How to Clean Your Jeans in a Washing Machine?

When do you need to wash jeans by hand, and when can I wear them? At what temperature and at what program is it recommended to wash denim products?

Denim products have been popular in all corners of the world for decades. Denim trousers, shirts, dresses, sundresses, vests, jackets, hats, and even shoes can be found both in the wardrobe of a well-to-do fashionista and in the closet of an ordinary person with modest wealth. Jeans are practical, comfortable, and stylish. They are appropriate in different situations: at work and on vacation, as home clothes, or as an option on the way out. Although today you can buy jeans for all tastes, probably, many have their favorite pair, which they prefer and are ready to wear them to the very holes. When caring for jeans, the question arises how to wash denim products so as not to spoil them because, from the wrong wash, jeans can shed, stretch or, conversely, sit down and even break.


Tips for washing jeans in a washing machine

Tips for washing jeans in a washing machine

To not spoil your favorite jeans during the washing process, you should always pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Don’t be lazy to learn the label and follow the advice of taking care of the product. If jeans are expensive, decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, or other decorative elements, they are usually recommended to wash by hand. If this option is not for you, follow the following tips.

Before you start washing your jeans, be sure to button all the zippers, buttons, buttons and turn the pants inside out. Do not forget to check your pockets for small things that can spoil the product itself and the washing machine. Learn about how to avoid washing machine errors from the article Errors in Washing: which of them most often happen and how to avoid problems with the washing machine

Choose a gentle washing program (e.g., a delicate regimen) and a minimum temperature30 degrees Celsius (maximum 40 degrees Celsius). Many modern washing machines already have a separate program for jeans, which automatically sets the right parameters.

If possible, use detergents designed specifically for washing denim. If not, choose soft-action powders and gels. Avoid bleaching products: because of them, the color of the fabric will fade.

Jeans are recommended to wash with things of a similar color, especially at the first wash. If this rule is broken, other clothing, loaded with jeans in a drum, can be painted blue.

If you’re installing a manual push-up mode on your typewriter, don’t use it when washing your jeans or set the program to a minimum number of revs. Strongly squeezed denim trousers are difficult to smooth out. Besides, they can decrease in size. The best option is to remove them from the rope still wet to smooth well.

It is not recommended to dry jeans in a dryer under open sunlight.

It is not desirable to wash denim trousers after each sock: because of the frequent washing, even if all the recommendations are followed, they will quickly fade, and the fabric will become thinner.

Your faithful assistant in the care of denim will be one of the washing machines, Candy. You will find many tips and recommendations for the best washing and excellent results in a special application.


How to wash black jeans properly?

Fans of black jeans should be even more careful when washing. The black color quickly loses its brightness and saturation, so to wash such jeans should be as rare as possible.

Small contamination is best to brush for clothing gently. Even in this case, you do not need to rub hard. Otherwise, there will be a bright spot.

Before the first wash, black jeans are recommended to soak in cold water, adding a little vinegar and salt to fix the color.

For washing black jeans and other black things, special detergents that keep the color saturated are best.

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