How to Clean Trimmer?

Personal grooming is a must for every man and woman. As there are many gadgets available for it, it has become more accessible and more convenient over the years.

But these appliances will not clean themselves up. You will have to clean and sanitize your razors and trimmers after every use. This will help you keep them clean and ready for subsequent use.

Trimmer is loved by men all around the world as it gets the work done without causing any pain. But as they are used regularly, you will also have to clean them far more often. As it is a device, you will have to be more careful.

To make it easier for you, we have described the best ways to clean a trimmer in the following article.


Ways to Clean a Trimmer

As a trimmer is an electrical device, you will have to take a few extra cautionary steps while cleaning them. To save yourself from getting hurt in the process, or from ruining your trimmer, you must follow these steps:

Rinse the Trimmer

Before we start the cleaning process, it is essential to rinse the trimmer to remove any residual hair. If you try to remove it with your fingers, you could hurt your fingers. So it is better to let the water do the trick.

However, check whether your trimmer has a wet and dry option before you start rinsing it. Moreover, remove it from its plug before putting it under running water. Only use water if it is washable.

To do so correctly, put a little soap on the blade and turn it on. In this way, the soap will easily penetrate into the blade put it under lukewarm running water.

On the other hand, if your trimmer can’t be washed with water, start with the second step.


Brush i

Brush i

Trimmers come with a small brush that can help you clean them. Even if you do not have it, you can use an old toothbrush.

With gentle strokes, clean the blades. This will help you remove the hair and dirt from the blades. If you are just trying to remove some stuck hair strands, stroke the brush outwards.

In case the brush is unable to reach certain crevices, you can also use a toothpick or a cotton swab.


Oil the Trimmer

Oil the Trimmer

Once you have removed hair from the blades, you can use oil on it.

Most trimmers come with oil. If your trimmer did not come with it, you could buy a hair clipper oil from the market. If not, you can also use vegetable oil or vaseline too.

Gently pour the oil on the blades. Do not go overboard and stick to two drops. Drenching it with oil can destroy the mechanisms of the trimmer.


Ways to Maintain your Trimmer

To enhance the durability of the trimmer, you must also maintain it on a regular basis. The following tips can help you in doing so:

Replace the Blades Regularly

Replace the Blades Regularly

The trimmer might last for a long time, but you must replace the blades regularly. This will allow the trimmer to function effortlessly.

The replacement gap can vary according to your use.

If you trim daily, you must replace it every two weeks. If you trim alternatively, replace it every three weeks. Lastly, if you use them only twice a week, you can replace them every six weeks.

Some people do not believe in replacing the blades. But over time and with use, the blades will get dull and start getting rust on them.

With these dull blades, you might end up pulling the hair instead of cutting it. Not only will this leave you with bruises, but the end result will look uneven and unkempt.

Hence, it is advisable to replace the blades regularly.


Oil the Blades

The oil that comes with the trimmer is not just for show. It is necessary to oil the blades regularly.

When you skip the oiling step, your trimmer might start overheating. It could result in a loud noise. Moreover, its overall functionality might get compromised.

Oil the blades once a month. Put two drops of it on the blade and switch the trimmer on. This will help the oil get penetrated. Switch it off and remove the excess oil with a cloth.


Charge it Fully

It is pointless to charge your trimmer only halfway through. This will not only interrupt your trimming session but can also compromise its functionality in the long run.

Before you start using it, ensure that it is charged completely so that it can function to its maximum ability.


Store it Properly

When not in use, you must stow away the trimmer in a dry box or bag. You can keep it in the box in which it came in, along with its accessories and other components. This will help in avoiding losing any components.

Moreover, it is advisable to keep the battery in the trimmer at all times. Lastly, keep it away from children.


Additional Tips for Trimmer Maintenance

Besides the ones mentioned before, the following tips will help in keeping the trimmer clean and hygienic:

  1. Clean the trimmer at least once a week.
  2. Do not share your trimmer with anybody else for hygiene reasons.
  3. Keep spare blades with you at all times.
  4. Replace the blades as per your usage.
  5. Use water and saline solution to get rid of any germs or dirt from your trimmer.



Grooming is essential, and so is maintaining its appliances. Trimming your beard with an unkempt trimmer will only increase your problems.

Hence, adhere to the tips and methods mentioned above to clean and maintain your trimmer. Additionally, always invest in a qualitative trimmer for better results.

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