How Should I Clean My Waterproof Mattress Protector

A while ago you just bought the mattress and covered it with a bottom sheet and that’s it. But really a sheet does not protect our mattress from all the stains that we can leave on it. Whether it’s sweating, fluid loss, vomiting, etc.

Therefore, most mattress protectors are usually made of cotton and protected with a waterproof base. The waterproof base serves to safeguard the mattress from sweat and liquid losses, etc.

But of course, once we have the mattress protector on top of our mattress come the questions of how to wash a waterproof mattress protector if it gets dirty. No one likes to see spots anywhere!

That is why in this post we explain it in detail, keep reading!


How often should I wash the protector and how to wash a waterproof mattress protector?

The frequency with which we should wash the protector depends on whether we have children at home or not, and if we share a bed with our partner or pet.

Those who have children know perfectly well that feats at night become putting the washing machine the next day, at least 2 days a week. Children who are in the process of learning to control pee at night usually have small leaks during the night, so it is important to have a waterproof protective case.

When we find ourselves in that situation with our children it is good to make use of bottom sheets, a protector and have a spare one just in case. It is the best solution and they simplify your life.

For lovers of spending the whole day in bed, enjoying breakfast, or dinner while watching TV should also wash their bedding and protector frequently.

As a rule and under normal conditions, it is best to wash the mattress protector at least two or three times a year, depending on the state in which it is and the use it has been given.

As for how to wash a waterproof mattress protector is very simple, we tell you:

  1. The first thing we will do is put the protector in a container with water and neutral soap. We will keep it that way for several hours.
  2. After about 3 hours in soaking, we will take it out and wash it in the washing machine with a medium washing program and the water temperature at 30º.
  3. If you want to eliminate odors, it is best to add vinegar and proceed to wash it. It is very important not to make use of softeners, or bleaches or aggressive detergents, as it can destroy the properties of the protector and especially the waterproof base.
  4. When we have it washed we will let it dry in the open air. Try not to be directly exposed to the sun or a nearby source of heat.
  5. Once it is dry you can place it on the mattress again.
  6. Before starting the washing process, take a look at the labels of the protector in case you have any recommendations or impediments when washing it.


Why use a waterproof mattress protector?

Sunday Mattress Protector Cover

The reasons why we should buy a waterproof mattress protector are the following:

  • Hygiene: the protective cover protects your mattress from possible accidents or leaks. It is the best way to keep your mattress clean, and free of stains and moisture.
  • Durability: as is logical, a mattress deteriorates with the passage of time and use. Mattresses from using them are usually deformed by the effect of body moisture. This problem with a waterproof mattress protector we have solved. We recommend that you take a look at our“How Long a Mattress” article if you want to know more about this topic.
  • Beneficial for allergy sufferers: by being able to wash the waterproof protective cover in the washing machine frequently, it minimizes the accumulation of mites and other substances that can cause allergies.

How you see having a waterproof mattress protector can only bring you benefits, and it is very easy to wash. When choosing the right waterproof mattress protector you must take into account your needs, since in the market there is a wide variety of protectors.


Frequently asked questions about how to wash a waterproof mattress protector

Can I dry the waterproof mattress protector in the dryer?

Not always. Many protective covers are not suitable for the dryer. However, on the label you can read if you can dry it in the dryer or if you must do it outdoors.

In the case of not having a label or not putting anything, it is better to let it dry in the open air and not expose it to the high temperatures of the dryer since the protective layer could be damaged.


Which is better a mattress protector or mattress to cover?

This question is usually asked by many people, and that is that it has nothing to do with each other. A mattress to cover usually adds an extra layer to the mattress and they are not water resistant. While mattress protectors are thin, they do not change the feel of the mattress and protect it from all the damage it may have.

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