While your eyes were on your smartphone, thin horizontal lines took the opportunity to settle on your neck: the famous “text lines”. How do we fight this sworn enemy? The answer here.


What are “text wrinkles”?

More beautifully nicknamed “The Collar of Venus” but just as unsightly, texting wrinkles are an invention of the 21st century. These are thin horizontal lines marked at the neck. The recurrent and prolonged use of the smartphone accentuates their appearance since this head position lowered towards the screen creates folds in the neck and, repeated regularly, leads to sagging skin. By nature, the skin of the neck is a very fragile area because it is thinner than that of the face and its skin barrier is therefore weaker. When confronted with the constant movements of the head, the skin relaxes and wrinkles set in.

How to fight neck wrinkles?

While there are, of course, cosmetic procedures to erase these unsightly wrinkles, there are a few less invasive alternatives to prevent and decrease their appearance.

1. Raise your head

Keeping your head bent over your smartphone to scroll for hours is really not a good idea, whether it’s for wrinkles or pain in the neck! Try to raise your arm as much as possible to bring your phone to eye level. If you’re working on a laptop, consider moving it away so that your eyes are higher, or better yet, opt for a working computer.

2. Adopt a suitable beauty routine

You religiously apply your creams and serums every morning and evening to your face, but you stop on your chin? This is a widespread mistake! So make sure you always stretch your products right down to your neck and cleavage. Specific treatments also exist to target these delicate areas of which you will discover a selection of our favourites a little further.

3. Practice facial gymnastics

Skin being a muscle, it needs to be maintained as such! Facial gymnastics is your best friend for bouncing skin and blurred wrinkles. The good news is that many massage gadgets and high-tech tools make your life easier and act like real personal trainers at home. A gesture to incorporate into your beauty routine without further delay.


My Favourite Products to fight neck wrinkles:

The ultimate treatment:

The Ultratime straightening and redensifying treatment from the French brand Annayake have been specially designed to take care of the sensitive area of the neck and neckline. What’s so special about it? Katrien, a unique ingredient that treats wrinkles as “injuries” and acts to “repair” them by mimicking the skin repair process! This potent asset is also present in other products in the Ultra time range. In addition to the “healing power of Katrien,” this treatment contains Kudzu extract that strengthens collagen tissue, an extract of Dulse to act on pigmentation defects and a soy extract to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. A cocktail of shock that is accompanied by precise gestures for even more results.


The lifting treatment:

Retinol, the star anti-ageing ingredient, is at the heart of SkinCeuticals’ treatment formula. His role? Target the visible signs of neck ageing, a delicate area that is too often overlooked. Specifically formulated with 0.2% retinol – an appropriate concentration for everyday use – this lifting treatment helps fight wrinkles and fine lines. Combined with tripeptides, a glaucine complex and a hydration system, it provides an ultra complete response to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your neck. Apply only twice a week starting before gradually increasing applications after 7 days according to the instructions provided in the package.


The high-tech object:

Foreo’s latest novelty? BEAR, a micro-current firming device that tones and unifies the skin. Imagine: a facial gymnastics session that requires a minimum of effort, the dream right? Featuring T-sonic pulses – a technology patented by the Swedish beauty tech brand – and micro-currents, this little nugget of technology exerts more than 65 muscles of your face and neck without straining you! The device has 5 programs, accessible from the Foreo For You app, to target the different needs of the face and neck. It is used after the application of a suitable serum, and the magic is allowed to operate thanks to the electric micro-currents that will shape and firm the skin. Thanks to its two spheres, Bear glides perfectly on the skin, even in the neck, to reach the slightest fine lines.

The massage roll:

The Dutch brand Milu has developed a massage roller that stimulates the muscles of the face and neck for toned and lifted skin. This rose gold tool will upgrade your beauty routine. Just use it 5 to 10 minutes a day to stimulate blood circulation and thus unify, firm and lift the skin! Make back-and-forth movements up and down on the face and neck, making sure not to pass over the throat. No more excuses to skip your daily workout!

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Dr. Med. Raoul Hasert is a specialist in dermatology and venereology. He is a senior physician in Praxisklinik Dr. Hasert.

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