How to Clean the Washing Machine? Useful and Fast Solutions

Cleaning the washing machine is the main condition for immaculate laundry and the long life of this household appliance.

Cleaning the washing machine includes cleaning. Its regularity is the key to obtaining immaculate and fragrant underwear, optimizing consumption, and the long life of this household appliance. To ensure the cleanliness of the washing machine, you will have to fight lime plaque, mold and bacteria, detergent residues, and air conditioning. So, how do you clean the washing machine? Here are some simple but effective tips.


Clean the washing machine and rubber cuff

Clean the washing machine and rubber cuff

For proper cleaning of the washing machine, you can start with very delicate parts – rubber cuff. Remember that it is essential to wipe the cuff thoroughly to avoid clumping and stagnating water in the gaps after each wash cycle. To clean the rubber cuff, you can use special means and paste from a mixture of vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. It is important that such paste was homogeneous and not too liquid because it will have to be applied to rubber parts with a toothbrush.


How to clean the washing machine filter?

If you have problems with your washing machine, for example, it does not drain water, it is recommended to clean the filter. If the machine is working properly, this operation can be carried out once a year. Usually, the filter is located at the bottom, on the front side of the appliance, and is closed with a small lid. The filter should be removed when the machine is not working, having previously blocked the water supply. Don’t forget to put the container under the lid, as water and accumulated debris can spill out.

The filter is cleaned under running water with baking soda paste. In the case of heavy contamination, it can be soaked for a few hours in water with vinegar or use special means to clean the washing machine, for example, the line of products Care’Protect.

Did you know that the best washing machines have integrated systems that allow you to control the cleanliness and the need to care for the appliance? In particular, Candy washing machines: thanks to the Candy simplify app, you will be able to monitor the condition of your washing machine and find out when the time of the next cleaning will come. In addition, the app has a section with interesting “Tips and recommendations” dedicated to the washing machine and proper care of it.


How to clean the washing machine: drum

Another important component that ensures the perfect cleanliness of the washing machine is the drum. At least once a month, it is recommended to do laundry without laundry at high temperature, pre-pouring a glass of white wine vinegar, clean the stainless steel surface from the lime plaque, and disinfect it. To enhance the effect, you can add baking soda.

In general, remember that to keep the drum clean, it is important to remove the laundry from the washing machine immediately after the end of each washing cycle and dry the drum itself. When the washing machine is not in use, keep the door ajar to allow airing and dry possible water residue.

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