How To Clean Water Filter

The quality of water in our homes often leaves much to be desired. Therefore, many acquire different cleaning devices. But for them to serve as long as possible and perform their main function, they must be cared for. In other words, cleaning water filters is a mandatory procedure when using them. There are many varieties of these devices. The most commonly used are special jugs. Coarse water treatment filters are also installed.


Methods to combat plaque


The first question arises when using a filter jug: washing the water filter from the plaque. There are a few rules to follow here. The first of them is to forget about sponges or abrasive means! It will not bring any good but only damage the device. It is unlikely to be suitable for further use. Separately, it is worth mentioning the much-loved hostess melamine sponges. Undoubtedly, they are very convenient. However, there is one thing but: melamine can be harmful to our body.

  • There are several ways to clean filters from plaque by improvised means for those who try to minimize communication with household chemicals. The raid can be laundered by such means: citric acid;
  • Vinegar;
  • Ant acid;
  • ammonia.

The simplest is to use vinegar or citric acid.



The first method involves the use of not only the usual 9% vinegar but also vinegar essence. The only difference is that vinegar is diluted in water in a ratio of 1:1, and essence – 1:5. Before you clean the water filter, you need to prepare a solution. Then it is straightforward: the jug should either be loaded into it or spray the walls of the sprayer, pre-gulf solution there. After treatment, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the device to have no smell and taste of vinegar.

The second means of cleaning the filter is citric acid. It can be used in different ways:

  • Dry;
  • Pre-dissolve it in water;
  • pour in a little chilled, boiling water.

In the first case, pour citric acid powder on the cleaned surface and rub it with a sponge. In the second – dissolve the acid in water (about 20 g of the drug per glass of water) and pour it into a jug for 15-20 minutes. In the third – pour in a jug of chilled, boiling water, add a bag of citric acid and leave the jug for 20 to 30 minutes. At the end of the procedure, of course, you need not forget to rinse the device thoroughly.


Washing the cartridge

The cartridge in the filter jug should be changed periodically. However, you can first clean it, thus extending its lifespan. There are several ways to do this.

The first is to clean with salt. Only two teaspoons of salt will be needed, which need to be dissolved in one glass of water (approximately 200 ml). Then it would help if you mixed the liquid well so that the salt is completely dissolved in the water. Then, pour the resulting liquid into the filter and wait for it to pour into the lower compartment. The procedure can be repeated using the same solution. Everything, the device is ready for further use! Of course, preliminarily, it should be rinsed so that there is no taste of salt.

The second method is to cut the cap. No additional funds will be required. You need to remove the cartridge from the jug and cut off the cap. Underneath it is a grid. It should be rinsed with boiled water. If desired, you can skip through the filter a solution of table salt, the preparation of which was described above. The cartridge without a cap can be used for a long time.


Care for rough cleaning filters

It’s not just the filter jug that allows you to clean the water supplied to the house or apartment. More complex devices are also used. This is what this type of device belongs to. And care for it is as mandatory as for other types of filters.

This device is located directly in front of the water meter. Its main purpose is to keep large debris in the stream. The condition of the filter depends on what is the water quality in a particular case. If it is quite clean, you can not touch the filter for several years. Otherwise, regular cleaning will be required.

Before you clean the filter of rough water purification, you need to prepare everything you need. A gas or the diluted key will be needed for this procedure, tape of fluoroplastic sealing material (FUM), or pack. And, of course, pre-stop to cut off the water.

The first thing is the nut, which is located at the bottom of the filter. After that, you can get a grid on which all the dirt is collected. The net should be washed in a container of water. If it is heavily contaminated, the brush will help.


Some useful tips

Finally, a few tricks. They can extend the life of the filter.

  1. Cartridges of some types of filter jugs consist of a special resin-cationic. In no case should it be allowed to dry up? To do this, you need to use your filter all the time.
  2. It is better not to wait for the moment when the jug will be completely covered with plaque. Regardless of the speed of its formation, it is desirable to process the vessel in any way about twice a month.
  3. If the filter in front of the counter uses a parasite pad, the body and stub should be preheated. To this end, you can use cool boiling water or a gas burner.

That’s all the tricks. As you can see, there are many ways to clean filters, and they are quite accessible. You need to monitor your device so that it does not fail longer.


How to clean the water filter with your own hands – video

The choice of how to clean the water filter depends on the design of the cleaning system. Some options do not clean up: some parts will have to be replaced in such devices to continue receiving a usable liquid. In Moscow, cleaning filters can be entrusted to special services.

Clean the corner or direct filter of rough cleaning

First, you need to cut off the water so that the liquid does not enter the filter: it will help avoid flooding. Then a special composition is applied along the circle of the stub. It helps to reduce the layer of scum, sediments. Replace this remedy is possible kerosene, which is impregnated with a soft cloth and smeared on the circumference of the compound.

