How to Disinfect and Sanitize Your Mattress

To have a pleasant sleep and rest properly, it is essential to carry out periodic cleanings throughout the life of our mattress. During this period, the mattress can present common dirt problems such as humidity or the presence of mites, factors that can prevent you from sleeping at ease.

Without a doubt we are more aware that having a good cleaning is essential to keep us healthy. Therefore, a person who has contracted the virus or has shared a bed with us must disinfect the mattress once it has healed to avoid all kinds of risks.

But we are not only talking about the viruses, but also, as we have already mentioned, dirt such as moisture, bad odors, stains and mites can appear.

But we make it easy for you! Below, we explain how and with what a mattress is disinfected quickly and successfully.


How to clean and disinfect a mattress?

Before starting to disinfect the mattress we must do a general cleaning of our bedroom.

The first thing we must do is ventilate the room every day before making the bed. While our bedroom is ventilated, we take the opportunity to remove the linen from the bed (sheets, duvet cover, protective cover and pillows).

When we wash the bedding the ideal would be to do it at approximately 60 degrees. But beware! It is also recommended that you wash it with a disinfectant detergent to remove all germs and voila! To find out if it is possible to do so, look at the clothing labels first.

But what is a mattress disinfected with? You can use various products to clean and disinfect your best mattress. Below, we explain which products to use and how to make correct use of them.

1. Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is Grandma’s oldest trick, and it works for everything! In addition to disinfecting, it removes dirt and moisture and leaves the mattress with a clean and fresh smell. Another trick is to mix essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus or lavender to recover their smell.

Once we have all the ingredients we mix them in a covered container and shake. Next, we sift the entire mattress, for this you can make use of a strainer or a sieve.

We will let it sit for about an hour and remove the product with a vacuum cleaner.


2. Ammonia

Another star product with which a mattress is disinfected is ammonia. To do this we will mix in a cloth warm water and ammonia and rub on the entire mattress until it is clean. Once cleaned we will let it dry to prevent it from creating moisture and bad odors.

You can also make use of steam, as it eliminates microorganisms. You have steam cleaning machines on the market with which the mattress is aspirated. No matter how you do it, you always have to let the mattress dry properly.


3. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used a lot to remove dry spots. We will mix two parts of hydrogen peroxide for one part of normal liquid soap in a jar, shake it to create foam and with the help of a clean toothbrush we will take the foam and rub the stain. When the stain has disappeared, we will remove the remains with a damp cloth. If you have a memory foam mattress it is better not to over-moisten the mattress.


4. Aeorosoles

Finally, when you have removed all the trace of baking soda, we will proceed to the total disinfection of the mattress with disinfectant sprays (disinfectant aerosols in Spray suitable for fabrics).

In the situation in which we find ourselves, it will be quite easy to find a disinfectant spray. You can find it in any store.

Before using it it is important to carefully read the instructions for use.

We will spray evenly the surface of the mattress and the sides and apply it on both sides of the mattress and let the product dry completely before putting the bedding back on.

It is preferable to let the mattress dry in a clean environment and where it directly gives sunlight.


Protect your mattress

Once the mattress is clean, disinfected and dry, we will replace all the bedding. But before that, it is advisable to cover the mattress with a mattress cover or protector, so you will create a physical barrier between the body and the mattress.

This will help keep your body away from mites and bacteria. It is the best way to save time if you have to disinfect your mattress again since removing stains will not have to be done, and you will end up much sooner.


FAQs About Disinfecting a Mattress

How long should I let the mattress out after cleaning it?

It depends on how wet it is, but if it has been soaked and you have removed the excess water, 24 hours should be enough for the drying to be complete.

You should remember that if you do not let the mattress dry completely, there is a high probability that fungi from moisture will proliferate.


What are the most hygienic mattresses?

Natural latex is one of the most hygienic materials, but there are also models that are not latex but have sanitized treatments that prevent the accumulation of mites and bacteria, the so-called anti-mite mattresses.


What is the best way to keep a mattress in good condition?

The best thing we can do is get a good mattress protector; this way, we will extend the useful life and avoid having to clean it because washing the protector will be enough.

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