How To Clean Vomit Out Of A Mattress

The mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture of a bedroom, so it is essential to keep it clean and in perfect condition to enjoy a restful sleep.

However, our human body reacts in different ways to some situations or diseases.

Vomiting is one of those reactions, and it can happen to us at any time. We may have had a bad night or find ourselves in poor condition and vomit on top of the mattress.

That is why cleaning the vomit of a mattress or any other surface, is something for which we must be prepared. And the best way to avoid cleaning vomit from the mattress is to have a protective mattress cover! In Alsobre you have several waterproof protective covers ideal for your mattress.

However, if you ever have to deal with a vomit stain on the mattress, keep reading because below we are going to leave you some tips to clean the vomit of the mattress, eliminate the bad smell and prolong its useful life of it.

Methods for cleaning vomit from a mattress

If the mattress has been stained with vomit, the most important thing is that you act quickly and clean as soon as possible. Otherwise, the stain will adhere to the tissue over time and then become much more difficult to remove.

The first thing we must do as soon as this small mishap happens, is to remove all the bedding,both sheets, bedspreads and covers to wash them in the washing machine and leave them in perfect condition.

Once everything is removed, we must focus on the stain of the mattress. For this there are several products that can help remove both the stain of vomiting and odor.

Do not forget to wear rubber gloves,as this way you will protect yourself from germs.

For many people the smell of vomiting makes them sick, and it is normal, since it is a rather unpleasant smell.

If this is your case, and you can’t stand it, a trick that can help you is to chew mint gum while cleaning the mattress or apply a menthol gel under the nose, such as VapoRub, which is usually used to treat constipation.

White vinegar

One of the best products to clean the vomit of the mattress is white vinegar,which, in addition to helping to remove the stain definitively, has an acidity that is excellent to neutralize the bad smell of vomit in the tissue.

To use it you have to mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap with intense aroma, such as citrus.

With the help of a brush or sponge, the stained area is cleaned and left to act for about 5 minutes. You can let it dry on its own or speed up the process with a hot air dryer.

Baking soda

If the above mixture does not work properly, you may need to add baking soda to the mixture.

This product has always had magnificent cleansing and antibacterial properties that, in addition, manage to eliminate bad odors.

Once we have let the mixture explained above rest for 5 minutes, instead of drying the area, sprinkle the baking soda over the stain.

The mixture of the two products will produce an effect of effervescence. We will wait a few minutes for them to act. When the stain has dried we will vacuum to remove all the residues and check that the stain has disappeared completely.

Boric acid

This product is non-aggressive and has great disinfectant power. It is ideal for cleaning vomit from the mattress. It can be obtained in the pharmacy or in a store specialized in the sale of cleaning products.

To be able to use it you just have to moisten the stain with water, and apply the boric acid on the entire surface.

Use a soft-bristled brush or sponge to make circular motions until the vomit disappears. When it’s dry, spit it out and you’re good to go!

In addition, you can remove the remaining odor by spraying a citric acid.

Hydrogen peroxide

Another effective method of cleaning vomit from the mattress is to make use of hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Surely we all have this product at home.

It is very effective due to its whitening and disinfecting effects,although first we must apply it in a small and inesspicuous area of the mattress to check that it is not aggressive to the fabric.

To make use of it, we will only have to moisten a sponge with a little hydrogen peroxide and rub the vomit stain through circular movements until it is removed.

Once the stain is removed, there will always be the smell of acid,how to remove it? Do not lose detail!


How to remove the smell of vomit from a mattress?

Although several of the products used to clean vomit from the mattress eliminate the smell,many others do not. Therefore, after cleaning the vomit it is possible that this unpleasant smell does not disappear completely.

There are some techniques that can be very effective. Next, we explain what they are:

  • Table salt: Cover the surface with a layer of salt and wait 8-10 hours. To avoid damage to the material it is better not to rub the product. Once the time has passed, remove the salt with a vacuum cleaner or brush.
  • Black or green tea in bag: spread the bags around the affected area for several days. The mattress will absorb the aroma of the tea.
  • Flavored salt: mix the salt with citric acid in equal proportions, pour evenly over the mattress and brush the surface. With the vacuum cleaner we will remove the waste. Citrus will leave a pleasant aroma on the mattress.

Here are some of the home remedies to clean vomit from the mattress and remove its smell. All are effective methods, but as we have already mentioned, the best thing to avoid having to clean the vomit of the mattress is to have a protective cover for mattresses effective enough.

Do you want us to advise you on the best protector that suits the needs of your mattress? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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