With the help of a gas key, tightly cover the body. It is important to avoid scrolling. A stretch key then removes the stub. To break the baked connection, you will need to make the first movement sharper. Then remove the mesh installed inside and rinse it in a pre-prepared water tank. To better clean the filter of contaminants, you should additionally use a brush with a short pile of metal. Such a product will help to eliminate the yl, dirt.

After the procedure is completed, the actions are performed in reverse order: first, the mesh is inserted into the previous place, then the stub is installed. After – open the valve and check that there are no leaks, the system works properly.

Such systems, often installed in country houses, are cleaned differently. You will need a filter key, a pot or a bucket, a replacement cartridge, or a container where you can clean the old one.

First, they block the valve and make sure that there is no water left in the tap. Then the bottom substitutes a bucket: there will merge excess liquid from the flask. Using a special key, you need to unscrew the nut, remove the flask. After that, you can either install a new cartridge or thoroughly rinse and return it to its former place, the old one. Then the flask is returned to the place, twisted back the nut, and open the water.

Not any cartridge is allowed to be reused: this option is only for winding. You can rinse such a product with a strong water pressure (it is recommended to use a hose).


How to clean a jug filter

How to clean a jug filter

The technologies for how to clean such products for drinking water are different. More often than not, cleaning Aquafor or Barrier is only partially possible: cleaning the cartridge is often impossible. Most often, the replacement part has to be replaced with a new one. You can buy consumables in the hardware store. The jug should be thoroughly washed from time to time; you can use a dishwasher or soap solution to do this.

We do not recommend you clean the cartridge, cheaper to buy a new one. Fortunately, the prices for them are not great.

There are, however, methods of washing the cartridge. It is necessary to remove the part and cut off the cap, then with the help of a brush and warm, better-boiled water, carefully wash the opened mesh. Then you need to return the cartridge to its former place and pass through it a solution of table salt. Repeat the procedure until the liquid taste in the jug ceases to be brackish.

Pour water after that will have to be careful: it is impossible to return to place the protective cap, and the liquid can not be poured on the grid.

People can be used to clean the jug at home. Eliminate the plaque formed on this part, will help vinegar 9%, diluted in a ratio of 1:1 with water. Good bits of help and citric acid: you need to dissolve in a glass of warm water 20 grams of the substance, then pour into the jug so that the product got to the contaminated areas.


Why and how often you need to clean water filters

Filtering liquid from the tap is necessary – the quality of it is deteriorating every year. When water is supplied offline from a well or well, it is also better to install filtration devices. To last a long time, they need to be periodically cleaned of pollution or replaced.

The frequency of cleaning water filters

Filtering devices pass water through themselves, stopping weights of varying sizes. To prevent these residues from interfering with the further passage of the water flow, the equipment requires periodic washing. If this method of purification is not possible, for example, they are replaced with new ones in the part of cartridge devices. If you do not do this, the pumping equipment will become unusable, which will work in vain.

Usually, cartridges change every six months, and membranes for reverse-osmotic devices – every three years. At the same time, it is desirable to clean the flask from the raid. Abrasives and melamine sponges are not suitable. The former can break the structure of the surface of the flask, the second – leave its particles on it—the safest way to use home remedies – vinegar and citric acid.


The ability to clean different types of cartridges

Cleaning cartridge devices is not always possible. Some devices require the replacement of filtering elements. And sometimes, you need to bring the concentration of reagents to the desired level.

How to clean the filter depending on the type of cartridge:

View of the cartridge device How to cleanse

1 Mesh made of plastic and metal. Remove from the filter case and rinse.

2 Polypropylene in the form of fibers It is impossible to clean, only replace.

3 From the filter-jug Once you can cut off the cap, remove the mesh inside and rinse with boiled water. After the second life, you need to be replaced.

4 Ion exchange Those that belong to the Fe series are replaced after the completion of the resource. Cartridges for softening on ion exchange resin regenerate ten percent solution of table salt.

5 carbonic It is impossible to clean the charcoal filter with pressed filler to purify the water. Such options need to be replaced. If you use bulk granular charcoal, actually remove the contaminated composition and fill the new one.

6 From the material “Aragon,” Soda powder and citric acid are used to cleanse.

7 Membrane for household reverse osmosis systems Rinse is not subject to, only replacement at the end of service.

To lengthen the period of operation of the membrane diaphragm, you need to regularly clean the filtering devices of the pre-cleaning and wash the case and replace the cartridges in the blocks that are installed in front of the membrane.


Cleaning the mechanical filter

The most popular cleaning devices are rough cleaning filtration systems in a metal or polymer mesh. Depending on the size of the cells, they can hold pollution of different sizes.

Cleaning of such a device is carried out through the diversion of the mud.

