ease of care (some can even be washed in the machine), durability and hypoallergenicity. However, each particular pillow’s properties depend on the quality of the material, and it can vary significantly from different models.

An unpleasant chemical smell will definitely help you to identify a pillow that can not be bought in any case, and sometimes it happens with products from supposedly natural materials. You should also pay attention to the quality and material of the case because the savings on it usually speak about the filler’s low quality. Ideally, the pillow should have a special zipper to access the filler material, facilitating the care and adjustment of the product’s height and rigidity. And we should not forget that the pillow for sleep should be delivered in an airtight case – it is a strict hygienic requirement!

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