How to Delete Whatsapp Status

After several news of the instant messaging application WhatsApp, where data about the possibility of creating text states like those of Facebook were released, today, we also want to talk about the famous stories within the tool, an element that many of us use daily to publicize what we are doing during the day. However, on certain occasions, it gives us to delete them before 24 hours.

If for some reason you have uploaded a story to your WhatsApp and want to delete it before 24 hours pass, and it is automatically deleted, you can not miss this super simple tutorial that will show you the steps to follow so that in a few seconds you can get rid of your status in the application. The tutorial is one of the simplest, so you have the table served to make this process the easiest.


Steps to Delete a status on WhatsApp

The steps to carry out this process can be counted with the fingers of one hand since everything can be done from the instant messaging tool’s same status section. Just pay attention to each item below.

  • Go to WhatsApp and go to the “States” tab, located in the middle of the app entry.
  • After you’re in it, you’ll be able to observe your status and that of your contacts, but the one you have to pay attention to is the one you’ve uploaded. If you look closely, you will see that on the right side of the section “My state” adhere 3 points horizontally; that is where you have to press to be re-directed to another section.
  • In the latter part, you’ll see the information related to your status appear, showing the number of people who have seen the story and the option to forward it to another contact. Here, you only have to press and hold some part of the state to bring up the trash and forwarding icon.
  • Once you’ve seen the trash can, tap on it, hit the “Delete” tab, and you’re done, deleted status!
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