  1. Before the procedure, the water supply is blocked with the help of locking fixtures or apply to the SES with an application that the specialist made a water outage in the basement.
  2. The divorce key is turned away by the drain on the mud. If it misses the right node, you can use a car candle key. If the lid has risen dead, apply machine oil. To do this, pour it with a syringe on the connecting area between the lid and the drain.
  3. Check the condition of the sealing part on the lid. If the pad has thinned, it also needs to be replaced. Otherwise, shortly, there will be a leak at this place.
  4. After opening the lid and testing manipulations, remove the mesh part and washed under the water stream with great pressure. If the mesh is filled with yl or other hard-to-see dirt, you can use a brush, for example, an old dental.

Collect the filter device in reverse sequence. In the mud inserted mesh part, fixed pad, cleaning device inserted into the drain, the lid is wrapped with a key. The node is checked for leaks: there should be no water droplets after the water supply is turned on.


How to clean water filters

How to clean water filters

When purchasing any water filter or cartridge, we are primarily interested in cleaning the water filter and, if possible, how.

How to clean the water purification filter, which is cleaned easily, which is difficult, which is not subject to cleaning at all?

Several filters can be cleaned of delayed contamination.

Filters vary by cleaning method, size, purpose, type of cartridge used.

The cases of household and main filters, in any case, should be washed—first soapy water, removing the contamination, and then rinse with clean water.

The cartridges are divided into those that can be cleaned, can be regenerated, and those that are not subject to cleaning – you need to replace them.

Rough cleaning filters, disks, and mesh, i.e., filters that hold only mechanical impurities, are cleaned quite easily.

Some filters are equipped with a special drainage system in the drainage of the detained impurities. Opening a special switch tap at the bottom of the filter case, the filter of rough water purification is cleaned. The delayed mechanical impurities are washed away by a strong stream of water directly into the drainage.

If there is no valve for the discharge of delayed contaminants after the water is blocked, the filter is disassembled, and the disk package or mesh module must be taken out, brushed with a hard brush, and rinsed in a stream of clean water. Sometimes additionally can be rinsed in sorrel or citric acid for disinfection and dissolution of lime deposits. When you build back, you need to check the pads and replace them if necessary, and after the start, you will make sure that there are no water leaks.

How to clean the water filter cartridge depends primarily on the type of cartridge.

  1. The mesh cartridges from the metal or plastic mesh are cleaned when the cartridge is washed after removing it from the filter case.
  2. Polypropylene cartridges are not subject to flushing and cleaning and need to be replaced as they become contaminated.
  3. Coal cartridges made of pressed coal also need to be replaced. Coal cartridges with bulk granular coal can not be regenerated and washed. They can be removed used loading – to fill a new one.
  4. Fe series ion exchange cartridges are also not regenerated and need to be replaced after the resource is completed.
  5. Cartridges for softening on ion exchange resin can be cleaned and regenerated with 8-12% table salt solution.
  6. Aragon cartridges are regenerated according to the instructions put into the cartridge packaging. Soda and citric acid are used as the main reagents.

Attention! You can’t regenerate Aragon bio cartridges. They need to be replaced with new ones once they’ve exhausted the resource.

Membrane cartridges from household reverse osmosis systems are not regenerated. They are not regenerated at the end of the resource, need to be replaced. It is possible to significantly extend the life of such cartridge-membrane, subject to regular maintenance – the correct cleaning of the water filter: washing the case and replacing the cartridges pre-cleaning, protecting the membrane from clogging with various impurities. In tap water, organic impurities are few. Still, the life of filters is large, and it is possible to develop biological growth inside the body of filters, which in the absence of timely cleaning of the filter, can be dumped on the membrane, clogging it.

Is it possible to clean the water filter in any other way? For household drinking filters, replacing or regenerating with filter flushing is the only way to ensure that water purification quality is maintained at the required level.

For cottage, water treatment systems provided automatic washing: dosing certain reagents will allow disinfecting the filter from the inside.

The main task of any consumer of household and cottage filtration systems is to clean the filter for water purification and do it regularly, with the frequency recommended by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, many consumers, having installed a filter, do not follow the timing and resource. This will not cause irreparable problems but can seriously reduce the quality of water consumed and is not exactly useful. This is especially true for jug modules, three-stage filters, and reverse-osmotic systems.

The taste of water at the filter, which has exhausted its resource for cleaning from a particular group of impurities, changes gradually. Coal cartridges must be changed at least once a year. Softening cartridges need to be regenerated immediately with the appearance of scum. Polypropylene thin-cleaning cartridges from weights should be changed once every six months. Still, it is permissible once a year, which depends on the quality of the water and the presence/absence of emergency discharges of contaminants after the water supply or hydraulic strikes stop.

Carefully monitor the resource, lifespan recommended by the manufacturer, andtreated water qualityr, then your water will bring freshness, health, and longevity.

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